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My Son’s Medical Mystery

if your child is in constant pain you do anything to help relieve it but what if no matter what you did or what treatments you perform your child is still in this cruciate opinion this is the unfortunate reality for our next guests because in waves Thomas it freaked us out right Casey is our only child he's going to be 17 in a couple weeks my son has always been an avid baseball his one passion is baseball my first attack I ever had I was at home getting ready to go out and play my first baseball game in years how I say just start screaming in pain writing in pain just grabbing his side and rolling and saying that it hurt on the the right side I thought oh my gosh I had to be a hit she rushed me to the hospital by the time we got there the pain inside we all thought it was just a fluke about a month later he was in class and all of a sudden the pain hit him again fainted comic paramedics to transport him to the hospital they were starting to happen pretty frequently it kind of feels like being stabbed and then a twisting pain Katie's had ultrasound cat scan with without contrast he's had a colonoscopy an endoscopy MRI with contrast two exploratory surgeries all the testing came back negative it was just stressful and how we couldn't find something you're sure it's not his head and I'm like nope my snot you can't make up that kind of pain his reaction there's just no way a scale for from 1 to 10 my pain is usually out of three every day my attacks really start which will end up being up to 8009 when it gets up to a ten I will pass out okay that's two the attacks are so bad that they'll wake him up in the middle of the night you know out of a sound sleep there's no pain medication that will suppress this we've been to specialist after specialist and how many specialists do you go through before you think you're at the end of the line you just feel helpless you know that's my baby and just to see him laying there riding and pain and there's absolutely nothing that I can do for him it kills me one of my biggest fears is that we're not gonna figure out what it is I would give anything to honestly feel normal again Casey joins us with his parents Diana and Dan and first of all just so sorry that you're dealing with this and it really feels like it's taking over your life it really is honestly it's just really overwhelming on how it doesn't stop I always feel this pain no matter what you

26 thoughts on “My Son’s Medical Mystery

  1. I’ve had this type of thing in the summer and they could l t figure it out I lasted the entire summer, I never woke up from this, but it’s a stabbing pain, mine went away luckily and haven’t have it in over 6 months, I hope it went away, I hated it it except I never missed school but I had some stomach/ abdominal pains but didn’t start till the the first few weeks of summer, I love baseball I was in the hospital 3 times in 1 month and missed a party we’re my 2 good friends came over to have a pool party and had to go to the hospital because of the pains and my head dropped and my eyes rolled to back of the head which was terrifying and I thought I as going to die, and the people at the hospital thought I was constipated, which turned out to be wrong becomes I still was getting the pains, I can’t watch a few shows because I get the feeling like I’m going to get it again, I just hope he feels better by now, and I thought I was the only one with this type of thing, the doctor’s at the hospitals I went to, never found why or what the pains were, expensive sad summer, I couldn’t run to maintain my speed so I felt slow when I ran again, I didn’t get out of bed because it happened for 4 hours every day for 3 or more months, I try not to remember those terrifying Months

  2. That sucks so bad, imagine having pain frequently. And he’s quite young still, so imagine dealing with that at school.
    I wish his pain goes away

  3. Try getting him tested for lyme disease I have it but not as worse as this could be and go to a nutritionist not a specialist and maybe if he had a better diet his acne would clear up and he would feel better try making him not eat crap if he is if not your doing the right thing to help his health

  4. Could it be his kidneys attacking them self’s? My friend has it and I don’t remember what it’s called. I wonder if he’s been tested for it

  5. It could possibly be lyme disease cause I have that and there is always lots of pain I don't pass out but I feel like I'm being stabbed to

  6. Hi my Name is Rebecca I’m 25 years old and I alone have fits the look like sizures but there not it’s mostly caused by pain any kind of level of pain my mum and I have tried all sorts of the ways to keep me calm but some times it dosen’t work and I get so much pain i just pass out and my whole body just shakes some times it would last for about 5min to about nearly an hour denpending on how bad the pain is

  7. This is my life every day and there is nothing I can do I am just glad I am not the only person on the planet that feels this way

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