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10 thoughts on “Mayo Clinic adding AI to curriculum

  1. Are we going to let a bunch of pirates hijack the SS United States of America? Come ON. Don't be a bunch of sissies!

  2. I fully expect this tech to aid the professional across multiple disciplines. Advancements will be realized sooner and distributed to remote areas as communications become more refined and intuitive. Patient monitoring has always been the professionals de facto tool.

  3. AI should be in charge of government. In fact, AI and robots will make rational decisions that humans can’t make often times. And because of that, robots will being replacing most humans soon. Get ready.

  4. Mayo clinic is working to cover up the the real cures around cell regeneration's.
    gift my ass this AI is BAD and should not be allowed.. Fake news Fox pushing this crap we know how to heal with cell re-generations .. HELL NO AI it will kill the humaan FOX is agaist the people

  5. look at how fake fox news pushes AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI AI Fox is a enemy of the people .. Mayo clinic supress the real cures because they do not cost alot of money and they cannot control your health.. fake news and there commercialism says you are sick take this pill

  6. Is Mayo Going to Tell Their Employee's Next to Implant a Radio Frequency Identification Chip Next?,
    and Garentee "You Don't Need a Key to get Inside!," You Don't Need to Carry Cash No More, Just Swipe Your Rist and Your Purchase is DIRECTLY Deducted From Your Accounts!,"?

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