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Monster Monday At-Home HIIT Workout: FYR: Hannah Eden’s 30 Day Fitness Plan by RSP

(energetic music) – Yo guys, what’s up? I’m Hannah Eden and I’m here to take you through your day one of
your 30 Day Fire Program. So let me tell you a little about myself, and about this program and
how we’re gonna get started. I’m gonna guide you guys
through this workout. Through the next 30 days you
are gonna change your life. Not just physically but mentally as well. But before we begin there’s some things that I need to let you know. I can teach you exercises. I can teach you how your form should be and I can give you a program to follow. But there’s one thing
that I cannot teach you and that is intensity. You guys are in total control of what you get out of this workout. What you put in, is exactly
what you’re gonna get out. So, no matter what
fitness level you’re at, I promise you that this
trainer will be for you. I want to introduce you guys to my boys. I have my husband right here, Paolo. Sometimes we call him Turbo but that’s his problem. And over here I’ve got Tanner. We’re gonna call him T-Pain. Because he’s gonna be going through a lot of pain throughout this workout. So no matter where you’re
at, if you’re a beginner, you’re gonna be following
Tanner for the next 30 days. And throughout these 30 days, you’re gonna create a
relationship with this guy, and you guys are gonna
get through this together. If you’re a little bit above that and you’re in that intermediate stage, I want you to follow this
handsome man right here. He is a freak. We’re gonna get him
doing the intermediate. If you’re intermediate,
I want you to join him. I’m gonna allow you to have a relationship with my husband for the next 30 days and I’m cool with that shit. And then, there’s me. I’m a weirdo. I like to move fast. I like to lift heavy. In fact, my weights are the
same as these guys right here. No matter where you’re
at in your fitness game, if you feel like you’re at the top, I challenge you to try
and stay up with me. I promise you that this workout, and this program over the next 30 days will allow you to find your mojo again, and take you to places
that you’ve never been. It’s gonna challenge you. You’re gonna do things that
you’ve never done before. You’re gonna do shit that you hate. But purpose behind this is not necessarily always doing things that you like to do. If you want to make a change, you have to go though the hardships and what it takes to get there. So, today’s workout. Monster Monday. Arguably the hardest workout of your week. I like to start the week the right way, set the tone for the rest of the week, and one thing that I always always say, never miss a Monday. You miss a Monday, you’re more likely to miss the rest of the week. Start off strong. I don’t care what it looks like, it’s just as long as you complete that, you’re gonna want to keep
going for the rest of the week. So today’s workout is a 30 60 90. It’s a three to one work to rest ratio. For every three seconds of work
you get one second of rest. We have two sections. In today’s workout, I want
you to grab a pen and paper. You’re gonna need a set of dumbbells. If you’re advanced or intermediate you’re also gonna need a med ball. Tanner has his ab mat, his dumbbells. I’ve got my ab mat, my
dumbbells and my ball, and so does Paolo. But that piece of paper,
since today is day one, I want you test exactly where you are at in your fitness game right now. I don’t care if you’re
disappointed in your scores, or if you’re proud of them. Whatever is on that sheet of paper today, you are gonna put 30 days of hard work in. With nutrition, with supplements, and with a correct training program, to get you to a 30 day finish point. On that day, we are gonna retest this exact workout. So, we hit three rounds of each section. We’ve got A and B. On that third round, I
want you to write down the amount of reps that
you get per section. It will make a little bit more sense as we go and I will remind you. I’m gonna be doing it with you. So I’m gonna let you know
when you need to write it down and what you need to write down. Just make sure you have
a pen and paper handy. So let’s start with our warm up. Guys let’s bring our feet in between hip and shoulder width apart. We’re gonna start with 20 air squats as I talk about the rest of the workout. Let’s go. Booty back and down. Imaginary seat behind you. Tap your ass in it and
