ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Mollie R. Wheat Memorial Clinic

[upbeat music] (Dr. Ehresman)
Terre Haute’s that quintessential
Midwestern town. People will wave, say hello… There really is a good feeling of
community here. (Cally Miller)
The mission of our clinic is to help the people in the Terre Haute
area and the surrounding communities that otherwise would not have access to
healthcare because they couldn’t afford it. [knocking] I’m Cally. I’m a third year med
student here the IU School of Medicine. Okay, nice to meet you. (Dr. Ehresman)
Let’s say a patient is sick or they have a kid who has an ear infection and they have to pay $50 for a visit. Well, that $50 might be the
difference between a patient’s being able to pay for their
electric bill that month or not. They’re able to come here and get
that service completely free of charge. Do you think you have
carrots in your ears? [laughing]
No! Is that silly? That’s very silly isn’t
it? Oh my goodness! No carrots! (Cally)
Working with underserved populations has always been something
that I wanted to do. That’s part of the reason that I chose
the Terre Haute campus for medical school because they have the rural
medical education program here. (Dr. Ehresman)
And while we do that, an important core of our mission is to do that while at the same time… helping to shape the education of
physicians of tomorrow. How do you decide also what
services to provide that community? What’s the community’s actual needs? And then how do you
advocate for your patients? Good job! Do it again? [blowing out a deep breath] Very good job. High-five! (Cally)
One of the things that I think is unique about our clinic is because it is students seeing
the patient before the provider does, they get so much more time with
someone hearing their concerns. Okie-dokie, looks like everything is good!
You did good at your checkup. (Dr. Ehresman)
Every year I just have more and more fun. I get to see how every class just adds
a little bit more to the clinic and I’m really proud of what we’ve
been able to build over the years. And you know what?
It’s only gonna keep getting better. [upbeat music]

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