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Launch of Mental Health Emergency Department Crisis Hub

So I’m here at St Vincent’s Hospital in Fitzroy as part of the State Government’s announcement of our budget for delivering six Mental Health Crisis Hubs in our busiest emergency departments. I’m joined by Richard Wynne the Member for
Richmond and Sue Cowling who’s the Nurse Director here
at the emergency department. We are finding $100.5 million dollars of funding six crisis hubs for those people who come into contact with our emergency departments every day and don’t get the support they need and this is about making sure that people with challenging mental health and
alcoholic drug behaviours are dealt with quickly, effectively and not just in their interests but the interests of other patients and particularly the interest
of our staff. So I might ask our friendly Director of Nursing – oops I think I just
gave you a promotion. Sue to talk about what it means from the staff’s
point of view. I think this is a funding opportunity we’ve
been really hopeful of. Emergency departments are under a lot of pressure
with patients presenting with drug and alcohol
issues and the impact is not only on them selves
and coming in confidentiality and the dignity with which
you’re treated in a very open environment but also around the stress they place on other patients and other staff and so having an appropriate place to care for them over a given period of time I think really going to provide a lot of better care and have really big impact on the community as they go back out into it. We’re really looking forward to being able to create a model of care that will support these patients who are under
a lot of stress when they present at an emergency department
who have a very short window of impacting their care I think the will allow us to make a significant
impact on their care Richard as the local member. Well thanks very much Martin and Sue thank you so much for having us here today at the magnificent some St Vincent’s hospital. This emergency department does really magnificent work, and your announcement today Martin is going to be really important particularly in managing difficult clients who come into the hospital with – could be drug affected, mental health or alcohol issues and to be able to as Sue said treat these people with dignity and ensure that other patients who are being dealt with here in emergency are also provided with a comfortable environment – this is really important work and I want to congratulate you and obviously the Premier for the foresight of providing this much needed funding not only to St Vincent’s but to six of our major emergency hospitals so thanks very much.

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