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My Puppy Got ATTACKED! | Safest Way To Break Up a Dog Fight | Doctor Mike

– Hey, everybody! Welcome to the first official episode of the Wednesday Checkup. I have my puppy, Bear, oh– Is he still in the shot
when he’s like this? I have to tell you a crazy story of something that happened to us just a few days ago. At the end of this video
I’m gonna be giving you tips on how to protect yourself in case a dog attacks you and how to break up a dog fight if your dog gets into a fight with another. All right, let me get to the story. Bear will come back a little bit later and say bye to you guys. A few days ago, I was filming for the YouTube channel, surprise! I’m not gonna tell you the video. It’s gonna be out later this month. And I decided to take Bear downstairs to the dog park. Bear’s there twice a day at least so he knows all the other dogs. He plays really well, especially with the little Chihuahuas and Frenchies. There’s even one that looks like a Wookie. (wookie noise) He loves it, he’s in heaven, they’re all in heaven, all the owners know Bear. I get to the dog park, I see a young lady come in
with a Golden Retriever. First little suspicious sign is her Golden Retriever pulled her in to the dog park. I was like “All right she
doesn’t have great control “of her dog.” and I watch these things. I wanna know right away if there’s a problem dog coming in, so I have to hold Bear, make sure that he doesn’t get hurt. It still looked friendly, tail was wagging and
it’s a Golden Retriever at the end of the day, you know. And right away she tells me that her dog doesn’t really like big dogs and is kinda afraid of them. Bear said hi to that dog, and it gave him like a little pause and Bear just continued
along his merry way playing with the other dogs. So about five minutes go by, all of a sudden I see that Bear is standing right next to the Golden side by side. But they’re showing all
the signs of aggression. Frozen, mouths closed, slobbering, tails up, very rigid pose. The other dog owner comes over and sort of shoves her dog away from Bear. And that triggers the Golden. Snarling, and the Golden
just dives at Bear. I initially was like “Okay, a dog fight, I’ve seen these happen “I know how to break this up, no worries.” As soon as I run up to
control the situation, she grabs her dog’s collar. It was a big Golden Retriever it was probably like 95 pounds. She ends up falling with
the Golden Retriever ’cause there’s a little mound in the park, and she falls onto the
concrete holding the Golden. The lady starts screaming. Her Golden is locked on her forearm. Her own Golden Retriever. She’s screaming “It’s me, it’s me!” crying for help. Two people from the street
jump the fence of the dog park, start punching her dog in the face to get it to let go ’cause it’s, I mean this is a big dog and it’s completely like smashing her forearm. Finally it lets go, but
as soon as it lets go it gets angry and jumps on her again. Luckily all the people that were there they were able to control
it with the collar, pulling on it’s legs, it’s neck. Pulled up her sweater
and showed me her wounds, and she had deep puncture wounds at least three deep puncture
wounds what it seemed like. And some smaller cuts as well, and bleeding from the nose and head. And she’s like “Well, I don’t need “to go to the hospital for this.” and I’m like “You really
need to see a doctor.” “You don’t know if you have an infection. “You don’t know if you’re
gonna continue bleeding. “You need probably
stitches and antibiotics.” My adrenaline at that point
was just through the roof, I’ve seen dogs get into fights many times, it just happens. You know, dogs are animals, you have to correct them sometimes. And I’ve even seen dogs
accidentally bite humans when humans would put their hands in the middle of a dog fight. But I’ve never seen a
dog attack another dog, who first of all wasn’t being violent, and then when separated, go after a human, but not just any human, it’s own human. If that dog went for her neck, and bit through her jugular vein, or carotid artery, she could have bled out and died. Here’s what to do if your
dog gets into a dog fight. First, please, whatever you do, don’t stick your hands,