drive up through the heels. So the first exercise we’re gonna do, is gonna be gorilla burpees. It is a lunge, a lunge, a squat with one burpee. We’re gonna count as many reps as we can on that third round, and we’re gonna write it down. Then you have a 10 second rest. Then we’re gonna move into 60 seconds of a combination of things. We’re gonna split it. 30 seconds of one exercise,
with a 30 second hold. Then a 90 second, and relax. Let’s start with some trunk twisters. Hands together. Turn that body. Touching back in the middle. For that 90 seconds we’re
gonna climb a ladder. You have two exercises. In section A they just so happen to be upper body body building exercises. You’re gonna hit one rep of each, followed by two reps of
each, followed by three and you’re gonna see how high
you can climb the ladder, in 90 seconds. We’ll take score of that, and we’ll retest it in 30 days. Nice work. Let’s head to some high knees. Bring those knees up. Get that heart rate up. Get that blood pumpin’. Good. So today’s day one. You made it here, you made the
decision to do this trainer. Now I need to to find a reason, and dig deep to commit to
yourself for the next 30 days. Butt kicks. I know that my reason
is constantly changing. There’s one that is so
deep that will never go, and you don’t ever need
to tell anyone about it as long as you know. And then there’s that one, that those other reasons that come and go. They’re short lived but
they keep me in the game. Whether it’s a short term goal, a long term goal, you’ve got
to have both to stay in this. How you guys doin? – Ready to go, come on. – Alright let’s start in the
base of our squat real quick. Bring your elbows onto
the inside of your knees. Drop your hips, butt
down low, chest up high. Breathe. Good. Shift that weight over to that left foot. Again butt down low, chest up high. (upbeat music) I’m pumped. How are you guys doin’? How are you feelin’? – I’m ready to go. – These guys are so quiet it’s weird. Wake up! (laughs) Alright hands on the
floor, raise your hips. Take a deep breath in and come up slowly. So like I told you before, first exercise gorilla burpees. We’ve got a lunge, a lunge, a squat, with one burpee. That counts as one rep. First round I’m gonna walk around and show you guys what’s goin’ on, second round I’m gonna get involved and third round we’re
gonna finish together. You guys ready? – Yes. – [Tanner] Oh yeah. – Let’s start with our 30 seconds of gorilla burpees in about 10 seconds. Here we go. Lunge, squat, burpee, in five, four, three, two, one. Let’s go. So check this out. If you’re beginning we’ve
got Tanner over here. Same exact movement, however
he’s eliminating the plyo, and he’s not bringing
his chest to the ground. We’ve got a walking lunge. Another walking lunge. We’ve got an air squat. Hands on the floor, tap your feet, land on flat feet, stand up. Great job. Over here, we’ve got this sexy hunk. He’s hittin’ out his
plyometric gorilla burpess. Jumping lunge. Jumping lunge. Jumping air squat. Chest to the ground, push
up, land on front feet, jump and clap. Three, two, one. And rest. So up next we’ve got this weird movement. I told you I was gonna
keep you on your toes, and make sure you never get bored. 30 seconds plus 30 seconds. Starting with sprawl frog kick. Tap your feet. Bring your feet to the
outside of your elbows. Land where you began. Make sure your feet land
on flat feet right here. And stand up. Let me break it down for you. Tanner over here. We’re goin’ one leg at a time, making sure that we
understand the movement. Other side. Now if that’s easy for you, I want you to hit both legs right here. Good, land on flat feet. Standing straight up. Good. Paolo over here, hittin’ those
double legs at the same time. Now, switch. You guys are gonna go
into your bear crawl hold. So we go into a table top position. We’ve got our wrists, elbows and shoulders stacked directly on top of each other. We’ve got a table top in the back. We’ve got our hips directly
underneath your knees, and I’ve only got a couple inches from his knees from the floor. Shins are parallel, core is tight. This poor guy over here is
goin’ through it right now. Same exact thing. Get those knees down. Same position. However he has his ball in
front of him dropping his head. His core and his lats are on fire. Rest. Great job. Holy moly.
