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Mental Health with Therapist Kati Morton | Kati Morton

My name is Kati Morton and I’m a licensed therapist. Today is *drumroll on table* a coffee and a chat! (sings) *Ee!* So I have three questions today as well as a journal topic, so stay tuned for that. And without further ado, um, here we go! Am I sick enough? What can cause us to be traumatized? Struggling with depression isn’t something we can just snap out of. Hey everybody, happy Thursday! – And we think, this is all it’s going to be, and it’ll never get better, But it will. I keep your questions in this huge document, don’t think that they’re going unanswered or lost. All eating disorders are dangerous, do you hear me? Hey Kati, I want to show my therapist my self-harm cuts. The first myth is that anxiety isn’t a real illness, everybody feels anxious sometimes. It’s that time of year again: back to school… *Eugh!* Today we’re talking about PTSD. So the question is – There is hope. There are people out there to help. You are not alone. It’s my belief that BPD is often caused by trauma or lack of attachment when we were young. All of us have dealt with a broken heart – Hey everybody, happy Thursday! Today is another episode of coffee and a chat with Kati, oh yeah! No matter where we live or what language we speak, we all have a voice and we all deserve to be heard. That’s why I also love YouTube, Not only do I get to see each of you grow and change and become better people, But I’m also challenged to learn more. I know reaching out for help in real life can be scary and sometimes overwhelming, So think of my channel as a wonderful resource full of information, so you can educate yourself And get the best help that you or a loved one needs. And click here to subscribe, and I look forward to having you be part of the Kinion community.

100 thoughts on “Mental Health with Therapist Kati Morton | Kati Morton

  1. I totally understand that you have to make some advertismenet for your channel because your channel is one of your main income. BUT tlalking only from my perspective, I don't enjoy it when you make videos like this one. Somehow suddenly you're so far away from me, like, you do this all only in order to make some money (which is definitely one of your motivations). With your "normal" regular videos you are much closer to me, you act like a friend and not like a business woman. Do you know what I mean? I can't make it clear cause my ENglish is not engough, I'm sorry.

  2. Such a great trailer for all the amazing work you do. you provide so much help and support, thank you so much Kati. xoxo

  3. wow this is amazing! I really love your channel you're doing a great job! wish i could tell you in person how much i appreciate your work! ❤

  4. I'm freaking glad you're doing this for us and for the people that might not be able to afford treatment or are too scared to reach out like me. I'm so incredible thankful you're doing this.💖

  5. Kati your videos have helped me so much in my profession! i wonder if you have any videos concerning caregivers? i have mother with many mental disorders and it has been difficult to say the least to be a daughter instead of a social worker. any suggestions?

  6. I love this!!!! It is such an accurate conception of what your videos and channel is all about. It also shows a glimpse of who you are! smart, caring, genuine and relatable (:

  7. I actually found this video adorable for some reason, thank you for everything you do. I found you through Kayli Butler, you're an amazing person!

  8. Kati! I've been following your channel for more than a year now, and I'm so happy I did. You're such a great resource for those who may not have other access, and I'm always so happy when I see you've uploaded <3

  9. Shared on Facebook!

    Also, can you do a video on disability? What it takes to get on it, how it works etc. I've been following you for ages but can't remember a video on that (if there is, can you please link it for me?) Thanks! Love what you do! Even if the topic is something that doesn't pertain to me, I still love learning from your videos!! <3 <3 <3

  10. I LOVE this, Kati! I use your videos so much when I'm struggling with SH urges as a distraction. I'm learning AND staying safe! So thank you for all you do! ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Omg Kati I loveee this video soooooooooo much! Just watching this video has made me happy right now – it's so positive and cute and completely sums up the amazing vibes of your channel ❤️❤️ Only bit I missed was the 'its finally Friday' but I guess that's only really on live streams now😂😂😂 Thanks again for everything you do and for giving us all hope and positivity every week ❤️❤️

  12. I honestly love your channel kati. As someone who suffers from a great deal of mental health issues just watching your videos is a highlight to my day! Thank you so much for all that you do ❤️ Lots of love from Scotland

  13. I need help. I don't know what triggered this but I have been having flashbacks and nightmares about something that I am not sure I can even call sexual abuse.. My friend when we were both around 7 used to come over every week and well.. make me do things… if I didn't she would threaten our friendship or say she wouldn't come over again.. but I don't believe it is bad enough to hurt me as bad as it does. I have started to notice myself dissociating and am wondering… Can you be sexually abused by a peer and friend? I don't want the girl to get in any form of trouble but I don't know who to reach out too… I don't even want to believe that it happened.. the flash backs carry such destructive emotions… How do I move on.. Should I just suck it up and move on..? Is it all my fault that I didn't fight back hard enough..?

