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Natures Pharmacy

well I during this chef be and welcome to my new channel nature's pharmacy now this is my backup channel for a chef dark but which is my main channel I have 95 thousand subscribers there there's over 10 million views and I just got a strike on one of my videos and chances are I'll probably get a couple more strikes because I got a couple of hundred videos there that are kind of us related when YouTube seems to have a problem with that even though I'm legal I have a license to grow medical marijuana I have stage 4 cancer and I'm using cannabis to treat my cancer I was diagnosed eight months ago I was given three months to live so I'm doing very well actually I'm making a recovery on the cannabis oil ARS so I'm also taking CBD oil with a little bit of THC to work on the you know inflammation but I'm doing very well and I've started this back up channel just in case I lose my main channel so make sure you hit that subscribe button and we'll be ready to start a new channel if you know my Schefter but channel goes down so or over the next little while I'm gonna be posting quite a few videos on nature's pharmacy I'm going to be going through all my videos that I posted at Schefter but and I'm gonna be picking the best of the best and then I'll put them I'll post them on nature's pharmacy and hopefully things will be okay alright it's your chef be signing off I hope you enjoyed the show well it's just not really a show just something that lets you know what's going on alright so for you newbies I'm the author of the medical marijuana guide nature's pharmacy I've also written a medical mile medical marijuana growers guide from seed to harvest so those books are available at just search for chef dark but also a website nature's pharmacy doc guru where all my video as I posted there you can watch my youtube videos there at free as long as they don't get deleted by YouTube if they do then I will post the videos directly to the website and you'll still be able to watch them even if my channel goes down so subscribe to this channel nature's pharmacy or subscribe to my website it's free memberships are nature's pharmacy guru it's a free forum there too and a free newsletter and I I publish my craft grower series there it's a dollar ninety-nine a month to watch the craft grower series but there's a lot of important information that you can learn there and I also have you know a lot of free channels with a lot of videos that you can watch too alright I think I'm done all right peace out

6 thoughts on “Natures Pharmacy

  1. Chef- No matter the outcome with Youtube, you should know we support and love you. I personally appreciate your example, education and compassion. Peace, and thank you.

  2. Soooo…. Now I will start sharing/ posting THIS link every chance I get… 😉
    (Whenever I am stuck on couch for the day You are my "go-To" for distraction… LoL)

  3. Hey Derek, great to see you are going good! I really enjoy all of your content and keeping up to date with how you are. Your a huge inspiration! Keep on Growing man!

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