(Paolo wooing) Now I need you to grab your dumbbells. One set of dumbbells. You are not gonna put those
down for the next 90 seconds. We’ve got two movements. We have bicep curls and high pulls. So check it out. And I also want you to take note that I’m lifting the same as the boys. – Uh-huh. – [Hannah] Uh-huh. Here we go. We’ve got one bicep curl. Turn ’em over. One high pull. We’re gonna climb the ladder. Turn it back over. Two bicep curls. Let’s go. Turn ’em over. Two high pulls. You know what’s next? Three plus three. Three bicep curls. It’s one, that is two, that is three. Turn ’em over. And high pulls. Keep going boys. I want to point out some key things. When we’re goin’ for our bicep curls, palms are flashing up. We’re looking for that full
extension in those arms. All the way up, and all the way down. Good. Now whenever we go into our high pulls, our palms are facing ourselves. Elbows are coming up to the sky. Now how do we scale this? You will just decrease your weight. So, maybe start lighter. Your goal is to not let go. I want you to hold a weight that will challenge you but not crush you. I want you to get through this
day one feeling confident. Not feeling like you can’t, okay? So, let’s go. Oh. Looking good. We’ve got 30 seconds. Remember elbows up to the sky, not behind you. We’ve go 25, where we at boys? – Six. – Seven.
– Six. We’re at seven over here. Nice. Beautiful. It is your goal, it’s you versus you. How high can you go? Can you get another rep in? I believe you can. You’ve got 12 seconds let’s go. Come on. Whatever you got to do, get angry. This is you building
your strength right here. We’re growing. You’ve got three, you’ve got two, (clapping) and rest. Great job. You’ve got 30 seconds rest, how was it? (Paolo sighs) How was it? – Amazing. – They’re very quiet. How was it Tanner? – Rough. – Rough? I like that shit. – [Paolo] We’ve got two more rounds. – I want to hear like
the fucks and the screams and you can say whatever you want. Emotion is so powerful. Get mad at me. Laugh at me I don’t care. Just try and enhance
– Oh we’re already mad at you. – your workout. Get mad me.
– We’re mad at you. We’re mad at you. – [Hannah] Get mad. (Paolo sighs) But did you die? – [Paolo] But did you die? – [Hannah] But did you die? No! You’ve got five seconds, let’s go again. Gorilla burpees, lunge,
lunge, squat, burpee. In three, two, one let’s go. Lunge, lunge, squat, together, burpee. On your burpees make sure that you are landing on flat feet. I want you to be in this for the long run. If we do our ballerina
burpees which look like this. (energetic music) You’re knees are gonna hate you in like three months from now. Do it right. I want you here for the long run. Here we go, five seconds. Burpee. Lunge, lunge, squat, together and rest. Great job. So you know what’s next. We got our sprawl frog kicks. Hands on the floor. We can either go single leg, or both leg. But the same thing is key. Feet start and finish in the same place. Let’s go. In out, land, up. Hands on the floor. Feet back, keep your hips up. In out. Land, stand up. Once you’ve got it down pick up that pace. And challenge yourself. Yes, use those legs, to stand up, rather than your back. Keep that back nice and tight. Alright boys. Three seconds on bear crawl hold. Three, two, one, hold. This is so deceiving. This is so deceiving. Try and hold this for 30 seconds. And then add sprawl
frog kicks before that. Keepin’ that core engaged. Our lats, our core, our quads on fire. Spread those fingertips, dig
those finger into the ground. Add some external rotation
in those shoulders to really engage those lats. Let’s go Paolo. (Paolo gasping) bring those knees down baby. (Paolo gasping) We’ve got five, come on! (Paolo gasping) Let’s go! Four. Push it! Three.
