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Meditation vs. Medication: How to "Einsteinify" your Brain

all right hi Tony hi Jen hi everyone okay so we're gonna get started take a deep inhale pressing the palms together making this friction the connection of the masculine and the feminine the Sun and the moon the left and the right brain the opportunity to find ease and grace and flow in our lives by sealing this connection by rooting into the truth of who we are with that understanding that we come from love we come from compassion and kindness this is where we're born from it's our rights it is our birthright and in our lives as we are growing up in our environment and circumstances sometimes we lose sight of that and it can influence the rest of our lives and that's what I'm talking about today the only news there the challenges and obstacles that come up in life generally affect us in certain ways extreme ways for many of us because of our upbringing as a child and this is where I come in if those of you who are unfamiliar when I do I am an empowerment coach I'm a self-love coach and I do this through subconscious reprogramming and that takes you back into your trauma or how you learn something when you were little and we reframe it we release all of those limiting beliefs we neutralize those traumas and we get you into a place of confidence and self-worth so you can reclaim your power and life where you're at today and now not from where you were in your childhood and how you learned to deal with things then is probably not how we can deal with things now in our lives so here we are today talking about meditation and the science behind it so we're talking today about the high intelligence the prefrontal cortex and what this can do to make you smarter and healthier all right hi hi Fred oh my gosh you guys are amazing thanks for showing up today so how can this prefrontal cortex makes us healthier and smarter so would you agree give me a high five if you would say yes Einstein had a beautiful brain right this incredible scientist in our world who invented physics or founded physics okay beautiful brain so perhaps the greatest scientist that ever walked the earth he undoubtedly had a very powerful and unique brain discovering modern physics I'm sure at that time was not an easy task and I'm sure at that time he was probably wondering where this information was coming from these downloads this information they came so easily to him perhaps I don't know personally but I'm imagining you know he was getting this information and felt like he needed to share it and that's why he did what he did well it turns out that this greatest physics brain had actually been preserved for a short time after his death 18:55 so they took the photos of his brain and this actual photos weren't even shown to the public to anyone for like 50 years and I'm not sure why but that's the fact that I was finding so when these pictures actually did finally surface every neuroscientist in the world was like oh my god I want to see that much shopping and the bids till I get to see these incredible pictures of Albert Einstein's brain and in 2012 the powerful modern technology that we had to look at the brain so a doctor Dean Falk I think the same ones out of Florida University Florida State University compared in Stein's brain to 85 of normal human beings brains so he got to run this study and find results so guess what he found the development of Einstein's prefrontal cortex or peeth FC was the most striking feature in his mind in this scientist mind this was like jaw-dropping for neuroscientists where who were doing this research and for dr. default while he was on this journey of discovery so how important is this part of the brain like what does that mean well this is the area of the brain that they also have an aka as the Emperor of your mind of your brain this is the the thought Orchestrator of your brain this is the complex planner the deep thinker the the high-level decision-maker part of your brain this is the brain that helps you just really make everything that you're wanting in your life come to the forefront and make decisions about this hi Ashwin thanks for joining and so if all of your regions of your brain we've been talking about over the past I don't even know six me excuse me a couple of weeks six blab chats is that the frontal cortex and all of those regions got together and made a vote like had an election like who would be the president who would be the king who be the Emperor the prefrontal cortex would be the ruler of your brain aka the Emperor specifically it was an overall development of Einstein's brain that was really profound in these images that they were studying it was tightly packed grey matter the vast surface covers that it created over that this area was very unique for his brain so it turns out that modern physicist his theory of relatively relativity Einstein's theory of relativity was backed by a ton of processing power power just like your computer you've got a ton of processing power behind your computer well your mind is a computer your mind needs to be upgraded ok we upgrade I've talked about this we upgrade our phones and our cars and our TVs and our computers why aren't we upgrading our mind why aren't we allowing this new technology this new science this new way to allow us to just root into a deeper meaning in life a deeper purpose in life a deeper connection to who we are as humans individually and conscious collectively right I don't know I think it's pretty cool so he was way ahead of his time for good reason right his brain matter was like condensed and what have you so I'd love to see a picture of my brain actually that'd be kind of cool so is it possible for us mere mortals to upgrade our brain in the same way imagine the possibilities if you have Einstein's brain imagine those possibilities now if you have those dreams those thoughts in your imagination that means that it can become your reality it can become where you're you know moving into in your life today hi I'm Murray thanks for joining so it is possible even to have a fraction of Einstein's brain it is possible so let's take the brakes for a moment and