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Melania Unable To Leave Hospital After Unexpected Events — Here’s What We Know

Melania Unable To Leave Hospital After Unexpected
Events — Here’s What We Know It has been four days since First Lady Melania
Trump was admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. She was expected
to return home to the White House by now, but apparently, some unexpected events have
caused her to be unable to leave the hospital just yet. Here’s everything we know about
the situation. First Lady Melania Trump has been at Walter
Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, for four days, with no word on exactly
when she will be released. A statement from the White House said she underwent an embolization
procedure on Monday morning to treat a benign kidney condition, but this is usually an outpatient
procedure, causing many to wonder why she has not yet returned home. CNN reported, “Embolization ‘cuts off
the blood supply to a certain part of the body,’ according to the National Institutes
of Health. This procedure is mostly done as an outpatient, meaning the patient is discharged
the same day.” Adding to the public’s worries is the fact
that President Donald Trump tweeted on Monday that his wife “is doing really well” and
would be leaving the hospital in “2 or 3 days” after her procedure. By that account,
she should be back at the White House by now. Additionally, Melania tweeted on Wednesday
that she was “feeling great” and looking forward to getting home. So, what has changed
between now and then? Why hasn’t Melania come home? Have complications arisen? Why
is she still in the hospital? According to Dr. Mohamad Allaf, vice chairman
of urology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, there could be a number of reasons
for Melania’s prolonged stay. Dr. Allaf said the length of the first lady’s hospitalization
is “somewhat atypical but not out of the question,” noting that it’s hard to tell
absent more information about her. “It may be just out of an abundance of caution and
privacy,” he said. However, Allaf admitted that the extended
length of Melania’s hospital stay “may imply that this is a little bit more of a
complex situation” than previously thought. “There are so many unknown factors about
what was involved in the procedure [Melania had]. Was she under full sedation? There are
many factors that could keep someone [in the hospital] a little longer,” said Dr. Jamin
Brahmbhatt, a urological surgeon at Orlando Health.
Dr. Brahmbhatt said he would expect some patients to resume some regular activity the day after
the embolization procedure, although they could still be in pain. To discharge a patient, doctors typically
look for three things: “They’ll be waiting to see how she eats. They’ll want her pain
to be in control. They’ll want to make sure that the labs show she is stable. Once you
meet those criteria, then we can send you home,” said Brahmbhatt. This would suggest that the first lady does
not meet at least one of these criteria at this time, so doctors have decided to keep
her at the hospital a bit longer out of an abundance of caution. Perhaps she is not eating
quite enough yet or she is in too much pain. Or, perhaps her labs have come back indicating
that she is not totally stable. Please continue to keep Melania Trump and
the entire first family in your thoughts and prayers during this time. We wish her a speedy
recovery and pray that she might return to the White House as soon as possible to be
with her husband and their son Barron. Thank you for watching this video.What do
you think about this? Share this on Facebook and Twitter along with your comments.

100 thoughts on “Melania Unable To Leave Hospital After Unexpected Events — Here’s What We Know

  1. HOT NEWS TODAY 365 – Get your story straight.  In all the reports that I have heard this is not an outpatient procedure.  Normally a day or two in the hospital.  Mostly for observation.  STOP using your really bad digital voice and get your information correct !!!

  2. Praying for Melania and that she will soon be home.Being our First Lady would make doctors certain that she will be well cared for.

  3. I know Baron is concerned for his mother. Let's hope that the hospital is just taking extra precautions, and that they will continue to monitor her and follow up. The kidney is an organ that you do not want to lose!

  4. Our gorgeous First Lady needs all the rest and care she can get. Her position at the White House and all the false media keeps her under so much stress so it’s has rolled on her well being. Melanie you stay at the hospital and get the best rest you can receive. Our prayers are with you and the family!!!

  5. We pray to God for a speedy recovery Melania so you can go home to your husband and son, God Bless you all in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  6. Melania needs more stress free rest !!! Why don't you nosy media just leave her alone to recuperate in God's peace !!! Kidney surgery is not a small feat !!!!!

  7. Something is going on . I don't trust that type of medicine at all. There are plenty of alternative medicines against surgery, radiation, chemotherapy. Dr. Gary Null,& other thousand doctors know it once chemotherapy is to be applied it is called Deadly Weapon Therapy., Why does Trump allows it to happen ? Can he be forced by guns to do it ? Is Trump with us, or not ? I think not, if he wants to show to public to prove that there's no cure for cancer. I trust thousand of doctors who die for humanity and I mistrust FDA from my deepest heart.

