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Monster Ear Wax Removal Brings New Life to JOKESTER Patient! | Auburn Medical Group

Lou are you here to get your ears
cleaned which one’s the worst one both ok both of them are the worst we’ll
get them both looking in the ear we saw a lot of wax blocked way deep in do you ever use q-tips and your ears yeah it looks like the wax has been
packed in deep in there by something small enough to get the ear canal that looks like it’s just wanting to be
as an alligator forceps – yeah they may be helpful in this case there’s some of
it but can you come over to the left and
look in the line with the canal and see that there’s some stuff in there yeah
you can definitely see it right how you doing Lou yeah so some more yeah well you’re
getting a little bit more and more than a little flake ready coming to the
opening you see that so the question is keep your getting or
grab it people can vote in the video keep your gaming or just grab it and
take it out some people say how can you resist just
picking it out it’s just right there and see if we can
get bigger probably not yeah we should probably
just grab it ok what do you think will Wow oh oh oh oh oh we dropped it here let me
take this water away before we spill any more on you dropped it Oh quick grab it before it runs away oh but I didn’t know if you wanted that
for this did you want to take that home in a
doggie bag oh my goodness wait wait hold on I thought that was the whole thing it it it had broken as big as it was it
wasn’t the whole thing wow yeah that would have been impressive
is all one piece just like something in my ears no kidding hear something in my ear I quite agree there was something in
that here Wow okay here we go is that better yeah oh yeah that there’s
a nugget negative saru many goodness yeah the hair catches it Oh done all done what’s what’s the final
word on the air cleaning what did you say good job I’m gonna help you got me with that one i guess i have to keep yelling at you oh I’m glad you had a good day you two okay thanks for joining us Liu and dr.
marc bolan telling you to stay in good health that’s a good job you got me yeah yeah

100 thoughts on “Monster Ear Wax Removal Brings New Life to JOKESTER Patient! | Auburn Medical Group

  1. I love that you treat all your patients equally and you show them each love and care. It probably meant the world to Lou you were so kind and joked with him! I want him as my grandpa ❤️

  2. Actually sooo many elderly people dont hear so good beacuse of this. Years ands years of not checking/cleaning the ears at the doctors.

  3. Stop putting small things in your ear canal! If it’s smaller than your elbow then it doesn’t belong in your ear canals.

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