fingers, arms, legs, in between two dogs that are fighting. You’re just asking to get bitten. If you have two dogs that know each other and they’re sort of fighting at home, a very simple thing to is
throw a blanket over them. That would usually make them disperse. If you’re in a situation
where you wanna say no and be firm and yell at a dog, I wouldn’t really recommend that. Loud voices can actually get the dogs even angrier and make them
wanna go at each other more. Think about like a boxer
inside a boxing ring, they don’t hear people chanting, they’re just in the zone. But on the off chance
if you have something like an air horn that makes a really loud high pitched noise it can be loud enough
to disperse the fight. Now the most effective way to separate two dogs that are fighting requires two people. One on either side, behind the dogs. You wanna pick up the hind legs, and do something known as
a wheelbarrow technique. As soon as you lift up the hind legs, generally the dogs will wanna let go because they don’t know what’s going on. But as soon as you lift up the dogs try and move in a circular fashion. As you move in a circular fashion, it’ll give the dogs something to do, but be careful because the dog will try and kick it’s legs out. You really need to get a solid grip, and you don’t wanna get bitten. Now what if the dog attacks you? First of all, do not run whatever you do. Dogs are very fast, and they
have a natural prey drive that makes them wanna chase. Stand up tall, stand sideways, and not make eye contact. So it’s not confrontational. You do still wanna keep an eye on the dog without making eye contact. Next in a firm voice, you
wanna tell the dog “No.” you just have to say it very passionately, confident that you’re willing
to stand your own ground. At the same time, you wanna make fists. And it’s not because I want you to get ready to fight the dog, but it’s because the
first things to get bitten and bitten off are fingers. If you keep them in fists, you’re less likely to lose a finger. If the dog doesn’t care that you tried to stand non-confrontationally, not make eye contact,
and gave it a command, and it still attacks you, at this point you have to
do what you have to do. Punch the dog in the nose, hit it in its throat, those are its two most sensitive areas. If you can kick it in the ribcage that’s another thing you can do. And if you’re completely losing the fight, make sure to roll up and protect your sensitive areas. Your throat, and face. If you’re able to wrestle with the dog and get on top of it and pin it, know that the only way a
dog can really hurt you is with it’s mouth. By getting on top of the
dog and pinning it down, you can really neutralize the threat of the dog biting you. While you’re fighting off this dog you’re also yelling for help in the hopes that other people hear you and come to your aid. If the dog runs away or you’re able to get away, call for help right away, and you need to go see a doctor. You need to make sure your
vaccinations are up to date. If it was a rabid dog you may need a series of injections. You’ll probably need antibiotics. You may need sutures to stop the bleeding. Get help as soon as possible. The last thing you wanna do is faint because of blood loss, and not have anybody help you. Once your health is taken care of make sure you report the dog
bite to the proper authorities. The last thing you want is for that dog to bite another person or animal. I’m not an animal behavior specialist, I do have a lot of
experience in raising dogs and understanding when
they’re about to get angry or do something wrong. But even here I was shook. I needed to go and look
up some information about what to do to refresh my memory, so I decided to make
this video for you guys. Whether or not you own a dog, I think this is useful information. If you have any questions
about this story, if you have any comments about this story, jump in the comments section down below. If you want more videos
with my little Bear pup, please let me know because I’m always down to film with Bear, and he loves being on camera. And most importantly, as always, stay happy, and healthy. (serene music)