  8. Because she can stay as long as she wants. It's none of our business. She may have something wrong with her kidneys. She may have wanted to get away from reporters and nasty people that talks bad about his son and husband. People have no respect for our President today. I don't care if you don't like him as a person he is still our persident and that office calls for respect for that person in office no matter who it is. We may not liked obombya and Clinton but we didn't go after them like the Dems are going after MrTrump and his family members. People are very mean and rude now days they have lost all respect of people for who they are. Our kids in our church calls me Mrs or Ms they respect the older people. The children in my church are polite and they are taught to respect the elderly and everyone in the church of all ages. Why can people do that on these news networks instead of talking over each other and not being able to tell what is being said. Leave Mrs. Trump and son a lone. She may just be taking a break a rest to get away from it all. But now you news people are down on her because she's in the hospital and you don't know why. I can tell you why and also tell you another thing she don't want you to know plus it's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS WHYS SHES IN HOSPITAL. SHES NOT THE PRESIDENT SHE WASN'T ELECTED TO THE OFFICE EITHER.

  9. Melania is so beloved and such a breathe of fresh air. Trump is also, but Melania is truly a gift to our nation. Melania we love you and your family. Please know you are healed and can go home… God is with you and you are God's child, forever embraced as all of God's children are. We need to spread love and good now more than ever.

  10. Dear Heavenly Father, I ask that you you comfort and and heal our wonderful first Lady, so she can be back home with her husband and family and continue helping children every where.I love you Melania. Glory to our father in Heaven for all you are doing!! God Bless America MAGA


  12. It would not surprise me if the doctors are simply keeping her in the hospital for a few days extra to give her a vacation from the vicious tongues of the media and the trump haters who think they have the right to abuse the President and his family. God knows she does not deserve the crap that these animals hand out and they should be facing legal actions for defamation of character

  13. The stress seems to have made her ill. The ridiculous Stormy and her odious so called lawyer. The particular news. News? Outlet that promotes said characters. How many people could stand this daily onslaught attacking everything she holds dear. Most of us would have fainted away ages ago. It makes me so angry. Only answer is prayer.

  14. Melania, we are all praying for you. You are the very best person and we all love you. Please just take your time getting back to the White House. If there is anything that we the people can do, please just ask.

  15. prayers for my pretty first lady and president Trump especially Baron at this time I know Baron misses his mom alot, he is everything to his mother may our good lord God give you comfort, peace, and healing soon Mrs.Trump

  16. get better soon your the best first lady we have ever had you a fun loving person and a great great mom to barron

  17. How can a doctor that didn't work on a person even assume what happened or what's going on so these other people that are so-called experts aren't experts because they don't know the situation typical mainstream media

  18. Truly hope that she is not the victim of captain underpants sordid adventures in wonderland ??? Or off with his blankety blank


  20. Please Melania get better soon… you are sorely missed. Love and prayers and many blessings to you and your family. You and Mr Trump are both awesome people.

  21. LET HER REST ANOTHER WEEK KEEP AWAY FROM THE tv and Stress so can build her immune system just comment not a doctor build there done that

  22. Hi Melania! Prayers for your early release! The Biblical way to restore health is to be anointed with drops of oil (olive is good) and pray to Yahweh for your healing. We have been doing this ALOT lately. We must remember the Bible promises that through the stripes of His Son Yahshua at His death (for us!) we are HEALED. HalleluYah! Hebrew: "Praise ye Yah!" Get Well Blessings from Jayna Dinnyes

  23. I am praying for you both. Hospital is no fun. I had 33 surgeries and the more positive love you feel the faster you will get home. Wanting to be with my daughter always did it for me. Blessings to you First Lady.

  24. Melania, America’s Queen of Our Heart! Praying to Our Blessed Virgin Mary for your speedy and safe recovery! God Bless Melania and her family.

  25. Her procedure is an out patient procedure. Why did she stay from Friday to the following Saturday? Maybe she just needed a vacation from the orange nightmare that apparently can't even spell his wife's name. Sad.
    Trump's such an idiot. It's really embarrassing that someone so dumb was elected president.


  27. Oh My Goodness – Going viral that hope the Radical DemocRATS Libs didn't try to kill her. God Bless Melania Trump for Speedy Recovery. God Bless the Trump family. God Bless America.

  28. I don't believe that man don't see noting on anything cause the lord tell me difference things want this man is telling people he is wrong but he well lone one day

  29. Melania. Please get well soon!! You are a blessing to America and we love you very much. You are a true hero for our children… love and prayers…..Connie

  30. very sad and sorry to hear that mrs. malania trump is in the hospital.
    god is your great physician.
    may you be protected and safe all night long with jesus healing you.
    blessings and blessings to you.
    you are in my prayers.
    may you have a speedy recovery from our most high god.
    god bless you

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