(Paolo gasping) Two. Rest. Woo! Alright. (Paolo sighing) We got it again. So how high did you guys climb? (Paolo gasping) Where’d you get seven? – Finished sevens. – Finished sevens. You’re doing that shit again. If you’ve done it once
you can do it again. That voice that is doubting you, tell it to shut the fuck up. Let’s go. Grab those weights! Bicep curls in three, two, one, go. One curl. Control it, flip ’em over. One high pull. What I don’t want is your body jolting so you get these weights up. Strict movements. Use your core. Focusing on only the upper body. Try and keep the rest of your
body as still as possible. That’s two. Where we at three? Turn ’em over. High pull. Now with our high pulls keep
those shoulders down low, chest up high. Don’t let your weight pull you forward, push that chest out. We’ve got four right here. Two, come on. Three. Let’s go. Four. Turn ’em around. High pull. One. Come on. Two, yep! Three. Four. We’re halfway. That’s it, let’s go again. One. Two. Let’s go. Three. Four. And five. Flip ’em over. Up, one. Two. Three. Four. And five. We’re not stopping now, flip ’em over. One let’s go! – Come on. – Two, fight it! I’m fightin’ it two, three. Push past that feeling. Four. Close those eyes. Five, we’ve got one more. Six. Turn ’em over let’s get these reps. We’ve got 10 seconds. One. Two. Let’s go! Three. Four. Let’s go boys, five! And you. (Paolo moaning) And six. We got through. (Paolo whistling) I only got to six, you’re
impressive for getting to seven. Great job (clapping). So now I need you to
grab that pen and paper. This is your last round. We’re gonna do this together. I will let you know
what counts as one rep. Have your pen and paper ready. So in your rest, you can
write your total down. We’re gonna start with
our gorilla burpees. A lunge, a lunge, a squat and a burpee, is one rep. I want you to empty that tank. It’s me and you and these boys, and we’re gonna get through this. Leave everything you have on the floor, right here, right now. Let’s go. Lunge, lunge, squat, let’s go. Burpee. That’s one. Lunge, lunge, squat together, burpee. That’s two. Lunge, lunge, squat, together, burpee. That’s three. Lunge, lunge, squat, together, burpee. Four, one, two, three, in, down, up. Five. Come on. Last one. And rest. What’d you get? – Five. – [Hannah] What’d you get? – Five. – Five baby. Write it down. Get ready. We’re goin again. Sprawl frog kicks, count these right here. Go! In out. One. Two. Three. Four. Five, let’s go! Six. Seven. You’ve got it. Eight. Nine. All the way up! 10. Last one. 11. Rest. Alright, not really. Write that number down. Get right, into your suspended bear crawl, or on the ground. Let’s go. Drop those knees first. Find your position. Hold it and hold. Knees down. Breathe. We got it. Hold it nice and tight. Believe. You got this shit. Don’t you dare drop! I’m watching you! Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. Holy shit.
(Paolo moaning) You have 20 seconds. You don’t need to write
anything down right there, till we count how high we can go. I know I’ve gotten to six. And I need you to do that again. Just sprawls. That’s all your counting. Take a deep breath in. Take some water. And let’s go. Here we go. Last round, we’re fatigued. One bicep curl. Flip it. One high pull. Flip it. Two curls. Come on. Flip it. Two high pulls. Breathe. Stay in control. Three, two, three holy crap. Turn it over. One. Let’s go. Two. Come on! (Paolo moaning) Three. Curl. We got one minute, we’re 30 seconds in. Two. Three, Four, flip ’em over. Shit. One.
(Paolo moaning) two. Three. Four. Flip ’em over. Up! Two. Fight it. Three. How bad do you want it? Four. Five. Flip ’em over. We’re doing it, come on. One. Two. Get angry. Whatever you got to do, get happy. Four. Five. Flip ’em over, we’re doin’ it, come on. One. Two. Three. Four. (Hannah gasping) Five. Six, come on! Up. One. Two. Three. Four, beat it! Five, you got eight seconds. Six. As many reps as possible. One. (Hannah screaming) Two. Rest. (Paolo yelling) Holy moly. Whoa. I got six, plus two. What did you get? Write that shit down. (Hannah gasping) Oh, my. Okay. That is like gold. You’re gonna hold on
to that piece of paper for the next 30 days. Hold that shit. Put it on your mirror in the morning. Make sure you see that every single day. That you made that commitment,
to start this program. And you absolutely are not gonna quit. You’re gonna make it
through the next 30 days whether you like it or not. Traveling thigh killas. We got another section. A is done. Just B. Same layout, 30 60 90,
different exercises. 30 seconds of traveling thigh killas. If you’re beginning, we’re gonna keep our feet
directly underneath our hips. You’re gonna start like you’re
in a really small house. Head is underneath the ceiling. You’re gonna bounce your ass, up and down to take two mini jumps out to your regular squat position. Two mini jumps in. What you’re not gonna do, is allow your knees to come
to the inside of your feet. Keep your knees, on the outside. If you usually squat like this, this should be how your squats looks. Tanner’s gonna do it one place. Paolo and I are gonna do
traveling thigh killas. You’re jumping out, out as we go forward. In in as we go back. Traveling as we go. 60 seconds of spider monkeys. Push up plank position. Right foot on the outside
of your right hand, you’re gonna pounce your hips up and down. Almost like a lunge. For 30 seconds. Then you’re gonna hold a
wide push up plank hold. That’s all you need to know right now. You need nothing other than your mat. So let’s get our weights out of the way. (energetic music) take a deep breath in. ‘Cause we gonna do this shit. Boys are you ready? – Hell yeah.
