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Kegel Exercises Beginners Workout For Women

Hi, I’m Michelle and welcome to Pelvic Exercises.
Well, we’ve finally reached workout stage with our Kegel exercise series. This is the
fourth episode in our series. Today we’re going to actually do a physical
workout for our pelvic floor muscles, so a Kegel exercise workout. This is a beginner
stage, mat exercise workout. You remember last episode we talked about the number of
exercises you need to do and how to really correctly activate your pelvic floor muscles
with a lift and squeeze technique, and then relaxing down. I want you to use that technique we’ve already
discussed and today with your exercises we’re going to go through three alternative positions.
Choose the position or those positions which feel most comfortable to you and those positions
where you can best feel your pelvic floor muscles working. So it varies from person to person. Positions
can be different in terms of the most effective way of feeling your exercises. So let’s get
started. We’re going to start on our tummies. Remember when you’re starting out the exercises
are really gentle. You hold for as long as you can. If it’s a second, a couples of seconds,
then that’s great. Focus on the correct form; the lift and squeeze; the relax and let go
and getting that technique right for starters before we progress to our strength workout
next session. So, let’s get going! I’m going to get on the
ground. You could actually be on your bed if you wanted to be at home. I’ve got a pillow
here and a pillow is great to use here if you don’t like lying on your tummy, if it
makes your lower back sore. It can just position your pelvis to be a little bit more comfortable
and get your back into a more comfortable position. If you don’t like lying on your tummy, you
can lie on your side. Just make sure your head’s down comfortably and it’s not strained
as well. Use a pillow underneath your head if you’re lying on your side at home. I’m going to lie on my tummy here, pillow
underneath my pelvis as this is the way I’d like you to position at home. Coming down
onto the ground. So I’m lying right down, pillow underneath, and positioning yourself
down, so your head is down. I’m going to be facing the camera, but you might like to put
your head right down and rest it comfortably on your hands so that you don’t affect your
neck. What we’re going to do is start through the
pelvic floor muscles, so start through the anal area. Remember: anal area; vaginal area;
lift and squeeze; in and around the urethra, in and around where the urine tube exits,
lifting and then lowering down to full relaxation. These little sets, we’re going to do four
second holds, but as I said before: do what you can do comfortably at home. So let’s get started. Our heads are down.
Let’s start. So just a gentle lift and squeeze. So lift and squeeze in and around the pelvic
openings. Lift and squeeze. Keep lifting and squeezing. Lift and squeeze. Lift, and slowly
relax. Relax the muscles right back down and let go. Big breath in. And out. And let’s
go again ready? And lift. Just gently. Lifting and squeezing,
just seeing if you can notice a tension developing in those pelvic floor muscles. Lift and squeeze.
Keep lifting inside. Lift up and in. Lift and relax down slowly. Now relax your pelvic
floor right down. Big breath in…and breathe out and relax. Let’s do two more in this position. At home,
ready? Lift and squeeze. Remember that lifting action? In and around the openings. Lift.
Keep lifting. Keep lifting and squeezing. Lifting and squeezing. Slowly slowly relax
down. Big breath in…and out. Relax your pelvic floor right back to resting. And once
more. You might feel your lower tummy muscles contracting a little bit as well with these
exercises. That’s great if you do, though you want to be feeling those lower abdominal
muscles just contracting gently, not strongly. We’re not after a strong abdominal in draw
here. Once more… regular breathing. Let’s go.
Lift and squeeze. Keep lifting. Keep lifting and squeezing. Keep lifting and squeezing
and relax down slowly. Big breath in and out. And let go. Now, let’s finish that set
with just some quick lifts and lowers. So it’s gonna be a lift, lower, lift, lower,
lift, lower. And let’s just train those pelvic floor muscles to work quickly when we need
them to for coughing and sneezing and supporting our pelvic floor. Also, stopping unwanted
leaks. Here we go. Ready? And lift! Squeeze! And
down. And again. Lift inside! Squeeze! And down; make it brisk. Make it quick. And again,
lift and squeeze and down, and relax and let go. All right. How did you go at home?
I’m hoping you’re feeling some lifting and squeezing and relaxing and letting go with
that exercise. Remember how hard it is to feel these exercises when you first start
out. Now, you might choose to separate these sets
out throughout the course of the day. I’m going to obviously show you all three sets
today in this one session. For the next exercise we’re going to do is
again on your tummy. And again, this time we’re going to lift a leg up. So, a leg up
to the side. And again, in that lying down position, head down comfortably, you might
