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Married to Medicine: Andy Throws Shade at the #MarriedToMed Reunion (Season 4, Episode 15) | Bravo

>>Lisa Nicole, do
you have a low self-esteem?>>Absolutely not, Andy. I’m a beautiful woman, I can
have anybody I want, okay? >>Yes honey! >>Then why do you allow
your husband to do the things that he
does to you? Daddy makes sure I
have high self-esteem. He’s everywhere where
I need to be.>>Well a man doesn’t
give you self-esteem.>>You would know that
better than anyone ’cause your husband
doesn’t give you anything.>>It comes from within. You have all of these
comments about my marriage and it’s not
your business. >>I’m sorry your
husband’s a liar. I’m sorry. >>You have no proof
that he’s cheating. You have no proof
that he’s gay. Because he’s not, he is a
heterosexual male. >>That’s good,
I hope so. >>He’ll be out, soon. >>Absolutely.>>And by out,
I mean out here. Sorry.>>Andy! >>I want to be clear. >>Andy is the shadiest,
honey.>>Blake from
Sacramento said, “Heavenly, you claim to be
a relationship expert but why would anyone
listen to you when you can’t even figure
out how to keep your friendship
with Lisa?” >>Unlike Lisa, I can’t
have a relationship with somebody I
don’t trust.>>What we’re missing
here though, ladies, is Lisa and Heavenly really did
have a friendship. This is hurt that we’re
seeing and you guys have to remember,
you stood hard for Lisa. And this is bad when
friends break up like this. >>Lisa do you miss
that friendship? >>I did feel like
Heavenly and I were developing a
friendship. And I was very
disappointed. We travelled together, I
invited you into the WEN circle, I introduced
you to so many people. I don’t just open up to
people like that. >>And- and I- >>So yeah it was very,
very, hurtful. >>I’m an honest person
and if you want me to be your friend I’m going
to tell you the truth. Because her husband
was lying to her, but telling everybody
else the truth. And at that point she
told me I was not her friend.>>No that is not true.>>Yes you did! You said I wasn’t your
friend because I told you the truth. >>I asked you that I did
not want you to go in the area of
my marriage. >>Somebody’s husband is
cheating on them or lying to them
over and over. I was gonna tell
her the truth, but maybe
I shouldn’t have. Y’all tell me->>It wasn’t the
truth, Heavenly. It was your opinion. Your opinion is not fact.>>Okay.>>He said he was only
faithful for five years out of nine. >>It’s not your
business! That’s my marriage! If I choose to->>We’re your friends
Lisa, that’s why it’s our business!
>>It’s not your business.>>We were good friends. We all tell each other’s
business.>>Toya, what did you
mean when you said

100 thoughts on “Married to Medicine: Andy Throws Shade at the #MarriedToMed Reunion (Season 4, Episode 15) | Bravo

  1. Heavenly calls her husband "DADDY", FFS! Talking about women with esteem issues! The only women who refer to men who are not their fathers as DADDY are women with esteem issues or hookers addressing their pimps. Uugh! Enough already.

  2. When you've a suppose to be friendship with women it's not wise to reveal too much of your personal information. Don't have a disagreement because they'll turn on you and tell all of your personal business you told them in confidence.

  3. In my house we have an assortment of married couples who we are close to, worship with, pray with, socialize with,, etc., but trust and believe no one is getting so personally embedded in each other's marital relationship that we're trying to tell them how to live. Granted, there may be times when a couple specifically asks for support, imput, or advice in a certain area of their lives together, but ain't nobody just jumping up, and jumping INTO somebody's business unasked, unwarranted, and ESPECIALLY not like a pack of wolves moving in for a kill. And that's another thing: why don't any of these heifers realize that it's not only what you say to a person, but HOW you say it. I have yet to see any instance where any of these chicks actually speak in a tone that demonstrates they are the so-called "friends" that they claim to be. Regardless of what is going on in Darren and Lisa's lives or how deluded she is, the only thing I've seen is women take what are obvious weaknesses, and use them as weapons to attack her and her husband incessantly. It's no small wonder to me at ALL that Darren avoided being around this group- it's like dealing with a coven of witches more than a group of so-called professional, Christian women.

  4. When you go on reality TV and put your life including your marriage on front street, it becomes open season for people and castmates to comment and throw shade. Unfortunately you lose the option of saying "that's my business" and winning that argument when you sign that contract and cash that check. Lisa apparently didn't read the fine print 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂lol

  5. Heavenly is a mean spirited bully! The same crap that she's doing to Lisa is the same crap that she did to Jill last season. She even tried it with Genise and she shut Heavenly down! Heavenly really needs to check herself because she's not all the way put together to be shooting off at the mouth about anybody

  6. These women are totallybselfish and blind once Lisa told them they were crossing the line if they were truly her friends they would have respected what she said quit beating a dead horse she like it they should love it

  7. theyre being bullies because lisa so openedly said and kindly i just dont want to go into my marriage what friend keeps throwing your marrage at you? after that even if darren isnt faithful support your friend and not expose your friend marrage

