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Keloids – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment in Homeopathy by Dr. P.S Tiwari

Hello friends, I am Dr P.S. Tiwari and welcome to my channel. Today i will talk about Keloid. What is Keloid, how it happens, its symptoms
and its homeopathy treatment, so lets begin. Friends first we will understand what is Keloid. When our skin gets injured and to heal and
protect that injury a tissue forms over the injury to quickly heal it. Friends this is the normal process but when
the growth of this scar tissue increases abnormally which leads to overgrowth of scar tissue which
is called Keloids. Friends Keloid can happen at any place of
the body but it occurs mostly in the chest, shoulder and back region. It is a type of benign growth and it is not
a cancer, you should never operate on Keloids and it is not contagious and you should always
treat it with homeopathy medicine rather than going for surgery. If you go for surgery of Keloids then there
are chances that it may happen again after surgery and it may come back with much bigger
in size than before. That is why you should go for only Homeopathy
Treatment. Friends, let us understand in what cases of
skin injury you can have Keloids. Firstly – Acne Scars, if you have acne scar
than you can have Keloids on that region. The second point is Burn. If you got burned on any spot of the body
than you can have Keloid on that particular spot. The third point is Chicken Pox scar. If after chicken pox you have scars left on
your body then there are chances of Keloids forming on the scars. The next point is scratch. If you have any type of scratch on your skin
then you can have Keloids on that region. Fifth point is surgical incision site. Friends the Keloids can often form on the
cut marks which are formed during surgery. Friends I have told you about all the types
of injury in which Keloids can be formed but it is not necessary that you will Keloids
in every case. The occurance of Keloids is based on the Hereditary,
if your parents had Keloids than the chances that you have Keloids increases. Friends its only symptoms is that there is
excessive tissue growth in place of the injury which is in pink or red color and may have
itching. Friends, in homeopathy there are very good
medicines for Keloids which if you take timely without any ignorance then this problem of
yours Keloids will be cured permanently. Now I am going to tell you about some medicines,
you don’t have to take all the medicines instead take only that medicine which matches with
your symptom. Friends i also want to clear one thing that
the medicines which I prescribe in dilution you have to take that directly in your mouth
without water and those medicines which i prescribe in mother tincture you have have
to take with some water. Friends, its first medicine is Graphites 200. You have to take Graphites 200 once in a week
and its symptom is early stage. You have got injured recently and its you
early stage and you dont want to match with constitution of Graphites. If you are having this in early stage then
you can take Graphites 200 – 4 drops once in a week for some time, your Keloids will
be cured permanently. Friends, its next medicine is Silicea. You have to take Silicea in 200 potency – 4
drops once in a week. In this there is pain in your Keloids by touching
alongwith this if some other symptoms of Silicea matches, then the more the merrier, for example
sweating in your legs and there is foul smell in the sweat and the patient is very sensitive
to cold, if these symptoms matches then you can take Silicea 200 – 4 drops once in a week
for some months your Keloids will be cured permanently. Friends, its next medicine is Fluoric Acid
200. In this there is itching in your Keloids. Normally there is no itching in the Keloids
but if you are having itching in your Keloids then you can take Fluoric Acid 200 – 4 drops
once in a week, if your haveing itching in your Keloids then your Keloids will be cured
permanently. Friends, its next medicine is Causticum. You have to take Causticum 200 – 4 drops once
in a week. Its symptom is you got burned either by hot
tea or milk or by any other reason and in that place scar tissue are formed. So if keloids are formed on getting burned
that you can take Causticum 200 – 4 drops once in a week for some months then you Keloid
will be cured. Friends, its next medicine as you know is
Calendula 200. If you have had any trauma or any surgical
trauma and in that place you are having overgrowth than you can take Calendula 200 – 4 drops
once in a week, then your Keloids will be cured. Friends, its next medicine is Thuja 200. You can take Thuja 200 once in a week. Its symptom is that if you are having Keloids
formation in place where you got injection, then you can give Thuja 200 -4 drops once
in a week for some month your Keloids will be cured. Friends these are my medicines for Keloids
which you have to take according to your symptoms and apart from this i am also stating a Golden
medicine namely – Thiosinaminum 3x, no matter what type of Keloids you have whether it has
itching or not, this is the golden remedy. If you give Thiosinaminum 3x – 2 tabs thrice
daily continuous for atleast 3 – 4 months and you dont have to take any other medicine
and the other golden medicine is Calc Flour 12x – 4 tabs thrice daily. So if you take both the golden medicine then
no matter the nature of your Keloid or how old is your Keloid, your Keloid will be cured
permanently. So friends, today i told you about Keloid. If you want complete treatment from me then
you can message me your details in WhatsApp. All the details relating to complete treatment
is given in the description of the video. So friends i hope you like my today’s video.

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