  14. Hey Kati. The first person I told about my self harm was my school guidance counselor. He's been super helpful and helped me get the support and help I need. However since he's the first person and in some ways only person I really trust with stuff like this I have become kind of dependent on him. How do I stop this and become more independent while still getting the support I need?

  15. i really like this channel, it's helped me learn, and helped me finds ways to cope, and subjects to bring up to my own therapist! Such a good and pure idea for a channel 💜

  16. Hi Kati. I have a question. For the past year, I have dealt with serious anxiety and depression issues. I was never able to seek mental health treatment do to a lack of understanding of mental illness. During the past month, I have made some life changes and found and implemented some new life skills. From a scale of 1 to 10, i once felt like a 1-3, but now I am in a range of 5-8. To be honest, I do not know how long that this will last. I don't know if I can handle a negative major life event. I am doing okay right now. I do still get triggered. 2 weeks ago, I had a weekend where I had major depression and anxiety. The same thing happened last week. Is it still worth it to get help? I would just like a little closure as to what is going on.

  17. Awesome channel trailer, Kati! 😀 I was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder at the beginning of 2016 and have been taking anti-anxiety meds since March this year. I really feel like I've come a long way and that I can now get through the anxiety and feelings of discomfort quite well. I really want to start decreasing my meds but I'm afraid that my psychiatrist will just refuse my request. Is there a way that I can negotiate with my therapist to slowly decrease the dosage?

  18. I love this! your videos help so many people (including me) and im so happy that people can learn about mental health from someone who is educated! topic for a video!: difference between anxiety attacks and panic attacks. I struggle with both, but not everyone knows the difference!

  19. Last time I went to the mental ward and I was losing my mind and I refused treatment and tried to leave and they tackled me and strapped me down to the bed after 2 weeks I was better and they released me.

  20. I cant find your licence in the American Psychological Association database, why is that? Are you not registered as a psychologist? Your linked in profile suggests your a Psychology Masters graduate ( yet you do not appear to have registration? Can you tell me more?

  21. I literally love you 😍 You seem like such a sweet, funny, an amazing intelligent women. I love the way you talk like you have more of an idea of disorders than the average person talking about them. You're a total asset to the female species 💜

  22. #katiFAQ I've recently started a 6 week assessment with a new team (higher level of mental health care) – I searched through your videos but couldn't find one… what should I expect from it? I've had 2 sessions… the first overviewed my family and today see to be general chat… I'm so anxious about the next couple weeks… I don't know what to expect… I've never had  MH treatment before… Help!!

  23. I am so thrilled I discovered your channel, you are amazing and I love that you are sharing your playful personality and wealth of knowledge with all of us! Thank you! 🙌 🙌 xo Kaylyn

  24. thx for this awesomely ha bisky compilation video i enjoyed this

    little bit (a doggy) is sleeping on my leg right now and i love it

  25. I have just started Youtube, I hope to do videos on mental health. Clinical Psychology is a field which I have been interested in for awhile now. I hope that one day I will be able to upload videos as useful as yours. I was wondering if you have any tips for people starting out. Thanks 🙂