100 thoughts on “My Puppy Got ATTACKED! | Safest Way To Break Up a Dog Fight | Doctor Mike

  1. It’s so shocking to hear that about a Golden Retriever. Mine wouldn’t hurt a fly. I hope everything worked out with the woman and I’m sorry you had to go through something so scary!

  2. Little additional information…
    I have experience with dogs trying to bite me. Some people will say bite a dogs ear to show yourself as superior, but this can also trigger aggression in some dogs. Also if in a position that's difficult to defend against the dog that's biting you grabbing behind their upper canine teeth (where there's a litte gap) can make them unclench (unless the dog has lock jaw). You can practice this gentle on your own dog.
    I have a Dogo Argentina Mastiff.

  3. I had something similar with my cat and my neighbours dog but i couldn't do a thing i was just standing there crying frozen in shock

  4. if there is a dog biting you of course punch it hurt it, and oddly stick something down their throat. Last case scenario use your finger, you should have enough time to get your finger out of there and run. Most likely the dog will heave or throw up and run off.

  5. The Wookiee comment reminded me of a dog I saw in the airport, ok so I’m sitting in a chair next to my dad waiting for our next flight and my dad tells me to look at a dog, I look at it and the dog looks exactly like Chewbacca as a dog it even had a collar that looked like Chewbacca’s bandolier (a bandolier is the sash like thing that holds ammunition)

  6. I had my Pitbull at my local dog park. I'm near the gate when someone comes in, let's their dogs loose, sees my pup, and frantically grabs their dog and says to me "My dog doesn't like Pitbulls" um… then what the HELL are you doing in a dog park for one, and TWO I'm pretty sure its YOU that doesn't like pitbulls. I immediately left because I was worried his dog was unstable. While I know my dog is fine with all types of dogs, big and small, you never know what type of dog is gonna come through that gate. Be careful people.

  7. I am strong enough to lift really heavy dogs, so I have pinned one with my shin/ knee as well. I have had a husky and a German Shepard (both my friends) attack me.

  8. Saw the title of this video and immediately got worried for poor Bear. I know he's huge and could probably take care of himself but…

    Hope the Golden owner was ok and took her pet for training sessions!

  9. You know just the other day we let our dog out to go the the bathroom and everything was fine and normal until my mom see some woman walk into our yard and she thinks that's strange.. until she sees this woman hold two dog leashes and my mom goes outside… I'm watching from a big window and I see 2 pitbull mixes chasing my moms little dog and what i saw it looks like one got him and good cause his mouth was almost the size of his entire torso.. good news is he was fine but that dog did almost get him because his fur was wet with saliva…. I wouldnt be very upset with this whole situation if it wasnt for the woman practically not caring that her dog almost killed my moms little dog.. but it could've been a lot worse my big dog couldve gotten involved and then we'd have problems

  10. A dog park is the LAST place to take a dog that doesn't like bigger dogs. She already knew this about her dog, so why take him to the park?

  11. This is great advice but when wheelbarrowing the dog I suggest grabbing under the back hip, less chance of the dog wiggling free from you.

  12. Me: Watches this three months after I got bit by a dog.

    Should I be worried that I got bit by a dog and three months later I still have pain directly where I got bit?

    The dog who bit me I knew for a long time and he bit me and I did nothing all I did was open the door say hi lobi and he bit me and I got an inch deep wound and I was bleeding for a month the blood did not stop and it hurt I got wrong meds so I spent my vacation being sick because of the infections yay! (Note my sarcasm) but srsly am I supposed to be getting the pain like I know I have wrist pain but the pain is all the way up to my elbow and I was bitten near my wrist and it really hurts my doctor only said it was normal from that…

  13. My neighbors dog scrappy is a pit bull mixed German Shepard when I run he follows me and jumps on me and bites me

  14. im a student animal care and we learn in case of two dog fighting or you are being attacked is to get the lease and put it around his neck and pull him off this works for dogs that can lock their jaws and is a safe way to do it (only do this when its absolutely necessary and the only to stop it)

  15. I wont sit here and say she shouldnt have taken the dog to the dog park but she could have easily avoided the situation by leashing the dog instead of pushing it away from bear 🤷‍♀️ feel bad for her dog because if its already bitten her it will likely bite someone else and we all know that result….

  16. You know something is wrong when a GOLDEN RETRIEVER is attacking someone. It makes me think something bad is going on at it's home, or maybe bad breeding?

  17. My sister dog was fighting my nana dog and my sister tryed to stop it and my sister dog bite her but so as he did he let go and stuck by her side and felt sorry and u could it but my sister is ok

  18. I get the feeling that a lot of nervous/paranoid energy gets thrown through that golden retriever's leash from the owner.

  19. I remember my dog ran out the door acidentally and a she was…she was small a shih tzu maltese and there was a, idk labador across the street she runs towards it and the big dog starts attacking her i called her name and she came back, and i just started crying, she lost some hair bcs the bit it off i guess. My dog was one of the thing I love most.

