ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Mental health research at the University of York

Mental health problems can cause distress
and misery and cost the country over £100bn a year.
Experienced by one in four adults and one in ten children
mental ill-health can affect anyone, of any age and any background.
Research across the University of York aims to find ways to prevent problems
and identify, treat, and support people with mental ill-health.
Helping with recovery and enabling them to remain well.
This research crosses all age groups – from designing more effective interventions
in childhood, to identifying and alleviating the causes
of depression in older adults and finding ways to build resilience in individuals
and communities. Severe mental illness reduces life expectancy
by up to 25 years. There are many reasons for this.
Type II diabetes is two to three times more prevalent
amongst those with severe mental illness and cardiovascular disease is more prevalent.
Our research includes work on the links between physical and mental health.
Complex problems can rarely be solved simply. At the core of our research is collaboration
between people with different perspectives. Our researchers, from many disciplines
deepen their insights by sharing ideas. Finding new ways of working together
and applying scientific rigour to practical solutions.
Always focusing on how research can help in the real world.
Partnerships are key to finding creative and pragmatic solutions to mental health problems.
We work with clinicians who provide direct patient care
as well as with individuals who live with mental ill-health and their carers.
Our researchers work in partnership with NHS services in York and the wider Yorkshire region
as well as with national and international collaborators.
Working together we can improve mental health.

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