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Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
My Aged Care case study: Aunty Shirley’s story

[Music plays] (Auntie Shirley) I’m a member of the Aboriginal Community in the Inner City but I’ve been getting arthritis and I had chronic illnesses. After a visit with an aged care team, I decided to go with an aboriginal aged care service. With the workers coming in from home care, it’s given me a better quality of life. I get Natai every Monday and every Wednesday for two hours. Some of her tasks include sweeping and mopping the hallway, loungeroom and kitchen, doing the bathroom and anything else that I need help with. (Natai) We’ve built a pretty strong friendship with each other. I’ll take her to any appointments that she needs to go to. I also help her with her shopping. (Auntie Shirley) The fact that Natai’s a carer that does own a car, it enables me to go and do my shopping and she brings it home and helps me unpack it. That gives me the independence to live here and live quite comfortably. It’s a way of me mentoring her too and I take her to a different life that she wouldn’t see. (Natai) One of the things that I like about working with Shirley is the yarns that she always tells me, and I find that pretty interesting because she’s an elder. She’s more of an auntie to me than a client really. (Auntie Shirley) I sort of see her as a friend rather than as a carer. [Music plays]

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