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Meet Emily Lukacz, MD: Urogynecologist and Co-Director, Women’s Pelvic Medicine Center

So the woman’s pelvic medicine Center is
a really unique place in UC San Diego Health. We provide multidisciplinary care
with a broad spectrum of experts in the field from urology to gynecology based
backgrounds. We have trainees we have nursing staff and nurse practitioners
with many many years of experience in treating women with these conditions. As
a result we have a fairly complex process for evaluating women with these
conditions because most women come in with more than one problem and so we
want to make sure that we have the full spectrum of conditions that are that
women are suffering from and so this involves oftentimes a very lengthy
questionnaire that we encourage people to fill out at least a couple days
beforehand so that it can make the assessment and evaluation in the clinic
more efficient and tailored to the individual patient. What I want women to
know is that you don’t have to live with it, these conditions are very common but
they’re not normal there are lots of treatment options — everything from simple dietary and behavioral modification changes, weight-loss is an important
factor exercise and conservative management options so many women are
afraid to come to our clinic because they’re afraid that they’re going to be
told they need surgery and that’s the last resort when they come to the
Woman’s Pelvic Medicine Center we have a full team of providers including nursing
staff and nurse practitioners as well as reconstructive surgeons to provide the
full spectrum of care. For me the most important thing about medicine is
education and educating my patients about their condition and empowering
them with information to be able to help themselves is probably one of the most
exciting things that I do every day and the nice thing about this specialty is
that it really is a quality of life condition and that women can take
control of their own healthcare one of the most important parts of my job is to
not only educate patients about their condition but also to train the next
generation of physicians who will be caring for these
women with problems for years and years to come
especially in an area where this field is very new and we have lots of
different research opportunities to try and understand the best treatment
options helping women make those decisions of what the best treatment
option for them is is the best part of my job.

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