  26. I haven't gone to a psychiatrist or psychologist. Because I've been scared. But I've had things happen I just don't know what it could be. It happened when I moved to Texas I was alone most of the time but one day I felt really strange at night I felt my heart racing and I started crying randomly and would see shadows coming towards me, it was horrible my bf helped me but prior before it all happened that night days before I was forgetting things and even where I lived once. So after that first one happened. this other one happened where I was in the bathroom doing my eyebrows and I stared at myself for a while and then my head turned and heart started beating really fast so that's when I know it's going to happen. It was terrible because the person I saw was myself it just wasn't me who moved my head like that. I moved from Texas back to sc and 3 months past I was ok. But again they started and I get really depressed and or hyper. I start cleaning doing so many stuff I fight a lot for no reasons I get angry fast. And a few weeks ago I had one but it was different I was dancing alone in my room all around my room alone. And I felt like it was the best thing ever. And I had a necklace in my hand and I kept smiling at it and It just so strange. My bf walked in and he held me and after it past I get really mad like this anger inside of me and I bit my tongue to try and feel better and after all that past, I was telling myself what was I doing? I have gone through the crying ones and different ones like 9 times and I haven't gotten help because I'm scared they will lock me up in the hospital. I also have very vivid dreams and want to be alone most of the time. Does anyone know what it can be? There's also so many other things like wanting to run away and moving a lot place to place or wanting to jump of the stairs serious things.

  27. @Kati Morton great video! I'm also a therapist with a private practice. I'm about to launch a meditation inspired tee shirt company that donates to NAMI, would love to send you some clothes!

  28. I m 21 years old and right now I m in hospital under section 2 because I tried to kill myself and I spoke with the psychiatrist today and told him that I have been feeling really down and want to die I suffer from depression and personality disorder and I said that if they let me go home I would kill myself and he just dosent care he said that me being in hospital won t be good for me and they are kicking me out tomorrow and there is nothing they can do for me so I m going to leave tomorrow still feeling the same and I just don t know what I m going to do everyone says that when you are feeling suicidal you must seek professional help I done that even the psychiatrist who gets paid dose nt care or want to help and i don't know what to do anymore has this ever happened to anyone else before? Would really appreciate any feedback

  29. hi Katie I have a question for you first my name is Olivia but my question is I have depression I haven't hurt myself in two weeks I have been cutting in 2 weeks should I say my question is how do you stop the urges to cut if you have them and if the storm ??

  30. Hi, kati. I heard about you and your channel from some of your subscribers. They speak so highly of you. I'm coming over here from younow to show some support. I just wanted to let you know that I'm now your newest subscriber 🙂 #subscribbed

  31. hi. my best friend recently killed himself just two days ago and ive been contemplating my own life. could you help me? i cant afford a real therapist and i dont want to talk to my parents….please help

  32. thank God i found you. kati I'm scared of so many things. scary thoughts creep into my mind. i want to sleep but i can't because I'm scared that something might happen while I'm asleep. I want to see a doctor but we are not on the rich side. we only have enough for our daily expenses. I know seeking help from a doctor is not free and it's expensive. What do I do? I don't want my mom to suffer thinking how to pay hospital bills. is there any other way. i think i really need help. i want to sleep at the right time. I'm afraid my lack of sleep might affect my body severely. This is a call for help. I'm not trolling. Please tell me there's another way. I tried coping with it myself by watching your vids but i guess I'm not strong enough to help myself. Please. I'm having suicidal thoughts and it's scaring the hell out of me. I will reveal myself to you. But please do not disclose my identity without my permission. Please.

  33. Found you through Dan Howell's recommendation on his video about his experiences. It's been hard for me to find a therapist that works for me, but I'm hopeful that you might help! Happy healing, everyone.

  34. I just realized who you remind me of: Felicia Day. Anytime you want to be Penny from Dr Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog for Halloween, just dye your hair red and snap on those green contact lenses.

  35. serious issue. in california need some one to tell about the events that lead to a plot by an ex and other to intentional induce catastrophic death punch mental illness on me. past two yeras holding off my fate got to doctors hold off this while they did not administer needed reset and protection and first aid from shock and a shot at my brain and a game played by sick abuser.s involved a sexual assul wound and intent to induce a fake relationshipe game rejection game toinduce mental break down. me being to fucking smart to get near that an someone induce it on me, when i was to smart. two years of being dosed with exreme opposite of rist aid and my brain now, as aposed to my self a perfect super person survivor of long term ause did not mean i was supe man i was being hit by persons induce wounds and distress but dealing with it alone out of need. escape and releif and the person follow me to try to rbreak andn triangulate with all others who failed to help them profit and rob me.. and push me back into toxic family who might been behind a big wish with devil to ge back in my life. i was the gifted one wiht out their issues, put through hell to tur me into them but failed. this came right as i was rising to have it al happy healthy wealth wise. i wa not go sell my sou to devil. so they forced me , back into family i seperate from. i began to suffer extreme damage to my brain shock from when a peson aproach me while i was doign a theraputic need to recover from a shot at my brain to induce mental break down or autism schizophrenia. i was ok. regulating my mbrain and seeing signs of hope sit alone in a hotel happy . to see a sigh of life. when i wasput into a super over load shock. this took me to hell in one second, and i lost control of ball. inever saw mself fight so ahrd for life and health , and my identity disapeared disintigrated and eyes dialted and damage to brain. this lead to two eyrs of me being left uncared for and damage more, and left until there is no me again in me. .. im need to discuss this. and how to proceed.

