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hi guys welcome back to my channel so we're here at the hospital and I'm in that well I'm not actually an established labor yet but I just got my waters broken and I'm four centimeters dilated and yeah we're just gonna bring baby out so kind of excited it is Sunday the 13th of March what's the time rubber I've got a past 8 so Roberts here with me he's gonna be my birthing partner yeah so had my waters broken and you can on it if you want my water's broken but nothing yet I've had irregular contractions her head is facing up so my contractions have been all over the place yep and the charges in the bag as well so we're just waiting they're gonna leave me like this for an hour to see if any progress and then if not they are going to put the drip on oxytocin and that will get contractions started other than that yeah I'm just just waiting around for a baby Vitti yep I haven't had anything to eat I don't usually eat through my Labor's I usually just discipline things and a lot of sweet things to give me energy but yeah and as you can see I'm dripping already so I'm not a good site but only little bits come out and it wasn't painful either it's 9:30 so it's been an hour and having contractions so now they're gonna put the oxytocin in and hopefully get this baby on the road so the oxytocin tribute ready hey guys so it is 10:35 and I just had an increase in oxytocin and my contractions are a little bit more stronger and a little bit more closer together I feel like I might just go for an image or I might not keep you guys posted so yeah I'm getting a contraction now within the next couple of hours okay okay again it was so uncomfortable for me to move so you can massage my back so I just did it like that yeah maybe I auntie um look at my bag there's a lovely Bali sugar just bring it to me yeah I understand you need to push it look at me a little bit more than yet oh yeah ah I feel like I want to push I'm gonna at the bid I went to this one guys yeah all those dings everything's all happening oh gosh I feel like [Applause] just bring it okay camera put it over that side I'm gonna raise a bit up a little bit so don't know that my leg up you can see what I'll move that up cuz I'm moving a bit up showing you I kinda like that me back there I nearly cried on that one too it was a hard one still recording 24:17 can you put the head down I feel like shit brother hold my legs cause I'm shaking this is what you know isn't it we usually have to bring my legs right up to my chest and I don't have any energy for that no but I can feel that I want to push my contraction comes it's just that one when I say okay that's better but Politico another mean wife ah I feel like I feel like wanna shit oh oh why why do we go through that wait a few minutes the position will be out and then you could see you're not rest your left hand on me hold my leg up oh can you see in the head some water please Oh I'm so hot yeah head really truly with money stay in there hey I think for like one convention yeah crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy hey beautiful she does Michael [Applause] we just pushed her really quickly through the burger now we get some so I can take that from you too from when you were talking about me Pedro and you have just started kick anybody say that was a bad now on we should be much flatter dope that close I can spread out already I was getting really agitated with him too hi guys I'm up here in the not the birthing unit the maternity unit and I gave birth to Garrett yeah I gave birth at 11:30 or 2vt she was 3.5 kg and it was fast she came in an hour so she's just lying the back here I will hopefully get sent home today I'm feeling pretty good I like I didn't get any stitches or anything just a little bit of grades is here and there but yeah I was really happy with the birth and the EBP evening primrose oil and raspberry relief team really helped a lot with my cervix ripening and stretching on my cervix anyway I'll check in again when I get home so I'll see you guys soon

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