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medication and experimenting on your own body.

I to the wait time so all they'll put up two medications did I do have to take I don't like taking them I don't Buddha take them I go with their did not sink them but you know do either why I don't refer to them by prescription medication prescribed by a topical to other people is because I don't want other people to go to the side effects the I did to in order to get better because I want people to have natural things with them to you too DMT we know maybe Mossad or some sort of stimulus or maybe coffee to Winterfell bro or maybe shouldn't good a natural ducted away from the chemical lavatory type medications you know I want others I myself could I don't want I'll do to go through when I had you but you decide if I did that effect that that effect that effect in order to get value now they would ask me what type of Medicaid take what what when is it cold depending on what called and if we are medication and can with medications that I am agreeing on daily medication a deflection medicated a padam authority person who DD now they have the perhaps of question and I UPT I may take I've been taking it with us and it worked for me what about if you have you tried to take them with I think I'm a butcher them too if they had dissimilar disorder disease that I do like the question and I do to you I'm a bullet to them and tell them what my medication called and but I won't tell them do you have to take it because I think it was because I said toad therefore you left particular know it I was hard um what I take what I think of poor I won't say I think it look for you teach you or I think it was for me that was gonna Whoopi I think I think it did you know whatever you taken similar to what I asked may be its entirety we're fighting what I'm using for the question or maybe they took something natural and there was no medication no picked up some medication and they took them but natural after hey what what did you choke maybe it's Apted maybe it a lucky maybe EMTs maybe your dog we are what I wanted to you know jumping beside know maybe and I might undo your key address maybe it maybe something already created in life I don't know you know natural not like kind of but note that effect at all but maybe they got rid of their diet he ordered a wizard or the question I mean what did you take to get rid of it would you create it so much – what about you you know maybe they said you came to Diana that it got my water it's a boy dish out of the diet Anna that your diet maybe they took away coffee when we need to quit caffeine you know there's a gesture like that and it makes a tremendous difference so these everybody experimenting with your own bollocks so I I haven't never done it still they had a particularly good diet well not you know you like McDonald's when I did inclusion widget on the top cow just basically like it's on there but the tech shoulder and stuff with cottage cheese if I gotta go down there but it's like tough cows it showed that it stopped but cottage cheese in equally good so then we'll have the you know good diet will help help me do it is somebody anxiety OCD you anything like that you know I never no Joe yeah so yeah so I never had a very good time where they order a lot of people willing to tax on the poor diet and yeah so it's a quick little toy about how I mail it to you know a tip night but took the medication that provide you know I don't take them because I like taking them for once take them and could I have to take him I think I'm making them particularly how me I don't want to take them some days I get up and I and I do and taking them like almost like I don't want to take them at all you know so the ones gather as needed I mean I don't want particular as needed those ones that I have to take no matter what you know I have to take it no matter what I know as needed ties in the bottle one two will ever will it fit on battle I have to take it but you know either during the day it doesn't matter the one that I have to take each and every single day that Edie the DNI defense at one I have to take and the key one to help with my legs you know to stiffen up the muscles stepping up to know me tip and loosen up well but they do tip enough if I don't take the medication out through the mouth after church our age and I have to take another one and get our youth in a speaker at all and so I do that bad them with the muscle in the neck that medication for that you know but I just but really bad spasm back in the cab back here where they don't plentifully you know on Saturday and I do the question though could be mediate these contains I don't you know I know did you give him more control his diary I can't – so let the to medicate medication the first thing that is controlled medication but if I don't take the medication after turn amount of days and which my emotional state that completely online though my emotional day when I take it although it's not impacted if I take it over there now my skip it like one day out of a week you know if I take it 34 weeks in a row and then I go somewhere and put the to take it you know it's not out of my system I show my victim so if I go to my friend out or somewhere if I just go to a restaurant and I wake up by the way somebody was take me somewhere cool a strong need to keep denied effective immediately I'm I said I'm on my way you know I'm fine so you know I don't did chat up a don't take it portrays my let go it's my book somewhere in the tar you evening towards nighttime but kids like I'll take it you know one day one night they didn't I 99% of the time did I kick it in I didn't take it you know one one night or one day one day and was like whole day all night tentacle I never go a day with day afterwards that taking it click one day one day one day one day one day one day four or five to take two days you know one day and then second day of Dumbo tell me gave dr. K you know I don't know I knew that I can end in the next day don't you cut it off I take it right over even if it's not electric them so I do live my dick back age but again it all depends on how much keeping it how I'm feeling even for my lease trip I know I woke up when I mumbling you were like you know there's no guarantee of waking up being without even about totally like that ain't shit that I'm not gonna be tired or the fact it just depends on the day and students each meets me more the fact that it's maybe for this region or for that reason but 95% is I met