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Medical Technologist Certification Program At Cleveland Clinic

I love working in the laboratory besides really like science it's only a year but it's very intense you get to experience every aspect of the lab I got hired I was offered a job and I took it it's the Cleveland Clinic as a med tech student you really get the feel for what you're gonna do and you want to be with the best people 70 to 80 percent of all medical care decisions are based on laboratory testing we are an essential part of the healthcare team you get down to the smallest elements and that's a way to diagnose people 12 months of training this is taking and applying their basic science education to much more clinical type of skills they spend time in microbiology in the blood bank and the coagulation and transfusion centers hematology chemistry all of the laboratory areas that pathologists specifically work in you learn the basic principles pipetting how to make a slide things like that that you're gonna need on the bench on a regular basis you are side by side with a medical technologist touching patient samples and be able to work to see what the problem is here at the clinic you'll see things on a bench that you only read about in a textbook at other schools it's a program that has a lot of even most complicated specimens it's the reason that education in general in our Institute is so excellent we do 15,000 tests every single day 12 million tests per year pathology and Laboratory Medicine needed space to grow with new technology we wanted to expand to offer testing to patients throughout the Northeast Ohio area and across the country favorite part is actually getting in there and applying stuff you might hear about in lectures – the tests and the results I know our program that you will get top level teaching by people who like to teach they make sure they they do as much as they possibly can to help you learn and grow throughout your experience here what we're looking for in a potential student as somebody with a dedication to health care we're looking for excellence we want to see somebody from the minute they walked into their University or College worked hard at what they did one of the attractive things about a career in pathology and Laboratory Medicine is the ability to make a difference in patients lives being able to help but behind the scenes the better fit for me once you graduate you're ready to hit the ground running at the clinic they really set you up so that you're ready to be a new hire probably move anywhere in the country and get a job I hear only positive from our students who complete the program there they do strive to get into the Cleveland Clinic because they're aware of the opportunities that are available once they complete their program we need even more advanced people to run the technology and to help us manage the laboratories to be at the clinic is to be one of the forerunners and all of that technology if you like science and you just want to be part of the medical process then medical technology the perfect career work doesn't feel like work it feels like my passion in life it's the Cleveland Clinic it's a great place to be a great place to learn

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  1. My advice, Go into another field. The pay stinks compared to other allied health careers. They're Phlebotomist that make almost as much as MLT's. Every place I've ever worked MLT' 's and Med Tech's do the exact same job. Now having said I have a lot of Med Tech friends.. They are also underpaid…The courses that were required for this field does not reflect the salaries we all receive. I do think it's because we do not stick together. Example the nurses they stuck together and look where it got them.

  2. What's average pay? This is something i am very interested in if i get and answer that would be appreciated! 🙂

  3. The video makes it seem like it is only a one year program. The Medical Technologist (MT) degree is a four year baccalaureate degree. The "one year" is the final year, which is the "required" hands-on clinical rotation. Likewise, if you are having trouble getting into a four year program within the university setting, there is the MLT program at local community colleges that condense the program into 2 years without all of the liberal arts classes. But the pay is much less than the MT degree.


  5. Their school of Medical Technology is basically an internship from a four year college. You still graduate from a 4 year program.

  6. My main critique of Cleveland Clinics MLS program is that they REFUSE to work with the University of Cincinnati. They have lost employees over this who were trying to further their education by getting their bachelors degree. If you are a Youngstown or CSU student, you will get a good educational experience.

  7. If you already have a BS in some life science (Biology, chemistry etc), you won't have to get a second BS in Medical Lab Tech. You'll need clinical training though from a NAACLS approved program. Which generally isnt longer than 2 years…If you only have up to a high school education, you'll need your associates in Med lab tech PLUS some experince. If you want that BS though you'll go for 4 years.There's 4 different routes you can take to become a MT.

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