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Meet Dr Laura Pauletti – Kleresca® Acne Treatment

I was first introduced to Kleresca
technology at a dermatological conference I attended in 2018. I was fascinated by the idea of a fluorescent light energy to stimulate the skin’s own repair mechanism. Working in the dermatology field I was interested in a treatment that was non-invasive for my patients and that could be performed all
year round. As an acne patient myself, I wanted to be able to experience the technology and so the treatment on my own skin so to be able to present it to
my patients later. Acne had a big impact on my social life and considering my field of work also my work life. Before undergoing the treatment I never felt confident going makeup free in my daily life so having the opportunity to decide
whether to use makeup or not It was a huge success. My condition included
painful cysts particularly in the jaw area and so Kleresca of both relief is
the painful symptoms and also improve the overall skin quality. Having experienced this treatment myself I feel confident in recommending it to my
patients also two of the most important benefits of this treatment are the long-lasting effects and how it can be tailored on the patient’s needs. Between May and June I underwent two sessions a week for six weeks. Later to maintain the
beneficial effects of this therapy, I underwent two additional booster
treatments during the summer months. The treatment is safe, non-painful and has
minimal downtime for the patient. It can be performed all year round and the only
side effect is minimal redness and a temporary hyper pigmentation after the
double session.

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