ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy

– It’s out of line. – Get your —-ing wife. – That’s why I’m saying,
don’t go there. Don’t do it, man. – Don’t go there, she’s talking
about my mama? Don’t go there? Get your —-ing wife,
she’s out of line. When do you tell your wife
she’s out of line? – Don’t you talk to my
husband. You out of line! You get your —-ing wife! Damon. Damon. – Get your bitch. Because if I get her, it’s
gonna be ugly. – What is going on? This cannot possibly be
happening on the first night! – Huh? – Aydin, don’t go
there. – I’m saying I ain’t
disrespecting your wife. But a dude, it don’t
matter to me. – He want to go there. – It can be whatever. It can be whatever.
It can be whatever. – It ain’t got nothing
to do with you! – Aydin. – I’m saying I don’t
do disrespect from nobody. – Aydin ain’t doing
nothing but defending his wife, so just
chill. – Everybody at this table
got a mama, my husband is right. – Don’t bring family into
that sh–. – Get your —-ing
wife, Aydin! That’s what you
need to do! – Bitch, bring it on. Come on over here,
please. I’ll pico de gallo
that hoe. Chopped up and served
on the side. – Oh, Lord.

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