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New Workout Music Motivation Playlist 2018

New Workout Music Motivation Playlist 2018

100 thoughts on “New Workout Music Motivation Playlist 2018

  1. 20 minutes! Yay me! Reward at the end of the week!

    Listen: Just because you are skinny doesn't mean you are healthy! I am skinny, but i am not very healthy. Sometimes I would only eat brownies for a day. Your weight doesn't determine if you exercise! Next time you see someone working out, you give them that extra push. "Looking good! exercise is a lot of fun!" or something like that.

    Keep working hard XOXO <3

  2. My self care

    Food journal!!!!

    (4 glasses of water each day)

    🌸Breakfast:Strawberry smoothie,Cereal
    🌸Dinner:Whatever’s there so I can grow.

    Workouts 🏋️‍♀️

    💖Workout clothes:belly top,shorts and T-shirts’

    💫Jog on spot 1 min
    💫100 jumping jacks
    💫15 lunges each leg
    💫15 burpees
    💫 10 push ups
    💫20 sit ups
    💫30 air punches
    💫20 squats
    💫10 silly Salmons on ground
    💫1 min plank
    💫20 mountain climber
    💫50 high knees
    💫50 leg lifts each leg (on side)
    💫30 Russian twists
    💫15 leg lifts (up hands under bum)

    3-5 times

    Repeat as many times as you can💖🤩

    The end don’t stress you will get there x

    – [ ]

  3. I'm trying keep bit fitter.. For after baby arrives I will have no fat tum😊 I will miss my fat tummy thou ☹️but pls god ill have my 👶🙏

  4. Im a budding natural bodybuilder starting out my channel, do give me a look and i will support you too! Link to my latest vid is :

  5. Russian home-made gym.
    rate friends.

  6. For last two years every morning 4 to 6am lisning this motivation music everyday 7days a week and I love it.

  7. I really love this for my workout.For me its hard to really enjoy music but this one OMG loved it for my workout..!!!

    STart weight:220
    Current weight:147

  8. I'm listening this while doing my gym and it is so motivational i can do the gym now with power and also everyone we put this song on speaker love this best for gym💕👍👌😎🔩🏋

  9. thank you for nice workout music. You encouraged me to make my own workout music. I hope you would like. Please check and let me know your ideas. Cheers to all healthy people out there!

  10. I will do one pushup for each comment or like of yours and i shall post in real time my progress, meaning i will comment as often as i can. I had to do 4 until now, piece of cake. And i will update.

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