choose to bring your forehead right down to your hands so there’s no pressure on your
neck at all. You can see my leg is here, out to the side. If your hip is sore then don’t
do this position; just stay on your tummy or your side. So once again at home: Let’s get started.
Ready? And lift and squeeze. Keep lifting in through the back passage; in through the
vagina; in through the urethra. Keep lifting. Keep squeezing. Keep breathing. And relax
down slowly. And rest. Big breath in. Relax your pelvic floor back down to resting. And
once more let’s go ready, and lift and squeeze. Keep lifting…squeezing lift and squeeze.
Lift and squeeze. And relax down slowly…and big breath in. And out. Let it go. And let’s
do one more in this position. Ready? And go: Lift gently. Lift and squeeze inside. Keep
lifting and breathing. Keep lifting. Squeeze and breathe. Once more. Relax down slowly,
right back to resting. Big breath in. And out. And relax your pelvic floor down. Let’s bring that leg back in. And now let’s
slide back and take some pressure off our lower back. So bring your hands underneath
your shoulders. Slide yourself right back and just go into a little cat-curl. We’ll
stretch up tall. Big stretch up, middle part of our back. And back down to flat. And once
more. Big lift up. And back down to flat. Now, if your knees are sore for the next one,
you can use that cushion underneath your knees to protect your knees. We’re gonna lean forward
into this position here. So, this is the position we’re actually exercising in now, and you
can put your head down. I want you to bring your head right down so it’s relaxing on your
forehead and you’re nice and comfortably positioned like that, bottoms up in the air. Now these forward positions can be a great
way of increasing the strength in and around the urethra and feeling that area in and around
the opening to the bladder. So here we go. Next exercise. Last set everyone at home!
Stay with it. Ready? And go: Lift and squeeze inside. Lift. Keep lifting two three…lift
and squeeze…and four, and relax and let go slowly. Have a big breath in. And out. And let’s go again. Ready, and lift and squeeze.
Keep lifting and two and three and four relax the pelvic floor muscles right
back down to resting. Big breath in. And relax. Two to go. We’re nearly there. Here we go.
Last couple. Lift and squeeze. Lift and two and three and four and relax
down slowly, and rest. And one more time. Ready? And go. Lift and squeeze. Lift and
two just gently, three, keep lifting and four, lifting inside relax down slowly
slowly slowly, big breath in. And out. And rest. And now, let’s do some more of those quick,
strong contractions, lifting and lower (or a little bit stronger if you can do them.)
Try to make them brisk. Ready? And go: Lift it! And relax down. And again. Lift inside.
And relax down. Try for a couple more. Lift and squeeze. And relax down. And once more,
lift and squeeze. And relax down. Big breath in. And out. And let’s slide back and stretch
out. So how did you go at home with all those
exercises? If you’re just starting out, that might be the number of exercises you might
need to do for the whole day. We’ve actually done three sets of those four repetitions.
You can see we do four second holds in three different positions. As I said earlier, you
can choose the position most comfortable for your body to exercise at home, whether it’s
lying on your tummy, whether it’s lying on your side, up on your knees or with one leg
out to the side. The idea is you progress to gradually increase
the strength of those holds, those Kegel exercises. Make them a little bit stronger, a little
bit firmer. See if you can hold them for a little bit longer, and relax them down. So,
what have we got next? We’ve got our more advanced, our football exercise to do with
you next time (or exercise ball.) I’m going to show you some pelvic floor exercises
on the exercise ball, and in sitting, and in standing. I look forward to catching up
with you again soon. Bye for now.

100 thoughts on “Kegel Exercises Beginners Workout For Women

  1. I am 60 years old… pelvic floor was so weak that my female organs were pressing against my bladder making it feel like a constantly had to pee……it was so uncomfortable I couldn't stand it and it made me miserable… Dr. told me to do kegel exercises to strengthen my pelvic floor….that lead me to Michelle's videos……after two days of doing the exercises I was feeling better…..thank you so much Michelle for the work you do……I am now a healthy happy 60 year old woman…God Bless you Michelle.

  2. My mother has been diagnosed with diastolic heart failure which has caused one of her lower legs to swell up. Her doctor prescribed a water pill which was 40 mil Furosemide. Initially both feet and calves were swollen. After a little over a week the swelling in her left foot and calve went down, but the right foot still had swelling and the right calve about the same swelling it started with. The doctor then up the dose to Furosemide 80 mil. Now my mom wets herself quite a bit. I hope this Kegel exorcise will help her control her bladder. Anyway, thank you for posting this video.

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