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Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Maritza Rosales, M.D., Family Medicine – The Corvallis Clinic at North Albany

I am in Family Practice because I really
wanted to be able to help everybody I didn’t want to be limited in who I
could see, the family and the community is a big health determinant, if you can
treat and involve the entire family everybody’s going to be better off I think my patients can expect me to
listen to them. I think they can expect me to explain things to them as best I
can. I am a consultant, I give you my best advice, and then you decide what
you’re gonna do with it. I like people to understand why I recommend what I
recommend, and so I believe a lot in educating people. I find it really
personally rewarding when people come back to me and they say that they feel
better, or that they’re doing better, or that this has made a difference, because
that’s the whole reason I got into this. My desire is to to stay in the community,
and be in the community, and be available to my patients for the foreseeable
future. And to care for not only them, but their whole family, and to do it in a way
that advocates a really healthy lifestyle. I’m happy to partner with
patients and explaining to them which lifestyle choices might be the best for
them and then if for when those don’t work, to advocate for medications. Outside
of work I have a young son who keeps me very busy, I spend a lot of time on him
with his school activities, and just being at home, doing homework, making
dinner cleaning the house, doing the groceries
the stuff that all the moms do. When I do get some time for myself I very much enjoy food
shopping, and farmers markets, I love yoga I never get enough time for it. I also
just enjoy sort of being physically active I enjoyed weightlifting, and
running, but I’d never get enough time for any of that. I really enjoy reading
for pleasure, I enjoy going to the beach and sitting quietly on
the beach. One of the things I really like about The Corvallis clinic, is that
it is, it is independent, it’s a physician owned organization, and I believe in that
sort of live local, shop local, buy local philosophy and I think that extends to
medicine, it allows us to to make decisions on a grassroots level, and I
think that that’s key for making the best decisions for both the doctor and
the patient.

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  1. Only the best doctor I've ever had. One of a kind – the best kind. Warmest wishes for all the good things that will come her way.

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