  8. Lisa is quick to point out other people's issues but when it comes to her, she can't stand it when someone else does it to her for example when she did the background check on Quad but wasn't expecting Quad to do one on her! When Quad found out Lisa's dirty lil secrets, then she wanted to throw drinks in people's face because Quad did the same thing to her. Lisa can dish it but she can't take it and she's missing that main point!! Mariah is a beautiful woman but her vindictiveness is making her look like a big headed wicked witch of the west! Her plot to shame Quad this season had been an epict fail!! Quad did really good this season by barely not mentioning Mariah's name!! Then Mariah returns wasn't nothing but a Imma show these women whose queen bee this season and she looked like a fool doing it. When Mariah felt like she was in control of everybody and the bully on Toya, it was cool. When Quad started to break rank because she didn't wanna do that anymore, then she felt some type of way! Mariah did a good job painting her own portrait of character, even if people didn't take sides, the circle got to see Mariah for who she was…and she did that herself!

  9. once Lisa said my marriage is off limits and none of your business, the ladies should have backed off. they claim they're saying these things because they're friends but a true friend would respect said friendship and back tf off. cut the games ladies, yall talk about and gang up on Lisa just to be mean girls and have an enemy in common. This Quad should understand being, she hates when Simone talks on her having a baby. what's the daymn difference??

  10. These ladies use the word "friends" so loosely…friends don't constantly attack your marraige, talk behind your back, and try to bring you down at every chance they get. My very best friend passed away at a young age a few years ago😢 and seeing these women makes me really appreciate the once in a lifetime friendship I once had😊

  11. How is Toya saying Lisa's marriage is their business, because they are friends, when she was getting upset when Mariah and Lisa made an comment about her tax situations! #Hypocrite!

  12. Its a saaaad thing to think you need to get YOUR self esteem from someone else,especially if you call yourself a Christian.God tells you who you are,its up to you to believe it.

  13. why don't toya get up off her big sexy booty, and find a JOB other than the show, to help her husband pay the IRS. in stead she's talking about Lisa's marriage, come on toya get it together girl.I love you toya, but you need to take care of your business first before you talk about others.

  14. I can't stand heavenly and Simone they try to play that professional role but they rachet just like all the other girls on the show and Lisa do lie but they don't have to be in her business or in they marriage like that I do think her husband hiding stuff from Lisa and I do think he is a cheater but that's Lisa marriage the girls need to mind there because none of their marriages is picture perfect

  15. Toya u just wanna be in the mix so bad. Stfu! No one on the show trusts you out of everybody except Heavenly. Girl go have several.

  16. I remember when a good friend of mine was in a bad toxic relationship and I had to speak up only bc she has kids(daughters) who I would do the same for. there are women in this world who truly looks out for their friends and I think that's the only thing they are doing and want Lisa to acknowledge what's not there instead of dismissing it or getting offended by their Opinions

  17. It not your business! These women talk as if they live with Lisa and Darren. It is not their business. If Lisa chooses to stay with her husband that is her choice and that is not a sign of weakness or low self esteem infact it's courageous!

  18. Lisa Dont never allow this Woman to Break U about Anything they all have their own
    Issues as Well… Heavenly is Bipolar…Toya don't respect Her Husband….Lisa dont Allow them to Bullie U…They All need to stay in there Lanes ……

  19. it's a different kind of pain losing a close friend over sticking your business in one's relationship ..those can hurt the most because in your head you feel like both of them are right.

  20. Only hateful bitches, interfere or make commentary, about your family. The spouse, children, and a persons family, is off limits. They don't even have a close enough bond with each other, to speak on such issues, so why go there?…I'll tell you why, because their evil, vindictive, bitches, that's why…You don't insult someone's husband like that, and then have the nerve to say, "My husband makes sure that I have self esteem!". Bitch, its called "self esteem" for a reason. Really?…And, she's a doctor. This quack is board certified, grade a, govt. issued, stupidity!

  21. Heavenly is a mean ass bitch😂😂😂😂😂 but she real ASF though. Those kind of chics are loyal friends because they won't sit around lying to you. But I do understand why she's acting like she is when it comes to Lisa that was some messy backstabbing slick ass shit Lisa did. All I can say about Toya is Toya Toya Toya…..Mrs. G aka new chic gotta turn up more to stay on this show. Dr. Jackie is tired of her marriage she will be divorced soon. I won't be shocked it's a lot to recover from and everything from him not wanting to adopt a child will be a part of that decision. Dr. Simone is just real ASF on this reunion love it. Mariah full of insults and jokes. There is no way I would have removed my earrings and shoes. They don't just make one damn pair of either. Thousands of people got those. They looked totally different in them anyway. Mariah makeup was terrible on this reunion. Quad Yassssssssssss!!! Love me some damn Quad love her clothes hair and makeup… She just gives me life Quad spoke her piece and kept it moving. Darren is funny ASF Lisa has a damn fool Lisa better come outta Lala land and realize that her hubby is a big ass liar and he's bisexual as they come…Simone hubby needs a makeover but he'll she do too. They still dress like the year they got married… they need a full wardrobe make over. Her hubby needs to cut his hair down more and stop dressing like that. Dr. Jackie hubby always needs chopstick. Quad hubby is funny with that head and voice… Mariah hubby no comment and Eugene Eugene Eugene 😂😂😂😂😂 poor Eugene.. he just don't get it or see it does he. Hopefully one day. He needs to lose weight and needs a wardrobe makeover as well. Quad hubby dresses fabulously but his clothes and his looks don't mix… Ms. G and all her hair styles Yassssss but not the bob wig. She needs to stick to those Fabo short cuts. I love her too. Didn't see much of her hubby but he's ok for now. Very low key. I hope this show comes back juicy it needs life

