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Know Your Health

ParTNers for Health is committed to your
health and peace of mind. We want to provide you with the information you
need to make good healthcare decisions. Think about the last time you bought a
car. Did you do your homework? Did you compare features, warranties, costs? Now
think about the last time you or a family member went to the hospital or
had a medical procedure. You probably didn’t even know you might have a choice.
And it’s unlikely you compared services or quality of your health care. In the
past, there were too few, if any, resources to help you choose the best care. That
is changing. Now there are tools to assist you in becoming a smarter
healthcare consumer. One tool is the Making Healthy Choices website. This
national campaign by Consumer Reports helps ensure you and your family receive
the best care. These resources, including questions to ask your doctor, help you
engage in more informed conversations. There’s also the Making Healthy Choices
app for Apple devices. This includes information about more than 100 health
topics. It can help you answer questions like: Do I really need this test or
treatment? What are the risks and benefits? Is this the best drug for my
condition? You might also want to check out the Leapfrog Hospital survey results.
All hospitals are not the same. Strong health care teams
reduce infection rates, put checks in place to prevent mistakes and open
strong lines of communication. But some hospitals trail behind. Medical errors
are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., behind heart disease and cancer.
Just like you did your research before purchasing a car, you can also research
and compare hospitals. Leapfrog makes it easy. There’s the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade. You can search for hospital safety
grades by city, state, zip code or hospital.Tthe safety
grade rates more than 2,600 hospitals on the basics of medical care, such as
hand-washing, entering prescriptions through a computer and the availability
of highly trained nurses. Viewing the scores for the hospitals in your area
makes it easier to find the best care for you and your family. To recap here
are the websites you want to keep in mind as you do your homework before your next medical appointment or procedure. Making Healthy Choices is at consumer
health choices dot org forward slash healthy, or if you have an Apple device you can
get this as a free app. Compare area hospitals at leapfrog group dot org forward
slash compare – hospitals. And finally compare hospital safety grades by going
to hospital safety grade dot org. Know Your Health is brought to you by ParTNers for

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