– Oh yeah. – They’re very quiet. Are you ready? – Oh yeah. – We’re ready. – Wake up! – Can’t this and sweat. – Wake up.
– Come on let’s get to work. – Wake up. Wake up. – Let’s get to work come on. – Quit dickin’ around let’s go. 10 seconds. – [Tanner] Come on. – Take a deep breath in. Traveling thigh killas. Keep the weight on the
heels and the chest up. In five. Here we go. Four. Three. Two. One. Out. Out. In. In. Micro little jumps. Bouncing your ass, up and down. Keep going. Good, weight is on the heels. Hips are hinged back. We’re squatting up and down. Good we’re halfway. Facts about this. These guys are gonna tap out way sooner than all the ladies doin’ this. Our pain threshold is way more impressive. It really is. We’ve got five seconds. Paolo always taps out. Don’t tap out bro. – Uh uh. – Three. Two.
– Not today. – One.
– Come on. – Not today. (Paolo wooing) Alright you got 10 seconds. We’re gonna go spider monkeys. Hands right underneath those shoulders. Front foot forward in three, two, one. Let’s hit it. Pouncing off that front foot. Bouncing up and down. Keep going. Tanner’s over here. He’s steppin’ it out. You want to step it out you step it out. Maybe you do two steps. And then you do two jumps. Hit it. One, two, back down. Alright we’re just gonna get there slowly. Good we’ve got 10 more seconds. Paolo’s usin’ those hips. Those quads right now and
those hip flexors are on fire. I know they are. Wide push up plank hold. Hands wider than your your shoulders. Get ready boys. Fingertips to either side of the room. You’re gonna hold this plank and your goal is to get your
shoulders beyond your wrists. Hold it. Breathe. We’ve got options. We can always, go from our knees, if we need to. We drop to our knees, this is gonna take some of
the weight off the shoulders so that we can get here. Or know this. The wider your hands the harder it is. The closer your hands the easier it is. You choose. Paolo’s over here, fucking killing it. Three, come on. Two. One (clapping). Rest. So similar to round one, you know how we climbed that ladder with the bicep curls and the high pulls? We’re gonna do the same thing
but with v-ups and push-ups. One v-up. You’re gonna bring your hands, up to meet your feet. Beginners, knees to chest. Let’s go. In three, two, one. One v-up. Good. Roll over. One push-up. Roll back over. Two v-ups. One. Two. Roll over. Two push-ups. One. Two. Good. For all my ladies, push-ups are really challenging for us. It took me years to be
able to get push-ups. If we need to go from our knees, same thing goes. Keep those elbows tucked in. Touch that chest one the floor. And push right back up. Stick your ass up in the air too. If you’re in between, it’s always great to feel
your own body weight. Go down from your feet. Drop to your knees and push back up. Come back. Down from your feet. Drop to your knees and push back up. Boys where we at. – Four. – Four? Let’s go Tanner. Tanner obviously has a solid push-up game. He doesn’t ever look
like he missed chest day. Lookin’ pretty jacked. Nice. So on knees to chest, knees to chest bring it back out. Knees to chest bring it back out. We’re gonna build that core strength to finally get here one day. Okay? Folding that body. And it’s really important that you bring your hands up to your feet, and not your feet to your hands. Push-up game is on point. We’ve got 25 seconds. Let me join in with you guys. Where we at? – [Paolo] Finished five, let’s go for six. Finished five, let’s go for six. If you want an extra challenge, keep those heels off the
floor for the six reps. Keepin’ your core engaged throughout. That’s four. Five. And six. Good. I’m a little fresher than them. We’ve got less than 10, let’s go. We’ve got one. Two. Three. Four. Five. And six. Relax. Great job. That’s round one done. Give me one of these. You guys are on fire. – We try. – Yeah! – [Paolo] Get to work, keep it goin. – Get to work. Round two baby. That first one was like
that awkward first date where you don’t really know each other. Shit’s about to get real. We’re gonna go to second
base on this one (clapping). Traveling thigh killas