if I pretended I'm shooting dates and students time to be you I'll get more to play but 99 but not on the night ninety-five percent of the time I'm you to happy Judy's your funny bone Aki mockery your no law so 35 percent of the time good happy-go-lucky monkey dude I don't know but didn't get if I pretend that that defect lucky on due date and student time to be so the tip without story time that's a tough to judge always preferable for me to other people and the thing did I take personally know that I don't want other to take because they were started back do they had to supper you know really give any form other medication to that to date there are no longer stuff with cyclic so you should just even a an indoor plant books and cook their medications hopefully better stuff popping them like candy this is just me saying yeah I think yeah I take them both medically genes and I don't want anyone suffering I'm going tonight software to go through in order to get now appealed you take medications for anxiety the flexion or typify near whatever you do take medications you tagging on one I will be there I hope that whatever you tired it on or have started on I hope that I helped you to get to where you need to be yeah they purely start around you put long continue pursuing try very best and I wish you the very best and continue to take the medication in to prove yourself and it's congratulate yourself I'm trying you know Pete opt-in council payment legislative dr. dick doctor doctor doctor me and my diagnose you to stop taking documented Fievel popular guy don't you and diagram prescription medication to put bad back in again I do endorse pinning for medications I'm nor am I gonna tell anyone strict in it or not you kidding look working looks like your body you feel me with your body however you want whether it's copying coffees you know do what you want with your own body now I – tell you what to do again this is just a little I wouldn't touch the evidence of my own stock you know I benefit from medication maybe there's something better out there for me you think for the idea of the question again I haven't discovered it and I'm a cadet jump to its inclusion stuff something some studies and that the true question down by rock you know and I'm not gonna use Mitchell entirely yeah but multiple studies thing that this children's idea that could of minimize game warden some sort of traumatic it's a funny thing that they can memorize and the Lord will world without and things besides it with 15 medications to alleviate there the only other medication when he thinks chariot and he died note and you have a to be a teacher whatever it and did you put you in a new Medicaid new medication I never tried before try to be an American's this is an adult evidence and put girl experience you know when I got put on my a night of pleasure buddy for time it didn't work three months we would generally take that or we took awhile messed with the dough stood up and down big toaster dado justify fans okay they work for me so if you take something for a while and then these signs were working cuz Chi Chi detector and left abide by your doctors or not you get anymore thumbs because you're some complications or something either creature powers but it's a get complications don't complicate them no creature problem with kidney liver and you just say baby but she listened to dr. Alex and my doc well it's time and if I knew something was up and stuffing which affected a long long long time ago I went over to the hey Doc I'm going on oh my shoulder pain here feeling there whatever you know somewhere new well there was in this area you know this out you know initially my facebook so the world where dude whenever area what some please give it to the fuckin Oh an animal so my advice to you if they are options including natural substitute and identify which ship to make a turntable he does everything out natural capital the chytrid dispatcher that patrols and you went to a all you know no more doctor it should a walking client will be wait you both with your cap and you see a doctor doctor and he's ordered I don't you kind of the temple normal equal to try to worry about that or incest Allah it's the best up we like to have show you back to listen to your doctor it's nothing of work in a medication it's promising or give it a shot if you want you can my thing you have to get two prescription medication to take it but give it a shot abuse lasted everything where other option available to and then get back last second shot and promising enough and a walk to be a life stable for you any family you could ever know more like again please hope everything works out for you that if you're on a new medication will review on something new that vomiting and a timer to help by your doctor would contribute to the back to here the overall ability that's why it's very important to listen and then listen then try your best the back to you ability to listen closely shall we some water make sure you understand that he was ye over attained she's get the best tale available from him or do you can't and if you have any other questions do not be shy that him over for an injection of testing many thunder things may be wrong because the longer you wait for a tremolo the questions are you've been lacking you been wanting gas him o for a very long time and be me and maybe too late but i know that if something may turn up he may we totally clap about so if you acted after one of these days you have a question don't be afraid that a question right away whether it's dumb papa do but they get when they're telling you everything's you because it to your weight village enough after that question even when Adam became a bitch it's my over year doubly whatever it is three months for my tumor whenever the schedule it you either normal let your doctor so you go to the bemble – I have down that one big question because it may have something out there for you and she's out the nineteenth to help y'all so once again laughing don't be shy him who that what is the one ask him over a long time from the Phoebe time we've seen him oh if it's been lingering in your mind as him a who wait in play stick everything cleared another way tell me do what even worrying about it or your anchor for you to it whether one is for your needle you none of the three he did someone ask them at them right away to make sure everything's fine to make sure everything's running smooth and doing well that's it fan out

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