ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Model Hospital case study — University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Hi, my name is Ben Shaw. I’m Director of
Productivity at the University Hospital Leicester and I’m also Trust Ambassador for the Model
Hospital. The Model Hospital is a free online digital
service which helps you compare your trust performance and identify areas for improvement.
It helps you to benchmark trusts’ performance, to see what good looks like and you can also
compare yourself against a set of “Recommended Peers” or you can set up a list of peers
for yourself. One particular feature I find useful in the
system is the notifications feature which help you quickly identify where your trust
is an outlier and the things you can do to improve that. As Director of Productivity I regularly use
the Model Hospital to compare our productivity, our financial performance and CQC rating.
You can now do this on both an annual and monthly basis using the in-year productivity
feature. As a trust we’ve also used the Model Hospital
to set our variable cost improvement targets which we based on the relative productivity
of each of our departments and the known opportunities to improve this. One really good example of this, was where
we spotted we were an outlier in the top 10 medicines in our pharmacy team, subsequently
I spoke to our Chief Pharmacist and she talked me through the improvement plans they were
going to put in place to address this and we subsequently saw a real improvement in
their performance over the next few months. We are now one of the highest users of the
top ten medicines in the country and the benefits have been seen across our whole health economy. The Model Hospital is really developing all
the time and I really just encourage colleagues within the trust and particularly those within
finance and transformation teams to use it as often as they can. They can see their latest data, they can see
how they compare against their peers; identify potential opportunities for further exploration,
and also most importantly celebrate success as they improve. The Model Hospital can really help you to
improve your trust’s performance and can bring genuine system wide benefits. I recommend everyone gets a log in and sees
how their trust compares.

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