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Meet our new Dr/Dentist for The Lovely Clinic!

today we have a special guest star hi
guys welcome back to the channel this is the final hiatus video between our
patient shoots so it’s the last time you’re just gonna be seeing this on its
own without having any procedures to show you so today I am going to be
introducing someone rather special as you guys know I’m kind of getting a
little bit too hectic now like with my life and with people coming into the
clinic and I just don’t have enough of these to go around so I have already dr.
Kishan who is an old friend of mine he’s a doctor and a dentist
and very thrilled to have him in the clinic so in addition to my gorgeous
gorgeous friend dr. Kishan I have another doctor
joining me who also happens to be a dentist as well how lucky am i I think
we must literally be the only place ever to have three people in the same clinic
who both have medicine and dental degrees so without further ado
introducing hey fancy seeing you here so doctor you and McKinnon this is your
life so what a bit of a warm-up we’ll get on to the meaty stuff in a minute
let’s do the doctor doctor jokes first just to ease you in a bit so this is a
bit of a tradition because I did this with dr. Kishan as well when he first
came on the channel just to sort of break the ice a little bit so I thought
let’s go for it so I’m I’ll start and then we’ll keep
score maybe three each oh these are not great okay doctor
doctor I feel like a carrot don’t get yourself in a stew amazing right okay okay
doctor doctor my son has swallowed my pen what should I do
I use a pencil until I get there doctor doctor I feel like a pair of wigwams the
problem is you’ve become too tense doctor doctor how do I stop my nose from
running no stick your food out and rip it up that’s good mmm that’s good it’s
not doctor doctor I’ve become invisible I’m afraid I can’t see you now doctor
doctor well it’s all been clear at my spas I never make rash promises so mmm
good skin really all right last one because I think this one’s quite good
okay you get to do a last one as well but doctor doctor I’ve become a
kleptomaniac have you taken anything for it all right
we did a good one and do your best there are no bests they’re all terrible
oh my god this is so this is so fun right doctor doctor I keep thinking I’m
a dog I’ll sit on the couch and we’ll talk
about it hmm my god that is good no this one actually
genuinely made me laugh when I did it with this doctor doctor I have a little
bit of lettuce sticking out of my bottom oh dear I’m afraid to say to me
it just looks like the tip of the iceberg ended on a high there so go for
it tell us tell us of what you’ve done in the past because I knew like me
you’ve done both medicine and dentistry and you picked up a BSC and MSC MSC a
primary dental care okay yeah interesting what like tell us about
that what is that so it was like a research-based degree for three years
and my research thesis was in oral surgery because that was my interest at
the time so yeah I guess just love hard work for three years but you know all
about that you’ve done one one as well and now you’re in your second one as
well yeah I did mine in it was a clinical and experimental medicine it’s
like how to design drug trials but I did mine over the course of a year so I’m
presuming that you did yours alongside alongside work yeah yeah so what did you
do that was your institution at University of Kent for a master’s okay
what about you oh it’s UCL UCL yeah which is cool and the minute at George
Washington doing my integrative medicine masters which is slow deliberate painful um and so what was it that drove you to
do both degrees in the first place well I think like most people who do
dentistry first they get involved with a career in maxillofacial surgery I think
you’re probably the same as me and facial aesthetics it’s really nicely
alongside maxillofacial surgery but and to do maxillofacial surgery you have to
do both degrees so they kind of just came together and then that’s gonna be
my path for the last few years so if you couldn’t do this what would
you do instead if I couldn’t do any dentistry or medicine yeah
it’s all I’ve known since I was like 16 no ever think you know like in your
wildest fantasies I mean a top of my list is a billionaire I guess something
more creative mmm there’s a little bit rigid sometimes think that’s why
aesthetics is so nice because you get to be a little bit more creative so
something on the creative route yeah I think I probably do the same thing as
well actually that’s why I like making the videos because it gives a bit of
creativity and a bit of an outlet that you don’t really get in the day-to-day
the grind so in terms of like your aesthetic procedures and so on do you
have like a favorite procedure that you like to perform I do I do so my favorite
procedure is jaw line mm-hmm and teaming it being greedy but teaming it with a
nice cheek as well when you see someone in profile and they’ve got that nice
cheek and jaw line flowing together that’s my favorite I’ll bet you I like
doing the weird stuff now like a frame a lot of people think about as well so
that’s up there for me and I I’m now I think getting quite into lateral
under-eye yes well I’m loving that too if you guys
watch the channel you will have seen a few videos ago I spoke a bit about like
facial proportion and in there I spoke about a machine learning thing that
looks at the side of your eye here and it can judge how old you are
– I think 2.3 years just looking at the side of your eye so
it’s got parameters in there like the tilts of the lateral part of your eye
the color of the skin and how many lines and wrinkles you have there as well I
think is really cool just from that one thing it’s gonna be the new temple then
I think the temples for years and never what we’re neglecting laughs yeah yes
the lateral eyes the new temple so what’s the new jawline then how many
more visit the face the eyelids so do you have any sort of favorites when it
comes to what products you like to use cuz I’m a big user of Juvederm and use a