in 10 seconds people. (energetic music) You want some active recovery? Show me your best moves. Five seconds. In five, four, three, two, one. Let’s go. Out. Out. In. In. Breathe. Bounce your booty up and down. Keep the weight in the heels. From your hips, to your regular squat. 20 seconds, we’re 10 seconds in. Stay focused. You can use your arms. If you want a challenge, bring your hands behind your head, and do not use your arms. 10 seconds. Breathe. Nine, let’s go. We’ve got eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two and one. Nice job. – [Paolo] Woo! – [Hannah] Spider monkeys with
a wide push-up plank hold. Five seconds. Four. Three. Two. One, let’s hit it. Pouncing from side to side. Breathe. Good. If your mobility is not great, Tanner do me a favor. Put your hands on top of this ball. Now remember it’s an unstable environment and do the same thing. This is gonna bring your chest up. You don’t have to have so
much mobility in the hips, to complete the same movement. So if you need it, you
can come right here. Paolo let’s go. 10 seconds, push! Come on! All the way! We’ve got five, four, three, two, one. Rest. Kind of not really. Push-up plank position let’s hold it. Breathe. (Hannah gasping) And hold. Challenge yourself if you want. Rock your weight forward onto your toes. Use those fingertips. Breathe. If you need to bring ’em in bring ’em in. Hold it. Let that sweat just drip off your face. That puddle in front of you is hard work. Let’s go. It’s Monster fucking Monday’s. It was never supposed to be easy. Let’s go! Hold it!
(Paolo moaning) We’ve got three, we’ve got two, one. Oh my god. So good. V-ups and push-ups. Two of my favorite thangs. – Easy easy. – Two of my favorite thangs. You’ve got 10 seconds. Chill on the floor. Get that rest in. Ah! Five seconds guys. Get ready. Three, two, one. V-up. Hit it. Roll it over. One push-up. Good, roll it back over. Two v-ups. One, two. Roll it over. Let’s go Paolo. One. two. Roll it back over. One. Two. Three. And again, stick with me let’s go. One. Two. Three. Good. I like a tricep push-up myself. Keep those elbows in. Two. Three. Four. Hell yeah, one minute come on. One. Two. Three. Four. Back over. Let’s go. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Killin’ it. 45 seconds, we are half way! Let’s go. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Yes. And again Paolo. One. Keep it up, let’s go. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Almost missed that one. 20 seconds let’s go. Come on. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. It is you versus you. You like to play games? Me too. Beat your highest score. One. 10 seconds. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. And (slapping) rest. – Fuck. – I got six rounds plus seven v-ups.
(Paolo wooing) But don’t write that one down yet. You’ve got one more round till
you write your scores down. This is it. Get up. Get up! Shake it off. Get your, keep your head in the game. Don’t check out yet. Three minutes of wild with
some change in between. And this shit is over. Get ready. Thigh killas, we’re gonna count. Out, out, in, in is one rep. Here we go. Five, four, three, two, one (clapping) let’s hit it. Out, out, in, in. One. (Hannah gasping) Two. (Hannah gasping) Three, let’s go! (Hannah gasping) Four. Yup! Five, I know it burns. Those quads. Six. Let’s go boys. 10 seconds. Let’s go, seven. Out, out. In, in. Eight. I can get one more I know I can. So can you. (clapping) Nine. Good shit. Write that down. Nine total thigh killas. Or however many you got. (sighs) Spider monkeys. I want you to count your reps. Here we go. Hit it. One. Four. Five. Six. Seven. I’m gonna stop counting so I
don’t annoy you but keep goin’. Breathe. Good. (Hannah gasping) One. Yup! Seven, 28, 29, 30 keep going. I believe in you. One. Two. You’ve got five seconds. (Hannah gasping) I got 40. Hold that plank. Write down that score. Hold that plank. Let’s go. Breathe. This is your finisher. To finish with this
after that shoulder burn is really testing you. I know you got it in you. I know you got it in
you, this is all mental. You made it here. You can make it 10 more seconds. I dare you to shove that
weight even farther forward. This is it! Come on. Five. Four. Let’s go! Three. Two. One. Shit. Shake it off. I know those arms are tired. But don’t worry we’re
