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hey everyone welcome back so today’s
workout is an inner thigh workout and this workout is not going to bulk up
your legs or your thighs. Your inner thighs are gonna burn so badly but girls
and guys this is gonna be worth it! this workout is super fun and there’s no
repeat exercises and also there’s no jumping involved so don’t worry about
that and let’s jump straight into it in today’s workout we’ve got three sets
forty seconds on and a quick five seconds off. You need a fitness mat and a
towel so pause the video and get them ready before we start. Now let’s start the
workout with plie. It’s basically a sumo squat but your toes are pointed outwards
make sure your feet are really wide apart and squat down and you’ll feel it
on your inner thighs now we’ve got a quick 5 seconds rest and
we’re jumping into side lunges this really targets the inner thighs and make
sure you go quite deep into the lunge for all the exercises today make sure
you’re engaging your inner thighs if you’re not engaging your inner thighs
you’re gonna be working your other muscle groups and my inner thighs was so
sore the next day after this workout next we’ve got two angles leg lift first
keep one leg at around 45 degrees angle and then sideways at 90 degrees you’re
working different part of the inner thighs here. Make sure you think about
your inner thigh muscles when you’re working them if not you’re not really
working on them. now on to the other side next we have a modified crab-walk have
your feet pointed outwards, like really outward, and walk sideways. Stay low and
you feel it so much on your inner thighs up next we’ve got plie again but this
time we are adding in pointed toes. We are doing it four times with that pointed toes two times on each leg. When you lift that heals your muscle memory is
going to use your calf muscle here. Make sure you use your inner thighs to get
your heels up not your calf muscles. You can do this. And this works absolutely
great way inner thighs now that’s the end of set one we’ve got a
15 seconds break before we start the next set
so get your mat and a towel if you haven’t already. Lie down on your mat and
we’re going to do some inner thigh lifts cross one leg over the other like so and
lift and this exercise is absolutely brutal for the inner thighs I love it so
much but at the same time I also really hate it stay where you are and next we’re going
to do some leg circles with the other leg. Just concentrate on using your inner
thighs to draw a big circle a big circle again stay put and next we’re going to
do toe touches on the other leg make sure you use your inner thigh muscles to
lift the leg it changes everything now flip around to the other side and
we’re going to repeat these three exercises and wrap up settee we’ll start
with inner thigh lift again and next we are doing leg circles again concentrate
on that inner thighs and finally some toe touches and make
sure you think about your inner thighs when you’re doing this all right we’ve got ten seconds rest
time after this and we’re going to start set three grab a towel and lay on the
mat and place your towel in between your legs and we’re going to do some glute
bridges make sure you squeeze that butt and that’s towel in between your legs we
are working both your butt and inner thighs at the same time here, so good now put that towel aside and place your
palms flat on the ground and we’ve got legs scissors next. Make sure you have your
feet pointed outwards as well so it targets your inner thighs now stay where you are cuz we’ve got
frog press next. Pretend that you’ve got frog legs and thrust those long legs
forward I hope you’re feeling that burn on your inner thighs by now flat facing the ceiling open up your
legs and draw a diamond as you come back up adjust your feet and make sure your
feet are flat facing the ceiling again this helps to target the inner thighs
more as you open up your legs next we’ve got leg swipes, start by
lifting one leg up straight and going all the way to the right and try to
touch the ground if you can and then on to the other side. Be safe and do it
slowly now on to the other side for the last two exercises get on all
fours and we got some sidekicks. Start with one leg extended behind you and kick it
to the side adjust it base on the angle that engaged your inner thighs the most,
and don’t give up guys feel that burn and we’re almost at the end of the
workout and now on to the other side let’s do
this guys great job everyone I hope your
inner thighs are burning right now don’t forget to smash that thumbs up button
and drop me your comments. If you have not subscribed yet, smash that subscribe
button and turn on notifications and I’ll see you guys in the next workout

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