  20. This is why I’m always so nervous when taking my dog to the park, I trust my dog completely but I can’t trust other people’s dogs

  21. My great dane is scared of small dogs, she got bitten by a jack Russell when she was trying to look small and harmless on the ground 😢

  22. You can also jab your thumb into the dogs eye/eyes if you can get a good punch or hit and it’s on you attacking you

  23. I think she didn’t want to go to the hospital because certain people get involved if you were bit and the owner is basically forced to put the dog down..
    It’s a terrible situation.

    Poor BEAR!!!
    I love dogs😍🐻

  24. So many things odd about that woman. Must have been a new "relationship" maybe a new caretaker or an adoption? Goldens are usually more amiable and anxious to please. Why did she go to such a potentially stressful situation with an already obviously stressed (leash pulling) dog. I am guessing she was "in shock" when she seemed to not recognize the extent of her injuries. Along with recovery, I hope that woman signed herself and the dog up for training or traded in her dog for a guinea pig.

  25. In my personal experience I have had more golden retrievers attack my dogs or my friends dogs than any other breed of dog.
    I love goldens my in laws have two of them, but I have never had any other dog attack my dogs.

  26. There's an idiot in my neighborhood who walks his golden off-leash all the time. Twice he charged me and my little dogs, so I started carrying pepper spray. He attacked us a third time and got a face-full of it.
    And yes, idiot owner STILL walks him off-leash…

  27. I work at a dog kennel. We train upland hunting breeds, and a lot of them are left uncut due to possible breeding purposes. Because of this, our males at the kennel must be very highly maintained. Something that may occur, especially if a bitch comes into season, is a dog fight/fence fight. If it’s an actual fight, there are always at least two staff members on hand as no one gets combined in play yards by themselves. We intervene by not kicking but pushing a booted leg out at either end so in case they spin around and try to eat you thinking that you are another dog, you’re protected. We then separate them and say ‘no’ repeatedly, in a very somber, upset ish voice but always quiet. Sometimes, if they still aren’t calming down, we do pick them up and force their back on the ground, holding an ear and collar in one hand and a back leg with the other. We keep them in this position until you physically see them give in, sometimes you have to put your knee on their body and add slight pressure. What you’re doing is asserting dominance and hammering home that nothing is okay unless I say it is okay. Dogs have such a pack mentality that you CANNOT let them do whatever whenever or they will think they own you and situations like this occur. A fence fight is easier because you only need one person and usually you can tap their back legs with your (again, booted/covered) leg and get them in your zone, saying no repeatedly very passionately but quietly. We always maintain our males in the extent that most are friendly with one another but we aren’t afraid to let one out all by itself. Some females will fight but it’s very uncommon. Good training and good ownership will not lead to situations like the one you describe. It’s very upsetting that of all dogs, a Golden was that poorly trained, as I see them often in my job, but it’s also good to know that there are people who know what to look for and what they are doing in regards to other dogs as well as their own. I feel like it’s not talked about enough for people that have dogs who then complain about ‘bad behaviours’

  28. Hi, professional dog handler here! You were spot on about grabbing the back legs! An additional thing you can do after grabbing the legs is flip the dog onto their back, forcing them into a submissive position. Don’t flip them by the legs with a dog with weak hips or joint problems though. You don’t want to hurt them. Good job Mike!

  29. Once two of our dogs were fighting one big one small the big one would not let go. My mom told me to dump water in them so I did and he instantly let go.

  30. I want bear. I still love my gorgeous German Shepherd tho.😂 Also Dr. Mike. When I touch my dogs pads. ( The soft things under there paws) Why do you think it tickles my dog??

  31. My girl beat was attacked multiple times. Really unpleasant thing especially when your dogs never gives a reason for that aggression. She is really comes and tends to avoid any conflicts but still 🙁

  32. Okay dog fighting goodness gracious. Let's get it from a trainer..
    The reason this dog went and bit her owner is because she didn't talk to it before grabbing it scholar so he redirected on the her.