gonna start with v-ups. Get a towel if you need it. I’m sweating like a mother fucker. – Oh yeah. – 10 seconds. – Buckets. – Buckets of sweating buckets! Five seconds people. V-ups to begin. Three, two, one. This is it. One. Come on. One. Let’s go. One. Two. Paolo keep those heels off the floor. Come on. One, two. I know you got it in you. I believe in you. Two. Three. You got to believe in yourself. Don’t sell yourself short. One, two, three. Yeah. Four. One, two, three, four. Let’s go. You’ve got one minute. Four push-ups. One. Two. Three. Four. Push it. You can do this. Set your own pace. And stick to it. Let’s go. Ugh. Five. I believe it, let’s go. We’re halfway. Do it! (Hannah gasping) Four. Five. Where you at boys? You’re very quiet. – Five. (Hannah gasping) One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Yes. And again. Those v-ups, your quads are on fire. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. I’ve got 15 seconds what you got? One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. I’m getting one push-up if it kills me. Three, two, (slapping)
(Paolo moaning) One. How to work. Way to work. Write down what you got. I got six, plus one. (energetic music) I know you may, whoa I’m sweaty, I know you may have done
better in the second round, but that’s not what we’re testing. We’re testing you when
you’re in your last round, when you’ve given everything you’ve got. Learn, to not hold anything back. People always say to me like, this day is so much harder. No way. The day is as hard as you want it to be. You’re in control of that intensity and that’s what I mean by that. Don’t workout for hours a day, dickin’ around giving your 20%. Workout for 30 minutes a day, and give it 150%, and leave your body on the floor. Every workout I do, including this one, I feel like I’m like done, like there’s nothing left to give. And that’s how I know
I’ve had a good workout. If I can stand back up, and walk out of the gym
like nothing happened, barely breaking a sweat, that’s lame. Get back in that gym, (clapping) and do better. ‘Cause I know you can. The only one who’s
holding you back is you. You guys crushed it. Welcome, to the program. Welcome to Monster Monday. These guys destroyed it too. (clapping) Paolo, Tanner, we got Turbo and T-Pain. I don’t know what my nickname is yet, we’ll think about it. Thank you guys for joining
us and we’ll see you soon. Good shit. – Good job. (clapping) – Oh my goodness. Happy Monday. (energetic music) – [Announcer] 45 fitness plans. Daily workouts. (energetic music) Results for life. Sign up today.

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  2. Love this Woman! I'm a PT, been training over 30 years and she inspires me. Why is Hanah not in the next Marvel superhero movie???

  3. Son impresionantes, me duele todo solo con verlos, espectaculares físicos excelente video felicitaciones👏♥️🇦🇷

  4. Say no more! My body was on the floor before you mentioned it. Killed me but I loved it💪.

    I'm happy I was able to go through at my own pace with modifications in between.

    Thank you Hannah

  5. I've done this video for the 1st time today, and I'm coming back to it for sure. Hannah is motivating, she has the control over the wo during the whole time and good tips. She's funny at times, too. I have a very satisfying smile on my face now.
    For all the beginners who feel intimidated, I dare you to try it and amaze yourselves. It's a well balanced video and very doable, especially if You pace yourselves and do the beginner modifications. Just do your best, don't go crazy the first few times You do this video.
    Love it! Thanks Hannah!

  6. Being athlete, and used to running and bodypumps, then I tried once Hiit class, I was dead for the rest of that week …I was sweating the whole class that I couldn’t even see the coach’s movement anymore !!

  7. Please post more workouts here on you tube. I am willing to pay for extra wirkouts please keep posting so I can do them at home. I wanted to comment on your channel but did not see anywhere to comment

  8. I follow you on fb already Hannah,… I must say "you know who's wearing the trousers in your r'ship" haha great stuff… you r machine you know this!

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