bit of tear cell as well well I’ve tried them all mmm I like the Juvederm range a
lot it’s very reliable as you know and I like the safety of it because it’s so
you know widely used all over the world trying to think I like the Teosyal brand I
like their RHA range for the mid-face I think it’s really nice and radius for
the jaw line oh we should probably say in America they don’t have the same sort
of fillers or range of fillers that we have over here but I do think they’ve
got our OHA now yeah they happen they don’t have the rest of the Teosyal
range is that right or don’t you think it’s RHA they’ve got yeah right
and they have radiesse obviously and they have the Juvederm range but it’s
slightly smaller than our eye thing yeah they definitely don’t have the new Volux
which is coming soon excited so out of all of those if you could only do
one one villain yeah but the rest of your life what would you pick Voluma
oh really fully much yeah haven’t use full luxe
yet though because it’s coming out but voluma because you get the biggest bang
for your buck with full emo don’t you you can treat so many areas with there
that’s true it’s so structural I guess you could always dilute it as well if
you need it to you can mix it with a bit of say line yeah I mean like yeah so what’s your take on things like
threads so threads I like to use them in the correct circumstances because I
think for a while they are being used and appropriately I don’t know what your
thoughts were on that I think they’re really good in combination with other
treatments so ideally fillers but even skin resurfacing treatments but we want
to stimulate collagen with the threats and then people for years we’re kind of
if I think saying that they’re gonna guess your facelift quality with
non-surgical facelift and with systems like silhouette yes you were getting a
lot of lift to begin with but then the threats would dissolve and then you’d
lose that lift and people were disappointed so you really need to use
them in combination with other treatments if you’re gonna get that
lifting property but I do like use of them mainly monofilament to build
collagen interesting okay so you heard it here first guys I don’t find it fun
so see doctor MacKinnon anyway see him for your threads because I don’t really
use that much monofilament anymore but when I do do it I am always surprised
when I’m reminded how good it is which is weird
yeah and I don’t know why I go through that process every time when the patient
comes back yeah that’s decent actually could you use them correctly yes for
years I think they’ve not been so let’s use them properly and we’ll get nice
results with regards to PDO vs silhouette do you have a preference when
it comes to using the cogs or the barbed with PDO or your silhouette man I would
use the P do with the cogs and barbs because silhouette is I don’t know I
don’t know it’s hard to say you do get nice results with silhouette they last a
lot longer than the P do and that can be a concern and a good thing because
you’re gonna maintain that lift for longer than you might with P do but if
there’s any problems or complications and it’s very difficult to get rid of a
silhouette and I think that if you correctly use
PDO then you’ll get a equally as good result so the way but the jury’s still
out and sell about need to do some more training with me because they have
changed their treatment structure recently you do that all the time I find
actually wet so you get promise one thing with it and then they change it
and it’s just hard so maybe if they come in and convinces one day so now that
I’ve introduced dr. you and see you guys we are gonna play one more game before
we finish which is guess that gage I have a bunch of needles here and I just
thought it would be really fun to see whether or not he guesses the gage
correctly or not guess that gage round one so you and
doesn’t know what gage I’m gonna be selecting here what’s that
this looks like a Juvederm needle aha looks like a 27 gage yes 27 gauge round
to guess that gauge pressures on now what’s that oh trying to stop myself
okay so this is a super tiny needle and I recognize this one as the polite
needle that’s correct so light is the skin booster from the Juvederm range so
you put tiny tiny little bits of this miniature needle just beneath the skin
and it hydrates and boosts the skin quality so it’s a good one
well done he guessed that gage round three guessed that gage okay just stick
out your hand I’m just gonna stab you with it now I’m joking yeah what thank
you for a job they told needle this is the kind of needle it’s not too big
obviously but it’s the kind of needle you use before you put a candle in
correct which one ice and it’s the 23 yes see
this man knows his needles okay you win how do I win the trophy honored thank
you okay guys so that’s it for this week I hope you enjoyed my entertaining
dinner guest and he will be back over the next few weeks actually treating
some patients so I will see you guys then see you later

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  1. Guys I am so super excited to have both Dr Euan and Dr Kishan in the clinic. I’m going to force them both into getting YouTube accounts so you can bombard them with questions!!

  2. What wonderful a well-qualified, smart and adorable group of people you are.  Someday, I would love to meet you all and take you out for cocktails and dinner.

  3. You are so daft! But made me laugh 😂. Great to see you are building your practice with competent staff.

  4. I have dental implants, they cost me a lost but worth every penny .. You have a great team Sarah , I would mos def go to you guys for anything I need done xxx

  5. Dr. Tonks, how does one go about finding leading aesthetic injectors outside of the U.S.? I need to find a doctor in Paris and I'm coming up with nothing — I can't seem to find an international database of approved providers. I've checked the Galderma and Allergan websites and even RealSelf. Nada.

  6. Love your videos and great news you are expanding. What is "A Frame" that a lot of people don't think about, but is so effective? Think I heard it right ;p

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