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Medication room transformation - Spacelogic

we've been invited here to improve the efficiencies and to maximize the use of this small space here in their treatment room as you can see they've improvised a lot doing the best with what they can just retrofitting plastic baskets into an existing cabinet to store their fluids in it's very poor use of space it's not very flexible and the plastic baskets collecting a lot of dust this is where they're storing all the consumables in this treatment room there's not a great use of space here where they're not maximizing it from top to bottom lot of empty space throughout here and also once again the plastic baskets which they want to replace and need to replace a gathering dust it's not ventilated you can't actually see your products real clearly and the labeling isn't the best it could be and a lot of empty spaces on the walls as you can see here this is how they're storing their medications it's quite typical in a hospital of this age to store them like this it's um quite a poor way of storing them in plastic trays plastic containers different medications stacked in that depth of the container there there's not much clarity in the labeling and different items stored on top of one another behind one another and also quite a poor use of space down through here vacant space that could be utilized and for the medications to be clearly and better accessed the biggest constraint the client had in this particular area here is the poor use of space underneath this workbench items stacked right to the back of the wall making it very hard for the staff to have to bend over and in to retrieve the items they want and add on different items stacked behind one another so it's very hard to actually get what they want from the back they've got to pull things out in front underneath over in here I've got different items just sitting on the shelves on a timber surface which is not ideal to be storing in a clinical area what you'll see now is the complete concept we have put together to eliminate the identified issues and elevate this room to the Bible standard of best practice as you've seen just before with Martin what a fantastic refurbishment in this small little medication room as you saw before this was lower joinery with improvising with plastic baskets now maximizing the full height fantastic visibility of the product or just speaking with the nurses they say it's absolutely sensational absolutely love it so as you can see the room moving through is fully stocked they're starting to utilize their live link system that absolutely love that as well they're going to be putting barcodes on for their new ordering system and it's going to make it very very easy and efficient so part of this complete refurbishment is a full joinery fit out so this is where the medication is stored and as you move around the room it flows around here where you do your setup and ready for administration over here your administration tray is ready to take to the ward so this is lady set perfectly with the Medi bins replacing the plastic bins that were here once before all for the airflow and infection control so having this quick access to all their syringes for setting up has dramatically improved their efficiency in this room in view of giving the patient's the extra care that they deserve and require so we have the under under bench basket systems for all the largest syringes and more more bulk items in under there for quick access on fully extendable runners so you can pick the product and then slide your basket out of the way as you saw earlier we've now replaced the medication dispensing cabinet this has two really good aspects we just been speaking with the storm and he says restocking this rotating the stock has now become very streamlined and and fast for him and also the other side of that is to the nurses picking the stock they can see what they've got it's fast access for dispensing and that has really improved that the flow and the efficiency of this room so now you've seen what this room was before and what it is now and the one of the solution this room has been totally refurbed new for coverings you paint lighting and then you've seen the stereo rack the new medication and you're probably wondering how do I get access to this awesome solution it can be done quite simply by contacting space logic while giving us a call on 1806 double three seven to eight or send us an email on info at space logic comdata you we will allocate your inquiry to the closest representative of your region so we can make an appointment with one of our consultants and start this amazing transformation process for you

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