ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Match Day 2017 UC San Diego School of Medicine

So this is Match Day it is the day the medical team find out
where they’re going to be doing their training where they’re going to find
their careers and start their real careers as physicians long anticipated because they spent months interviewing
deciding looking at programs and so they are incredibly excited it also really is the
culmination of a lot of the feeling in the lots of work that’s gone in to medical school medical school is a tough road over the past four
help gone by so fast but it’s been an incredible journey medical school is
not the easy hasn’t has its own set of challenges so we need to surround
yourself with people who care for you and care for each other it it makes all
the difference and that at UCSD I’ve met some of the most caring compassionate
physicians and classmates who have become amazing physicians I can only do some grateful to
us being able to share this journey with them I would be happy anywhere leading
up to this day I think we’re all super nervous but waking up in listen today
I’m like I’m going to be a pediatrician and I will be very happy wherever I’ll
end up being able to wake up every day and do the job that I’m really
passionate about I realized early on how social economic and health affairs of
the new tax and help empower communities I became motivated to want to work in
medicine and public health to try to work for mitigating those healthy disparities and
try to really affect population health I want to be a family physician
working for the underserved hopefully here in San Diego

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