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Localizing The Medicine Vs General Activation..

oh okay I want to make a video on something I'm going through in my process of learning you know thinking my version of deep which is different forms of activation of medicine do different things right we've got quite noisy out there isn't it okay so we've got medicine we all know about we all know about what some medicine what's what's good and bad for us but let's talk a little bit about me talk and have your opinions on the difference between localizing the medicine to a particular area and activating it in my opinion in a more powerful way versus a general activation just looking at don't get me wrong and fire for example eating or drinking medicine without the urine fruits you know even fasting you could all use a it's like a general activation as opposed to a local activation all these kind of things there is a difference and ideally we should be doing both but I want to promote the idea of low this is what I do and I've been thinking about it accidental experimenting on myself localized medicine and what do I mean by localized medicine general medicine would being a through fasting grounding with your feet to the ground that's general medicine you're in drinking a stir in drinking through the mouth waiting through the nose these are all not even though she's for the mouth its general medicine because it goes into the bloodstream digestive system and it works through now localized medicine I think is the next level and and I've had to choose one or the other I do both but I choose the local medicine what I mean by localized medicine is we can use the power activation called the skin right and get the medicine into a local area right so let's let's let's go deep a little bit with this think about grounding our ancestors would have been grounding pretty much 24/7 a lot of time with our feet to the ground now this is good because you know we know these negative ions which are invisible get from any skin contact in tight any skin contact at that point into the entire Avatar system right right now the longer you ground with your feet to the ground like our answer stood for a long time so stay grounded the two hours walking barefoot in the park now eventually that from here me here don't let confuse people this is my opinion as well but I think it's true eventually from dot one when you ground with any part your body so say your feet to the ground the medicine goes straight in a little bit go straight into the entire system because when you ground for the first second you get a deep breath and that lets going straight to the lungs the negative ions going straight away right however it doesn't fully ingratiate yourself into the system grounding in the first couple of minutes it takes a while right and this is what I call nonlocalized medicine general medicine so if your grounding so say you pad your feet on the ground in the first five minutes some of the medicine is getting into the head and the lungs and but most of this stuck predominately at the feet now it takes a good sigh it takes 40 minutes for the blood to thin so that's the example of how long it takes for the medicine to get fully into the system now the longer you ground the more opportunities for the medicine to get not just from a localized into the feet in a little bit everywhere but into the proper nook and cranny and then it baby ah what if you localized the medicine and what I mean is like I did today at the midday just come back I was lying on the ground and just like me time for shorts now my back my tire as opposed to what it normally do which is just my sometimes my lower legs and my feet are on the ground grounding always grounding apart right but this time I put my I lied down right and I put my back my entire back system to the ground so now I've activated more skin flesh into grounding so the more skin you you exposed to ground the more medicine goes in but this is what I mean by localized medicine so now what's so you line down your feet or on the ground still but you're now your back is exposed to the ground Nick hold it there the but the the negative ions are gonna infuse from the back boy you've got your back you've got your spine fucking amazing shit so the medicine is going straight to the spine no wasting time like doing 40 minutes to an hour grounding from the feet and you know eventually all the medicine getting into the nooks and crannies of the brain is fine now the back activation straightaway you're getting the medicine strange the spine the adrenals are in the back the Torino adrenal fatigue massive problem fruitarians everyone fucking – everyone's got weak adrenals blah-dee blah-blah so stressed and wash it well ground to the ground localize the medicine put your back to the ground so therefore he gets into the spine it gets into the adrenals and guess what it's gonna hit the whole abdomen because that's the back and it just calms it into the chest and in your abdomen you've got all the organs of the body got the pancreas you've got the spleen you got the lungs you've got the heart you've got the small testings got the large intestines you've got pain you've got everything there so that's what I mean by localised medicine you are providing this massive center which has got the throat chakra the heart chakra if you believe in the shock system it's just got everything here it's getting a localized nap you put your arms spread out while you're lying on your back – grounding guess what it's going to go into and the upper arms which have a lot of toxicity well I'm trying to get at you can localize the medicine you got to start being wise you know if you put your head to the ground guess what that's going to localize the negative ions going into the brain much quicker than spending to three hours grounding through the feet you can get the job done 20 minutes and with the back activation and you're back on that's what I mean the more area exposed obviously the better but that's what I mean by localized medicine another example urine therapy great to drink powerful activation in fruits to eating and drinking you're in fine age you're in also highly recommend you read my book you know to drink aged urine sit very powerful shit gets into the bloodstream around the whole body how about we we double up or even focus on localized medicine what I mean fresh urine topically over areas that you think are weak or you want to strengthen for example your pituitary gland master hormone there we go rub the fresher and rub the eight here in that your thyroid how about you rub the neck you know localize the medicine instead of drinking it and hoping that some of it gets round to those bits and it will but it will loose because you're only drinking unless you're drinking lots and I don't advise people to drink a lot anyways that are in my crew because you know you know a lot about health and drinking oh it's only for beginners I regard healthy so you can localize the mess into the thyroid another one huge time on is localizing your your testosterone production because your testes as a man your testicles produce 95% testosterone so how can you localize that well you can apply fresh urine on your ball sack you can put it topically by the way wasn't talking and having a day job in women that's very strange nice powerful activation of DejaVu like I've said this before I had