recognize that science has discovered the way and if you guessed it you know I'm gonna say the way is meditation we can I sign if I our brains if you will through meditation so if you would like to I'm sign your brain this is the way to do it there was also another study a landmark study in 2005 by a Harvard scienter scientist scuse me doctor Sarah Lazar and she found that she basically she took experienced meditators and she went into their brains and took that found the density and their neural neural density and thickness the folds in their prefrontal cortex their electrical activity in their prefrontal cortex was profound so this is another study backed by mimicking Einstein's brain about this gray matter and this density and these this thickness of this area creates this beauty connection to higher intelligence you know higher success rate just higher confidence in the place up saying yes I know this is my truth I know this is the reality of my intelligence and I can that trans like that into the life I want to live so sound familiar very much like Einstein's brains and lead us to say the implications of these findings are immense so upgrading your Emperor you're king of all brain regions opens a whole new dimension the benefits are endless less anxiety less stress less depression less overwhelmed more success more processing power again like a computer we're upgrading better decision-making just overall health stronger will power higher IQ I mean we could go on and on on the list is huge to compound this amazing discovery dr. lazaar also found that more meditation the people that experience more meditation under his or her belt like the more they practiced it the more highly developed their prefrontal cortex became so you can strengthen it just like a muscle just like your muscle in your biceps just like your strong legs we can strengthen this muscle our bodies and our brains so back to the high mild sex of studies this is all backed up neuroscientists have hands down hands down thousands and thousands of studies have proven this to me now see so clearly that meditation is like the Holy Grail if you will for peeps who want to get smarter want to be healthier want to live in a more conscious connection to their life and the kind of life that they're creating and have more success in their lives I know sometimes I don't know when I was reading all this information I was like pro just blown away because I like science those who know me follow me I like to have information and understand it on a logical level as much as a spiritual level and it just excites me I know another unique area of Einstein's brain was the bridge so we talked about this a couple a couple of shots ago his left and right hemisphere the corpus callosum is what we talked about this is thought to be responsible for his unruly creativity and how it comes to how magical his brain could have it must have been to really innovate the the science of physics and and bring this to the forefront and this is all due to his thick and brawny CC that corpus callosum part of the brain and we talked about how that bridge the left brain the right brain and closing that gap and if you haven't taken your left brain right brain tasks go ahead and pop it into Google and take it it's super fun and super easy so really connecting that all right so my share today is if you went up Einstein to find your brain your mind if you're ready to uplevel to upgrade rewire your life and discover meditation so I'm so happy to offer that enrollment is still open there's just a few days left we closed enrollment July 14th for shift your mind a beginner's meditation and this is not just for beginners if you're beginners it's the perfect way to enter into your meditation practice but if you are wanting to deepen your practice and really tune into meditations that handle stress anxiety overwhelmed connecting to the confidence that you that you have to eat within bringing it to the forefront connect to the self-worth and connect to reclaiming the power the powerful you that you are and knowing that you matter in this world this will be a great course for you so registration is still open enrollment still open until July 14 so the seats are just a few left because is limited and that's gonna be super fun the one thing I love about it is that you don't have to go anywhere you can sit in your own living room in your own home in the comfort of your pajamas if you want and do this course because it's gonna be you and the rest of our community and myself and I will guide you through each step of the way if you have questions you get to ask it's gonna be live and that's what I love because I remember when I first started meditating I would always have questions you know what what am I where of the breathing patterns what are my hand gestures that is this what am I supposed to be feeling or you know just questions and I think this is a great opportunity for everyone to ask what they need to ask in a very safe environment so if that's interesting to you please go ahead and find the link in my bio and Instagram it's in the description and on in Facebook so check it out there's a video about how meditation changed my life and it kind of gives you the layout of the course and what you will achieve in a very short time four weeks four weeks of meeting together and that's it once a week one hour a week change your life change your life so I'm fine upon your brains go ahead and sign up for that course everyone have an incredible Thursday thank you so much for tuning in hi Michael good to see you hi aria hi Abigail hi Dean oh thank you thank you thank you everyone for listening for supporting and I hope to see you again soon I will be back next Tuesday for one more conversation about the other regions of our brain our last one if you haven't listened to the other chats and you want to more information about the regions of the brain and how meditation affects this please feel free to go to my IG TV they're all there they're also on YouTube on Facebook find me DM me connect with me guys thank you thank you thank you big hugs big kisses we will see you all soon have a great day

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