  22. Heavenly is a pit bull and I would have got up to slap the taste out of her mouth, talking about someone's mother. Quad and Toya are fake as hell. Heavenly really is ugly in mind and body.

  23. its all our business when u put it on camera and show the world.. u allow outside people to have opinions we didnt ask them to get on tv and air the dirty laundry… the irony of being on tv and saying its nobodys business..

  24. This is why it's hard for women to be friends! They want to know all your personal business only to attack you & use to against you when they get mad. Make friends don't even ask about your business they ask how YOU are doing. Women want to know " how's your marriage " " how'd your relationship going ". How about you just be my friend!

  25. Toya said the realest shit. "We all tell each other's business". That is true cause her IRS issues was a huge topic. Money and relationships are off limits with me. I try to keep those areas as private as possible.

  26. heavenly is a sick nasty bitch and it's gross that she calls her husband DADDY and WEIRD i don't understand why women do that

  27. I really admire Lisa Nicole and she was really hurt by the actions of the so-called friends of the group! Who in the hell told country ass Hell-a- venly she could come for somebody anyway:(???? U setting urself up for a hard fall; watch, wait and see!!

  28. Why is it anyones business who is allegedly sleeping with whom??? Worry about your own bed n who's in ur own bed! These reality shows bring out the true inner people in certain puppets….lol…people!

  29. "He'll be OUT soon!"

    Lmfao. I caught that shade.

    Tbh, if ur man is from Atlanta and he's accused of being gay… PLEASE BELIEVE THE HYPE! HE. IS. GAY!

  30. I think Lisa is a beautiful classy lady. I think the other ladies pick on her out of jealousy. Particularly Heavenly 😎

  31. Like Katt Williams once said to ladies, You get wit a nigga and say, You fucked up my self-esteem. Bitch, it's called SELF-ESTEEM. It's esteem of your muthafuckin self, bitch. How the fuck can I fuck up how YOU feel about YOU, simple bitch! Haha….classic!!!

  32. Lisa lisa Lisa…I just don't understand how such a beautiful smart woman can take so much shit from a man. You are right though it is your business

  33. Heavenly is a wolf in sheep's clothing. She's so a despicable person. She really needs to look in the mirror and. I don't understand why her husband doesn't call her on her bullshit.

  34. Lisa looks terrible. That hair, and dress.. not working for you. And OPEN YOUR EYES! Your husband is clearly a pig and not loyal. I truly believe he's bisexual. This girl is in denial deep! So sad.

  35. Come on Ms.Heavenly listen to what she is saying, Lisa needs a friend to talk with but please don't voice your opinion [friend].👂just listen.😉

  36. People are not honest with how they truly feel about themselves just because you feel insecure with themselves it doesn't mean you are a horrible person.

  37. Cut to now ……when all of them that treated her so badly was having problems in their own marriage but didn't know. Lolol

  38. Lisa honestly if that’s how you feel you needa exit stage left cause that’s what this show is about your marriage and the problems in it for the world to see you signed the paperwork to come on tv you know what reality tv is about girl 👌🏾✌🏾

  39. I honestly believe all those questions Andy be asking and saying they come from " tweets", They be his own thoughts and questions. Andy is the most shadiest House Wife of all the Franchise.😂😂😂😂

  40. The way they did Lisa Nicole is a disgrace….they are bullies who group up on the lady and push buttons that they know would hurt….when it comes to marriage keep you business between you and your therapist…..heavenly has a evil heart

  41. After watching Heavenly I would not go to her dental office she acts like the devil. All these ladies are hypocrites and because all they do is talk about and is never nothing good and all their accomplishments you don't get to see because they too busy being ugly and messy

  42. Lord, selling your soul and "friendships" for a damn check. If this is what "friendship" looks like, exposing your "friend's" deeply personal business on national television, then honey, I don't ever want it

  43. People be over stepping boundaries, Heavenly is terrible idc what anyone says she remind me of Jackie Christie I don’t care for her. They saying we all tell each other business well that’s the problem dummy this how people throw shit in your face.

  44. Look ms quadd making judging eyes…… but mariah said …. ms quadd with no make up and no wig…. just think about mr. potato-head 😂😂

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