    Yes you read the behavior correctly you understood that there was a fight about you occur what should happened was a correction right then and there to distract the dogs and separate them away. But clearly this woman does not know how to handle her dog in so she perpetuate the situation antagonizing it to make it worse.

    Yelling doesn't do anything but antagonize a dogfight

    Now here's our you break up a dogfight properly. Grab the dog thats being bit put Alicia on him and hold them then going up to the dog thats doing the biting talk to them calmly keeping your face safe get a leash on the dog and pick him up by his hind and forcing his mouth to the ground he will release and then walk backwards. Continue holding the dogs to ensure that they are no longer going to go after redirect or pursue.

    And if you have a dog that has fear we activity to other dogs you need to seek out a qualified trainer that knows how to deal with this behavior. I have a pitbull that I rescued who has that issue I can have her around some dogs but not all dogs but I know how to control her and she will respond when redirected away from a situation that she typically would react to. I have worked on many dogs with this problem and it can be improved but these dogs will never be fully trustworthy

  33. I know this is old but reminds me have I've been bitten by my own dog, twice! It's always been my brothers pit bull starting problems with the more friendly one, each time I was caught in the middle and not like I tried separating them. First was on the hand and second was on my calve, that was the worst BY FAR. Didn't bother looking at it, but after a week my brother showed me pictures and it was giant pieces missing, just nasty. Couldn't walk for three months because I was but in the muscle. Eventually started to but had foot pain and had temporary arthritis from not walking. but now we know to not have them together at all especially about people cuz my brother's dog is especially jealous then.

  34. I own a large Rottweiler and she just loves the dog park and adores other dogs! Whenever I get there people will grab their dogs and leave the park thinking that my pup is aggressive 🥺 I hate that! Most of the other dogs there bully her to be honest LOL. Poor Bear, he seems like a big baby who just wants to play!

  35. Sounds like that Retriever has a bad temperament. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. What makes it bad is that the dog has a bad owner that didn’t provide proper training.

    The fact that the owner knew her dog doesn’t get along with large breeds is one thing. Placing her dog in a situation where large breeds might be around is another. The inability of her not being able to control her own dog adds another factor. Perfect storm of a classic irresponsible dog owner.

  36. Dog fights are awful enough it's usually untrained dogs. The lady was was truthful, I would've thought her dog was on a leash? Poor dog has to be walked everyday, needs training correctly. She can get rid of the bad manners. My dog was attacked, got into a fight and had a fair amount of blood on her. I was worried because Staffs have a bad rep to a degree because of incorrect ownership. Turns out it was my poor girl who was hurt by the unsocialised Jack Russel! They were both on leashes he having the really long ones and he kept trying to go near her, my dog has always been a clever girl and kept banging into my legs to get away because she knew what he was upto. My friend was only helping out trying to look after him whilst the neighbours were on holiday!

  37. To stop a dog fight you take the attacking dog by the upper back inside legs and hold them in the air and don't let go. This usually surprises them enough to let go. They feel a bit helpless. Get the injured dog away immediately — into a car, a store, whatever. At this point hopefully a passer can get something around the attacking dog's neck that tightens if he moves. Tie him to a pole, anything. Making fists and trying to look aggressive is ludicrous. 45 years of rescuing, I've seen it all.

  38. My dog and I were recently attacked by a German shepherd he kept circling and attacking. my dog wasn't attacking back and when we tried to get inside the German shepherd attacked again and bit my finger in between biting my dog. I didn't know what to do except for hit the other dog with a stick to stop attacking my dog. Is there another option from grabbing the dogs legs? I feel like if I tried to grab the German shepherds legs he wouldve started attacking me.

  39. I own 4 dogs. Sometimes the two male dogs get into fight, but once water is splashed on them, they stop immediately.
    As you said rightly, yelling, shouting at them doesn't work.

  40. from personal experience dealing with dogs here are a few more pieces of advice:
    if a dog has griped you and is not letting go, move towards it, if it got your hand or arm, shove it further into it's mouth, if you try to pull away, it'll reflexively bite down harder.
    if you can, bite the dog. the germs you get in your mouth don't matter, you're in for a doctor visit already and they'll give you the shots you need.
    get above the dog if you can.