it I've been here and said this exact thing forward no I haven't say very nice it's very soon so yeah you can localize the medicine and you've got weak adrenals go ahead rub your back we know where the adrenals are in the back the two two points at the base of the spine either side you can rub the especially a urine you can rub it over that area if you've got a weak lung area right got lots of mucus in alongs you're a smoker COPD at the Simo you just want to have better lungs better breathing why don't you localize the medicine to the chest do you hear what I'm trying to say localized medicine or fresh here in aged urine applying it topically Oh another localized form of medicine would be sunlight too this is why you know when you put your testicles to the Sun it charges up and for a woman yoni your childís like me eat sure and fermenters I'm a testosterone eater sex for my levels because you're localizing the medicine this is why nudism works because in think of nudism or as close to it as possible you're localizing the medicine to the whole body activation the whole body's getting active i in other words new design is is perfect it's its own is it it's localized medicine completely it's complete coverage of human body when we do our age you're in fresh here in whole body rubs we are doing localized medicine with you know we're drinking and that's kind of a cool pad you can put even more so when we do the age doing rub is 20 minutes then there's no nook or cranny the boy he doesn't get the medicine it's localized medicine the thyroid gets it when you rub your face gets it and it goes way deeper than what I've said what I'm saying because when you do medicine to one part of the body for example you just massage your face only well if you believe in reflexology and I do you're really doing a lot of work for the whole body because your face carries the reflexology points to everything so does your hands your feet subject tongues your eyes you he or one part of the body about healing other so even though we're doing localized medicine like if I'm just roaming my face it's localized to the Cure to read the brain you think it's not really because it reflex all it is to everything isn't it and I was thinking something else kikyo i thought i was saying that which i oh yeah the meridian points to so when i'm i'm massaging just my face my face has meridian points for everything in the body my head has to how do I know tapping when we tap we're doing the Meridian point shit so when I do like I don't know just my arm and I sizing that knowing by localizing into the arm I've ridden the whole body I'm activating for in ecology but also meridian points effect and then breeding points are connected to things that are not to do with the arm with just other parts of the body so you're you're doing everything with powerful activations that a pointless video was to think about localized medicine will that be localized grounding and getting more activation like oh I've got a week I've got a weak heart or I've got a weak adrenals then get your back grounded man stop using your brain get your Brett if you've got you know problems of your brain start you know localizing the grounding to the head instead of waiting for a waiting a long time for the to go through the fee to the brain it takes 40 minutes to go from the feet to the brain and you can feel it after 20 minutes and it's always exactly more or less 40 minutes something very powerful happens from the feet to the brain that's how it takes but you can localize it and speed up the process and do longer by the way that's another thing I didn't think of people say when you go on the beach and you dig a hole and you dig someone in did put someone in a hole in the beach like you did gonna make a hole for them complete hole for their body and you know pile it up and put the sandal around them just the head poking out people say that's a very powerful health activation well thinking about it what do you think you're doing you're at the beach you're at negative ions fresh air amazing that's cool but that person was there being completely covered in sand apart from their head at the beach that's called grounding that's called localized medicine to the whole fucking body there's negative ions going in from the air and negative ions and from and from the sand itself and it's negative ions going cuz their body's completely covered up and grounding as 360 grounding you there's no other place you can do free 60 grounding is it think about it you can't do 360 practically if you have to pop your head you can't do 360 grounding anywhere I mean naturally you can have a sleeping bag that's expensive that you can buy expensive sleeping bags the Tour de Fratus people do innings you can buy it but I mean you can't naturally ground your whole body 360 that's impossible unless you surround yourself in like in the beach right with a 360 so that's the one reason that I think that explains why people say that digging yourself in a hole and dig yourself up in a beach we just head is very powerful activation because it's localized medicine 360 you know I think just as powerful there would be to being close to naked or connect your time for shorts at the beach because then you get into some medicine you know you can't get some medicine while you're grounded stuck in there that's something to experiment which is more powerful maybe I'll come to that at some point in my life try have to say yes anyway localized medicine focus and this is especially keep anyone you know this disease that doesn't believe in urine therapy for example and they've got something basic like even basically spots on their face then you can localize the medicine tell them try your fresh urine on the spots that's called localized medicine and the medicine goes away straight away more quickly maybe than if it drawn care because it's localizing the medicine it sounds kind of serious to season they know what it is will I be prostate cancer whether I be breast cancer will that be fire ROI cancer is or whatever problems it's very easy how to tell them to treat that one because then you can tell about lumison fresher and aged year in grounding on specific areas of the body right so if it got fire road problems get the back that pot the back rounded the whole back you know if the tree nose get the back rounded all this stuff you know it's very simple let me think about it yes anyway localize the medicine to me you want to be doing both you want to be taking it so the blood system drinking eating a medicine fasting all that shit which the fasting does it all for you but you also are you thinking about localized medicine to gain as much body supporting contact with the Sun is localized medicine nudism is localized medicine and then thinking of grounding specific parts of a more and also fresh urine topically over areas of weakness or you place is what it build up like for example I said with testosterone on your sexual hormone where you produce your sacral hormones and all this stuff say yeah okay localized medicine for the fucking win or both and yeah James it won't work you put on work although James I will and speak to your messenger a barrel and maybe we should do an interview I do entities are people on June so we can do an interview bro and find out what you know and be nice to chat to you soon yeah all right

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