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Kya homeopathic dawaiyan kaam karti hain?

Few people among us, many people,
at the time of sickness use allopathic medicines, some take ayurvedic medicines and some use
homoeopathic medicines and especially regarding
homoeopathic medicines people around us have very different views,
there is a lot of confusion. Don’t you believe me? See for yourself. – Have you ever had homoeopathic medicines?
– Yes, it is good. – You got benefited?
– Yes. -It takes some time. – I have got result, my fever was gone.
I had stomach pain which was cured. – Initially I used it,
but it didn’t suit me. after that I left it. -It is beneficial but it takes some time. – Have you got any benefit? – Actually we need immediate result, as we try homoeopathy
and see nothing is happening and immediately we go for allopathy,
that’s why we can’t much rely on homoeopathy. -I have been using homoeopathy
since I came to Delhi. -I used it once, it had no result,
I’ve still kept them, it cost ₹2000 but got no benefit. – It increases the diseases, due to this
people use it less and use allopathy more although it is good,
there is no problem in it. – It is homoeopathic medicine that suits
my son and no other medicine. -I got benefit but
only half not completely. -I too didn’t got any benefit,
and I didn’t brought it after that. – Have you ever tried homoeopathic medicines?
– Yes ma’am. – What do you think, it is effective?
– Sometimes. – Yes, it does. – I brought it from the Charak Palika. – Did you get well from due to that?
– Yes. it is good. – The medicine is really good. – It is effective but it takes a little time. – I’ve got little bit benifit, and my mother
also tried, but she didn’t got any result. – Its duration is much longer – Madam, it’s “Like for like”,
it is effective, everyday it is effective. there is no doubt about it,
I use these things. and we also give medicine to many people. So there is no doubt about
that it is perfectly effective. – It is very powerful medicine,
awesome medicine. – Okay, you have used it and you were cured?
– I have used it and I have faith in it. You must have seen that people’s experience
regarding homoeopathy medicine is different not only that modern science
do not support homoeopathy. Some people also think that
homoeopathy is a fraud. Therefore today in our video
we will try to understand this what is there in these homoeopathic medicines
that some people doesn’t trust them? and what is the confusion all about? What has happened? Homoeopathy was invented by a German scientist
Samuel hahnemann around 200 years back and these white pills that are given to
the patients in homeopathy these are not real medicine. These pills, soak the real medicine
and transfer it to the body and these white pills are
made of sugar and goat’s milk. On one hand where millions of
people use homoeopathy medicine in other hand modern science
doesn’t believe in homoeopathy. The National Institute of Health says
that they don’t have any proof to suggest that the homoeopathic medicines
work on patients. That’s why I got this
question in my mind that, the Homeopathic medicines which
are being used by so many people and they’re getting cured because of that, it is held bogus by modern science.
But why? The main reason for this, is the way,
homeopathic medicines cure any disease. which is very much different
from ayurveda and allopathy. The first principle of homeopathy
is “Like cures like”. Similar to the proverb, that
“Poison can kill poison” homoeopathy also believes something similar so if in any disease,
some symptoms can be seen on a patient So the medicine that causes similar
symptoms is given to the patient if that medicine is given
to a healthy person it can cause the exact symptoms
which that sick person is having is it little confusing? I am giving you one example If by eating onion,
you get running nose and your eyes are filled with water So the disease in which
these symptoms occur which is Common cold it can be treated
by eating onions. So I am giving you another
example of this if by drinking coffee
your sleep goes away so a patient who is not able to sleep they can be treated with coffee. But it is also believe in homeopathy that these medicines will work only if they are
given in perfect quantity to the patient and this is homoeopathy’s second principle. Therefore any medicine in homoeopathy is diluted
by mixing it with water and alcohol, many times sometimes its diluted so much that the final medicine contains very
few particle of the original medicine in homeopathy it is believed
that due to dilution it works properly,
without any side effects. along with that homeopathy also says
that because of diluting it that much The effect of medicine does not
diminish but increases more. This second principle of homeopathy, in which the
effectiveness of medicine is increased by diluting it, modern science doesn’t believe in that. Because they say that the medicines
which are given to the patients if they are tested in lab So, in them, the quantity of
real medicine will be found negligible. These medicines are one kind of water
which are given to the patients Because they contain only a few
particles of the real ingredients. It is very difficult to research what percentage of
patient are being cured by homoeopathic medicines or not because these medicines are given differently
to the patients according their condition, or according to their symptoms and
their concentration is also different. On the other hand if you ask a common man,
there are so many people who feels that they are cured by
homoeopathy medicines and some people are definitely
getting cured by this, and it is the reason that so many
people are using these medicines. On this modern science says that,
the patient who goes to a homoeopathic doctor many a time patient
gets cured automatically but they feel they are cured
because of that medicine and also the way homoeopathic doctor talks
to a patient, asks about their condition this also affects patient’s
condition very much. So I told you the approach of modern science
towards homeopathic medicines and also I told you, why few peoples
do not have faith in these medicines but if we do not understand something
or we doesn’t know about it it doesn’t mean that it is
completely bogus or rubbish that would be nonsensical
way of judging things. I think, to see the effectiveness of a homeopathy
medicine, it is important to experience them I am quite confused
about these medicines whether it works properly or not? I would like to know from you, that are you
you getting results using these medicines and what was your experience
regarding homeopathy medicine please let me know
by commenting below.

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