ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Meet Gavin Gordon, MD, a Walk-In Clinic physician with The Everett Clinic

I’m Gavin Gordan, I’m a Family Medicine doctor and I work in the Urgent Care part of The Everett Clinic. I had been a family physician
for 14 years in Anacortes and while I really enjoyed that practice, the flexibility and
lifestyle changes that I could manage working here with The Everett Clinic was a big improvement
over what I was doing there. It was difficult at first it was like pulling a tooth, but
once I had made that decision I knew that I had done the right thing, because I could
spend a lot more time with my family. I also got to work with a lot of great people, so
I felt like I was expanding my own medical knowledge and my own growth as a doctor. It
kind of worked in both ways. The Everett Clinic’s also very good at providing real time support
with imaging, for example, so that you can get the x-ray report back right away, often before
the patient even makes it back into the room, and to be able to show the patient their x-rays
even make a copy really increases their perceived value of the encounter. The other part is
being able to talk to a specialist when I need to. When I was in my own practice I would
see lots of different problems but not the breadth and depth that I see here because
it’s such a big organization with so many different specialties that that’s been interesting
and has helped me grow to. To be a partner in a $400 million dollar, physician-owned
health care organization, there’s a lot of power behind that. I find that The Everett
Clinic has a very competitive CME package. Our urgent care department, the flexibility
in the scheduling has been very helpful and I know that if I wanted to grow, say, and
get into administration, even with getting an advanced degree in health care administration,
that the organization would help me cover some of those costs, those sorts of things that I don’t think every organization would do.

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