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Klopp meets a young Everton fan at Alder Hey children’s hospital

Hello, I’m Jürgen Klopp, and I’ve come to Alder Hey Hospital today
to learn about cystic fibrosis. – Hi.
– Hi, Jürgen, nice to meet you. I’m Adam, I’m one of the physios. Cystic fibrosis is a genetic condition
which children are born with and it means that they have,
amongst other things, a problem moving
the mucus on their chest, which predisposes them to chest infections. The more active our children can be,
the better for them really. Recently we’ve developed a partnership with
the Liverpool Football Club Foundation called the MOVE Project. We’re always trying, from
a physiotherapy side, to promote being active, and the MOVE Project brings coaches from
the Liverpool Football Club Foundation into the hospital here to work with our guys,
on a Wednesday morning after a clinic visit. So it actually helps make what can be quite
a clinical environment and stale process for the kids when they come through
and see us every eight weeks, it gives them something active to
look forward to at the end of their clinics, and the project now has the scope
to see patients in the community as well and to continue and promote
that activity locally with all the work that the foundation do
in Merseyside. And if it’s OK, I’d like to introduce
one of our young people to you. But…he’s an Evertonian. Carson. I’m sorry it’s not Mr Silva. I heard it already. Full throttle, whatever you want. LAUGHTER – So, Carson, we are here in a hospital.
– Yep. – And play football.
– Mm-hmm. What are you doing here? I have cystic fibrosis.
Since I was born I’ve had it. OK. So when you remember that, somebody told you,
“We have to go to hospital” and you didn’t even know why. – No.
– So you learned it? OK. But now it’s kind of something
you carry around all day. And what can you do to make it a bit better? Well, I do physio. I come for an appointment every
eight weeks, and after that appointment, I just come down here
and play with a football. And what I heard, the fitter you are,
the better it is? Yeah. Oh, good, that’s like
with my players, to be honest. When did it happen that
you became an Evertonian? Well, when I was… You fall from a tree or what? That’s only a joke, we are friends,
it’s only a joke. Sorry about that. But why we are here, I think the reason is
that all the things are quite expensive, that’s always how it is in medical health,
and we try to help a little bit. My face is not good for a lot of things, but sometimes when I say something,
people listen a little bit more. And what we want to say today
is he’s a very nice guy, but the disease is not that cool,
to be honest, eh? Yeah, that’s it, and we want to raise money
so everybody can help. We have only a little problem. I have only one ball here for you,
and the thing is, as you can see, it’s red. But this is your ball from now on. Thank you. Do whatever you want with it,
kick it in the sea or whatever, but maybe you can have a little bit
of fun with it, that would be cool. Carson, it was a pleasure. You too. Yes? It was a pleasure for you as well? – Yep.
– Oh, that’s nice! We could be friends actually!

100 thoughts on “Klopp meets a young Everton fan at Alder Hey children’s hospital

  1. As a blue it's got to be said, this fella understands the city, understands the people that live here and as this video shows genuinely seems to care about the people that live here. Rivalry aside it genuinely does warm the heart to see things like this.

  2. For everyone commenting on the fan being an Everton fan or Klopp being the Liverpool manager please stop.

    This, like many things in life, is more important than football. Klopp did an incredible thing for someone with cistic fibrosis. Whether he is an Everton fan or not, he will probably never forget this experience ever in his life. The fact he is also raising money is really cool.

    This is not about what team you support, this is about a physical and terminal condition that we would never want to go through.

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  4. Flopps only ever gonna find Evertonian's In Alder Hey, #MerseysIsBlue, he need's to go to Malaysian general hospital for all the Liverpool supporters!

  5. Great project and respect for Jürgen and especially for Carson for their attitude and commitment to help this project in public.

  6. I love liverpool but we should give money to Sean Cox because he was hurt and is in a coma I don't no him at all but roma should give 1 million and liverpool should give 1 million we won't forget what happened sleep in peace Sean

  7. He speaks English very well don't hate on me I'm a chelsea fan but I like Liverpool they would be the team I would support if I didn't support Chelsea

  8. The reason I like Klopp is that he is genuinely a nice human being before a great coach. If he is my manager, I would do my best for him

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  10. I don't know why, because those achievments of Klopp and his good name in the world are not my achievements. But as a german, i am looking for comments about klopp from other countrys then germany because i am really happy reading compliments and credits for Klopp, just because it's a german star, who achieved it to be famous and accepted in the whole world. Donno why, even if i did nothing for his achievements and it's random where u are born and raised, i feel a little bit proud for our german export club manager.

  11. My respect for Jürgen Klopp is too high ! Seen almost all his videos he seems to be the person I would like to be in Life.

  12. Carson kida, there is no cure for evertonianitis haha!
    But all jokes aside. Good Luck kida.From a liverpudlian.

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