  41. I own a dog that has behavioural issues myself and i have been bitten a number of times now (disclaimer: yes, i am in consultation with a dog trainer and i'm currently doing my education as a dog trainer, please consider that i'm not asking anyones oppinion on how to train him here on the internet), so i'm curious if there is a different approach in america with dog bites. In austria, dog bites do NOT get stitched up. They are 1. cleaned 2. cut out (yes, literally peaces of skin that have been ripped would be cut away to keep the "loose" hanging tissues from dying off in your open wound, i'm not talking wounds where half your face is falling off, obviously there would be a different approach necessary, i'm talking about puncture wounds) 3. left open because of the bacteria in a dogs mouth. Only after about a week when there is no sign of infection the wound would be stitched up if it had not closed by then (deep puncture marks would be cut out every second to third day – with local anesthesia). 4. Antibiotics are always given right away. Closing the wound would mean closing in the bacteria. At least that's what the doctors at the hospital said. So i'm curious how bites are being treated in america, because it sounded like they would be stitched up right away?

  42. Dogs have a dip in there neck that has not very much like meat that comes close to the heart it worse comes to worse and I do not recommend doing this unless desperate and you know 100% that the dog is trying to hurt YOU and is not just playing or fighting another dog you can punch it there or stab with your fingers and the dog will let go and possibly even die like I said do not try to like see if it works it dose I promise just keep away from dogs that are trying to hurt you

  43. a person I know was attacked by a dog id latched onto his leg and he kicked the dog in the face, it didn't let go so he grabbed a stick lying nearby and poked it in the eyes and the dog let go, he had to get at least 10 shots so he didn't go crazy and start biting people.

  44. Mostly right, a few issues with it. Not going into it here. As a vet tech there are some things you could omit/change/rephrase to make this better info.

  45. I work at a doggie day care, and take care of 70+ dogs, we carry whistles, gloves, squirt bottle, horn, and mace. In words case scenario we use the mace in worst case scenarios. If one dog bothers another well squirt them in the face, if they aren’t not listening to any commands we put them back in there room because at this point they are a concern because if they mess with the wrong dog a fight we’ll break out. If a dog fight breakouts well use the horn most of the time a horn works because it’s so loud it hurts their ears. If that doesn’t work you have to pull them apart and that’s why we have gloves. If that dog attacked the owner, the dog has been fed up for ever, this was built of aggression

  46. One time when I was smaller, I was with my brother and many other "friends". There was an older lady with a dog that had a leash and that thing over the mouth. One of my "friends" went over to it, took off its leash and the thing over its mouth and pointed at me, after which the dog ran and started biting me. It pinned me down, but I was lucky it only bit my lips. I kept it away from my neck, it was an instinct. None of my friends helped me, like they wanted me dead or they wanted to see what happens, I started getting tired, but I got the burst of energy that helped me to get my legs under its body and kick it in the stomach/ribs. It got off of me and I managed to get up quickly and run away home, not looking back. I understand why my brother didn't help me, but I was also the youngest and smallest kid there! Why didn't the other help?!
    Luckily, my mother is a nurse and helped me through this. I don't think the dog's saliva got into my mouth because I kept my mouth closed. I bled alot from my lips that day.
    Why I didn't run away after my "friend" pointed towards me? I froze. I didn't know what to do. An experience that won't happen to me again, and that seriously impacted my life. I am very scared of dogs, but I am starting to get that fear away. My favourite type of dog is the husky ^-^

    If you want any more details I can tell you, but also, if you're wondering how I remember so many details, I told some friends or dreamt about it sometimes. I can't clearly remember the dog, by the way..

    Sorry for making you read so much!

  47. I was really scared of dogs as a small child and am still unsure of big dogs (I'm a teen now). My family just got our first puppy and your videos with bear are really helpful! ❤

  48. Only thing I’d add is when making your fists is to tuck your thumbs in. In a normal fist they stick out and can be grabbed still. speaks from personal experience. Painful personal experience.

