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NBC Anchor Eun Yang at Renovo Skin Clinic through Seoul Guide Medical

NBC anchor Eun Yang came to Korea to interview doctors and patients at Renovo skin clinic through Seoul Guide Medical Located in Gangnam Renovo Skin clinic is popular among Koreans and has gained interest for many international patients due to their exceptional work NBC has followed the plastic surgery boom in South Korea, and yang sat down with Tanya who is from Russia and now works in Seoul. She has undergone multiple procedures at Renovo Skin Clinic and was happy with the results The moment I arrived to Renovo Skin Clinic the staff were so friendly and they made me feel welcome. They carefully explained me everything and they did their best to minimize my discomfort I When I was under anesthesia, I was like. Okay. Was awakened during most of the procedure because I was under local anesthesia I didnt feel anything, I’ll be beautiful, so I deserve it. Before we finish be sure to visit our site and schedule a free consultation with our friendly staff today I feel great,. I can see a big difference between last week. I receive a lot of compliments every day that treatment really helped me to improve everybody Each and every person cares about their skin, their beauty and all that stuff. I I Would recommend skin treatments or plastic surgery for anyone who wants a boost self-esteem and self-confidence. Life is short. Why not to do what we want? Renewal Skin clinic is located in Gangnam Station exit 12 in the A tower building on the eighth floor with their professional staff and latest technology they can provide you with the care and Results that you are looking for doctor Surgeon Kim is the head doctor and founder our noble skin clinic And he specializes in customizing treatments to fit each Client’s need Email us for a free consultation today For more information and videos on other procedures visit us at our website or find us on Facebook and Instagram

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