  36. Hi Kati your videos are so informative and helpful. Please would you do a video about how to support someone with a mental illness because that is something I am dealing with at the moment. It's sometimes difficult living with someone who is quite negative and low a lot of the time and I have to be careful that I don't go the same way. Thanks!

  37. Hi Kati!
    I just discovered your channel through Shane's video and I found it very interesting.
    As I don't feel very okay most of the time and I know I have some issues, I was scrolling down your page to check if something resonate with me.. now I am shock! I heard of some disorders but I didn't know there could be so many "hidden" ones (for example, I know what is depression, but I never heard about "high functioning depression etc.), so now I am triggered! What should I do to understand if and what do I have? Do you have a specific video about it? Should I watch all of your videos? (I will anyway, they are very interesting!) Should I go to a therapist? Should I buy your book? Or what? Thank you very much for spending your time to eventually read and answer to this, and thank you for the knowledge you put out there!

  38. Kati mydaughterhas Bpd and MDD. She is making a website to heighten awareness on THC, CBD, DBT and BPD. Please keep an eye on it if you can. She found your channel like many have, and is in need of a trustworthy person to give her feedback. I am afraid I simply cannot do this. The website it

  39. hay kati im Lucas pitt I lost my mom and dad from muder when I was 2 years old can you help me out ill get flights to the usa for the out comes please get back to me 04842525074

  40. HI! I love the concept of your channel, and I look forward to watching some of the videos! I post about mental health every Monday, and today I'm posting your YouTube channel because it's so important that there are resources. Keep up the great work!

  41. Hello i just found your channel, gonna subscribe asap as it already seems up my alley.
    I am a middle schooler with (self diagnosis as i cant afford help) anxiety and seasonal- depression.
    It may not seem like a lot but it really knocks me down all the time:
    I plan to study psychology and become a therapist. You may not see this but i plan to learn about mental health from you so in my future i can better other’s health.
    Where can i start to learn Kati?

  42. A few weeks ago I could pinpoint exactly what my problem was and had a plan to fix it. Today I dont know where to start.

  43. I seen you on ktla this morning about the self harm.. I would love if you could talk more about other forms of self harm… to bring awareness.. others struggle with different forms rather than cutting.. some people hit themselves.. can you help with this it would be great thank you

  44. I think there is huge potential for counsellors to do damage. If the counsellor only hears one side of the arguments from the patient they can end up reinforcing terrible behaviour on the part of that person in the name of money. Can you do a video on this.

  45. This has been stuck in my head allday, so for example one is diaignosed with GAD and becuse of it they binge eat and drink. What is that term to dianose second disorder. Do help.

  46. Katie idk if u would see this but I would love to find a way to connect to you maybe Skype or set something up I’m struggling with depersonalization /de realization and I would love to tlk with someone who knows!

  47. Hi Kati ! It is wonderful to find videos how you do, because I am learning English and studying psychology in my country Colombia … You already have one more subscriber, thanks for your initiative, it helps me a lot!

  48. For someone who is aspiring to become a LMFT you are such a role model and watching your videos makes me excited to help others like you do. Thank you for bringing psychology into such a huge and relevant platform these days it helps end the stigma about mental health xx

  49. It would be great if you could look into the real science of the medication. I am recovering from treatment-resistant schizophrenia, major depression and an anxiety disorder after 23years treated with medication that I am off apart from antidepressants. That shows a resilience that I can do it without medication and just open dialogue alone and not pills to fix things.

  50. I’m a first year MSW student that could really benefit from a video that explains: EVEN THERAPISTS have mental health issues. And they can still really help YOU!

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