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Kids Try Hospital Food From Around The World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– Oh, come on! – Wow, chicken pot pie. There’s cake? You serve me cake while people is sick? (whimsical instrumental music) – Hi! – [Woman] How are you? – Good. – How about you? – [Woman] I’m … Feeling a little sick. (gasps) – [Woman] Have you ever
been to the hospital? – I’ve already gone to the hospital ’cause I had the flu. I got to eat popsicles. (whimsical instrumental music) – Ew. (laughs) – Hm … ooh. Okay, I’m just gonna try this piece. Ah, that’s sour. – [Woman] Is this what you were expecting to get in the hospital? – Someone is sick?! I usually eat rice and soup and noodles. – Is this chicken noodle soup? – [Woman] That is miso soup. – It needs some salt and pepper. – This looks like fish. I’ve never eaten fish before ’cause every time we go fishing,
we do not catch any fish. (laughs) – Ew, what’s on the bottom? – [Woman] That’s the skin. – Ew. – Okay, I’m just gonna try this piece. Yep, I like it. – That actually tastes really good. – This is healthy because cucumbers are healthy for your eyes. – Soups keeps your body warm. – A-choo! – [Woman] Uh-oh. Get this boy to a hospital! (whimsical instrumental music) (screams) – Mm … That has no cheese on it, but mm. – It looks like it’s from a kid’s menu. I think it’s not really
on the healthy side. – [Woman] So what do you guys
know about health insurance? – Oh, health insurance! It’s when you break a bone, and the insurance pay for it maybe. – [Woman] Yeah. – Tazianna, what are you doing? – Huh? – [Woman] Butter … – You nasty. – I’m not nasty. Give me your butter. (laughs) – It’s too plain. When I have certain kinds of noodles, I like having certain things on ’em. – Want some more sausage. – [Woman] There’s some more on your plate. – I was gonna eat that one. – That was yours? I thought that was mine. (laughs) – [Boy] Are you gonna stab
me with a sleeping medicine? I’ll stab you. (stabbing sound)
– Ohhhh! (whimsical instrumental music) – [Girl] There’s cake? You’re gonna serve me
cake while people is sick? (laughs) Mm. – When I’m in the hospital, I’d be happy ’cause I have mashed potatoes,
and I like mashed potatoes and cake and buttered bread, which I like. – That’s good. That’s cold. That’s vegetable-y. – [Nolan] They have a yogurt. I like berries. They’re also blueberries. Blueberries are my favorite. – [Woman] Here we are
in an American hospital. – If you broke your arm, with health insurance,
it could cost $1,200. – Oh!
– Oh, shoot! All of this … Expensive! – [Woman] No health insurance … $2,500. – What? (laughs) – I’m not paying for it. – [Woman] So if you
don’t wanna pay for it, what’s gonna happen? – Suck it up, buttercup. (laughs) (whimsical instrumental music) – Really fancy. – Fancy, fancy, fancy. – Oh, my gosh, there’s cheese. – [Woman] This is what’s called “quiche”. This is from a country known for having fancy hospital food. – I know it smells like vinegar. – I don’t like it. – This is a little spicy. – I’m scared to try these. It’s too fancy for me. – [Woman] You broke
your arm in Switzerland. How much does it cost? – Since it’s fancy, I’m thinking $1,020. – $1,150. – [Woman] $316. – I was gonna guess that. – And I was off.
– Come on. – [Woman] All right, one more, you guys. – [Girl] Is it Indian food? – [Woman] Open! – It’s Indian food. Yep, I knew it. It’s my mama’s favorite. – ‘Kay … – Okay, that, I do not like. I’d rather eat a popsicle. – In India, if you break your arm, how much do you think it costs? – $500.
– $63. – [Woman] $10! – Wow, cheap!
– What?! – We used to go to the Indian
restaurant all the time. – [Woman] In India, you could
just go to the hospital. Well, Nolan, are you feeling better now that you’ve had
all this hospital food? – No, ’cause I took lots of medicine. – At some places in the
world, hospital food could be really expensive. – If I was in the hospital, my mom has to pay that because
I don’t have any money, and I don’t have my own bank. – [Woman] Have you guys ever
talked about this at school? – Never! – I did not even know! – [Woman] All right.
Bye. Bye!

100 thoughts on “Kids Try Hospital Food From Around The World | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

  1. You need to do this again with the British Hospitals as we use the NHS As our payment so all the costs for us, The NHS Takes care of.

  2. the two black kids (not trying to be racist, this is just so that you can tell who im talking about) are SO picky, just because they havent had it before

  3. I hate nolan he is so anoying and when he said he dosent catch fish he wasnt lieing he eats mcdonalds everyday bcs have you seen his body shape

  4. kali kali
    janda fer
    Kinda KINA
    (I'm not gonna translate all I said to English because everyone going to think its offensive XD)

  5. Why don’t these kids’ parents teach them to chew with their mouths closed? They are a little old for not doing so.

  6. How can all the hospitals in a country serve same food.. let alone be the kind of hospital (high end, low end).. menu also changes as per the region, culture n season in a single country.. this is so generalizing.. south Indian hospitals never serve chana masala, dal makhani or Maharashtra no hospital serves dal makhani or Chhole or saag n chapatis just don't look like that.. this is North Indian food that too not all states in North India eat all these

  7. Ahaha, foreigners are so cute, they think government hospitals in India serve food that great, awwww XD sorry but stuff like this makes me slightly passive aggressive

  8. India hospital don't get that food. That chapti is tanduri what you serve to kids that very thick , we generally get food in hospital is Khichdi (it is a mixture of rice, pulse and vegetables , for test some salt )

  9. the hospital food i had in the U.S. was way better than what they showed!!! they made me such a good sandwhich…….. it was amazing esp after being on a liquid diet for a couple days i cant get the delicious strawberry sorbet out of my mind

  10. The dark skinned toned girls said eww to asian food that looked good but got excited for some nasty pasta with a sausage

  11. 2:41 boy: I like to be happy in the hospital because there’s mashed potato.

    Me:well I guess you like me bc I’m a potato but I will NEVER be by your side

  12. 1:23 boy:this is healthy bc cucumber helps your eyes
    Girl: and soup is healthy bc it keeps you warm
    Me:well I tryed soup and nothing happens to me

  13. So why did she say to the white kid and tell them about having insurance and then to the black kid about NOT having insurance.

  14. O my God no way ! we got this type of food in hospitals I get to know this today lol….. 😂😂 Getting a spoon with meal is harder 😂😂

  15. Υοu could also have included Greek food!!!! It's the best to me, but so many vegetables and fruits to kids…DEFINITELY NOT!

  16. wow now I really want to go to a Japanese or Indian Hospital, it looked so good and healthy. Where I live food is super good but hospitals serve disgusting type of food, it looks and taste nasty

  17. Wait a min.. $10 (700rs) as treatment cost in India? That too for a broken arm. Seriously? That 700rs is doctor consultation fee, in basic hospital. Not the treatment cost. If u choose to go to a popular hospital they charge even 1500rs ($15), just for consultation.
    I got my left hand, left leg, jaws, teeth, ribs and spinal cord fractured. I sold my house to get treatment. Treatment in India is getting costly day by day 😞

  18. I can’t believe how expensive it is to be in hospital if you are in the USA. The health system sucks over there. Our health system in Australia is great. You can but you don’t have to have health insurance and yeah with out it it is free to stay in hospital. Free to give birth etc

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