ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Mayo Clinic – CFI’s Five Platforms

[MUSIC PLAYING] The concept of a
platform, first of all, is to provide a broad
foundation within which, multiple activities
can take place that are linked by some
sort of an overriding theme. Of the five platforms,
three emerged from in-depth workshops done
in conjunction with Doblin. Doblin– as you may know– is an innovation company. Its CEO is Larry Keeley. And we’ve gotten to
know Larry very well. So as we began to
think about what areas we wanted to devote
our resources to, we had workshops in three
areas that systematically led us to conclude that
the wellness experience number one, the prediction
and prevention experience number two, and the Mayo
Clinic connection experience number three– three of our platforms– were, based on their
analytics and the workshops, appropriate areas to devote
our attention and resources to. The second criteria
was that they were all consistent and
aligned with the Mayo Clinic strategic plan. And even now, as it turns
out, as the strategic plan is being refined and with
our new CEO, John Noseworthy, having lead a 2020
vision exercise, they’re even more appropriate
areas of our attention. There were two
other platforms that emerged, largely because
of our appreciation that our responsibility in
the center for innovation included disseminating
information throughout the organization
about the discipline of innovation. To enable as many
people as possible in the organization to innovate. So that led to the development
of the competency and culture innovation platform. The last platform, which
is the Mayo Destination experience was, in fact– in some ways– an
extension and a refinement of some of the work that we
began with the institution in the Department of Medicine. Where the objective is to make
the visit of every patient that comes through a portal to
Mayo, a memorable, and unique, and positive experience. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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