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“Modern” Homeopathy, doctrine of signatures, controversial ideas

This people, who have suffered so much, they can enjoy so much and then you give back health to the people, and then you say: “ok, whatever the cost it may take it may worth it … it may worth it !! “. But, you know I have fought against conventional medicine, against pharmaceutical industries, against homeopathic pharmaceutical industries, against homeopaths who wants to fight me and say “ Oh George, bad guy … kill him…”. And still… I say, I’am 73 … and I have this, how can I say…. this Passion, to teach and to say : “… hey “world” !, here is Hahnemann… who said this this this and that … and who gave to humanity the best possible boom and you don’t want to listen…”. But you see, when it comes to the high places, in Bonn University for instance, where I went and was called to teach in Medical School in Bonn. They said to me : “… my dear George, come here, before you go to start teaching, we heard that in Homeopathy you believe in certain things….”. I said : “ … oh yes, in what do we believe …? ”. They say: “… you believe that if somebody looks like an animal, you give animal remedies…”. I said : “… No, no, wait a moment !”. And not only that, he says: “ … we hear that there is a remedy which is called the ‘Berlin Wall’ remedy, and not only that, we hear if you see somebody who wears a shirt with stripes you must give him zebra, zebra the remedy …”. And they tell me this, and they tell me that … …they even told me things which I never knew by that time. I said: “… Oh my God !…”. I had to apologize for all this things that were going on in homeopathic community. Before this professor, it was a professor of psychiatry and a professor of general medicine, in their chair I was aloud to teach, in the meantime they heard all this things and they were scared to death and said : “… he is going to say all this things to the students, to the medical students and we are bringing him to teach!…”. I said : “… Sir, not only I don’t believe, but fortunately I have the European Journal…”, in which I had written a criticism of all that. and I say : “… it is not that I’am telling you this now because I want to teach, it is that I have criticized beforehand and here it is the proof. I criticized myself all this kind of things which are going on in Homeopathy. This is not Homeopathy, this has nothing to do with what Hahnemann taught, and what I’am teaching is the pure teachings of Hahnemann…”. And they say : “.. ok, come, go on to the amphitheater…”. And I taught, and of course they found out, I presented some cases, I analyze the cases, and that I was in my logical mind, I was not totally crazy. But, again, again and again, when you go to this level, in which people are serious, you cannot tell all this non-sense. And because of this non-sense I had to receive all the repercussions because this people who tell the non-sense they never deal with this institutions, they are just irresponsible and say whatever, e.g. potentise, you write Lycopodium, put water… and because you wrote Lycopodium 10M the water will be Lycopodium 10M, drink the water and you’ll be well. This kind, this kind! Not only that… you can play music and the music will be potentised… But I tried to keep quite all this years, then one time I said : “… that’s enough ! I have to come publicly to have the proof that I disprove of all this things…”. And I wrote critics which are quit severe in the League and some other magazines, in order to separate myself from this non-sense. And I carried on my back all this problems and still I’am fighting, instead of saying: “… oh forget it, this war is useless, you can forget about it, George just go and enjoy yourself, stay in your… I have a little farm, with animals, with plants, and things like that, the sea, fish… everything, nice life…”. And why ? Why to travel, to teach, to inspire people, to show the technique how you can handle this little potencies ?….

3 thoughts on ““Modern” Homeopathy, doctrine of signatures, controversial ideas

  1. Imagine where homoeopathy might be, today, had it not been for George Vithoulkas upholding the principles of practice at a most vital time in the (political) history of this practice!

    Truths often work against those who desire and seek power and authority over others;
    So often, in human history, those truths have come close to being deliberately diluted and even extinguished for future generations, yet, some single person, or a very small group of sometimes literally only a handful of people, dedicated to truth and principle, save those truths from being abandoned and lost by intentional ignorance.

    Grateful appreciation for the work and sharing to George Vithoulkas, and all the great and small homoeopaths who work to uphold, practice, and teach the solid and sincere foundations of this fascinating phenomenon of homoeopathy.

  2. zebra!!… the remedy!!….Haha I laughed about this…a non existent remedy (good homeopaths, Dear Professor Vithoulkas, please correct me if I am wrong)

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