  49. Hint for if you are bit but the dog is not shaking, push it's lip under it's teeth and push untill it let's go.

    I usually just pick them up by their scruffs or collars and then, not slam them like hard, but slam them like they don't have a choice, and I have to put full weight into it. This is a very bold and very inadvisable move. Don't do this. I don't get in the way of the big Akbashes and Pyrenees that are in my street because that's a differebt type of fight than a dust up. Also, they weigh much more than me and the Pyrenees is potentially people aggressive.

    Then again I'm used to dog fights. I live pretty rural and every neighbor has a dog to protect their livestock, you can imagine what happens. Also introducing a female dog to a house that already has a female dog. Had to break up a few dust ups, but nobody drew blood any of the times.

  50. This is why you don't go to dog parks. Also they are basically cesspools of bacteria because of some owners that fail to vaccinate their dogs. I'm not saying that Dr. Mike was wrong for going to one, I'm saying that it often takes a veterinary point of view or a personal experience for these things to come into clarity. He was absolutely right in his explanation of what to do when dogs fight, but you can't necessarily blame the retriever's owner for what she did in trying to stop the fight. Everybody thinks that when you know what to do, it will be easy to do it, but no. A dog fight is a scary and unpredictable incident that causes everyone to be impulsive and irrational if they don't have experience in these kinds of situations. The first thing on the owner's mind is to protect their dog much like a mother's first instinct is to protect their child without regard to their own safety. However, the owner of the retriever was ABSOLUTELY wrong, at fault, inconsiderate, and just plain STUPID for bringing a poorly socialized dog with past history of dog aggression to a place where it would have unlimited and unrestrained access to other dogs.

  51. My yorkie chihuahua dog was attacked by a pitbull. I probably did everything wrong, but after the pitbull started shaking my dog I jumped on her and punched her in the face. I was covered in blood and dog poop when the attack finally ended. My dog had pooped when he was being shaken. At first I thought the blood was mostly from my dog, but then I realized my hands were bleeding. My brother picked us up and took me to urgent care and my dog to the vet. I had some deep puncture wounds on one hand, scrapes on the other, and three strained fingers. We were both put on antibiotics. All of our vaccinations were already up to date. My dog was okay, but had to have surgery a week later because he developed a hematoma. He had post-traumatic stress for about a week when he would randomly yelp, run around in a circle, and then hide. Caring for his hematoma wound was so stressful for me. One thing I did was to put a towel over him and put a heat pack on his wound. He loved the weight of the heat pack, and I think it's the only thing that brought him some relief. I had a hard time sleeping for about a week, because I couldn't get the images or the sounds of that event out of my mind. The nurse from urgent care reports the attack, an animal control picked the dog up. She ended up being euthanized. I spent some time researching what to do in a dog fight.

  52. Im going to steal your pupper…watch out

    Yes, he is bigger than me but thats not gonna stop me

    On a side note😂 i love your vids man , they are awesome❤

  53. Thanks for sharing this Dr. Mike. I would also like to add that you can make it worse for the dogs as well if you try to rip them apart using your hands especially when they clamp on to each other. I've seen patients at the vet hospital I work at where owners reached in and pulled the dogs apart as opposed to the methods you described and it resulted in the dog needing emergency surgery. I have also seen dogs come in where owners were able to separate the dogs successfully (doing similar things to what you described) by not reaching in where there were simply a couple of puncture wounds and the only thing the veterinarian advised was giving pain medications and a full course of antibiotics. In a charged situation like this you have to do what you can but there's also a way to make sure that we don't get hurt and our furry friends don't have life threatening injuries as well.

  54. Ugh I remember my neighbours had this vicious chihuahua that they used to set on our dog. Like they had trained it to attack other dogs and children (I was a child at the time). It used to tear at my ankles and stuff and even though it was small I was terrified of it.
    I figured out the only way to defend myself was sweeping him away with a sweeping brush. 😂😂
    Ikr it was so ridiculous. I used to carry a sweeping brush with me so I could sweep the chihuahua away whenever it came at me. 😂😂😂

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