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James Randi on Homeopathy, Quackery and Fraud

accuracy so many fine folk so here’s somebody smiling faces idea i have a very good to your background
attitude and approach to the real world because are contour i’ve heard that term over magician because of wireimage action that would
mean that i use spells and incantations and wierd gestures than original accomplish real magic now
why don’t do that on the conjure who is someone who pretends to be a real magician how do we go about their sort of thing we uh… we depend on the fact that i
want you to such as yourself will make assumptions for example when i’ve walked up here
right at the microphone from the stands with a lot you assume this is a microphone which it
is not on as a matter of fact something that uh… about happened u more than happy will not be too but it
was travers city and makes a very bad
microphone i’ve tried it many times yeah there is something that you made an this in the lesson is to show you that
you will make assumptions not only that you can with the chill
will when they’re properly suggested to you you believe i’m looking actually wrong i’m not looking at so i can’t see you i know you’re out there they told me
backstage with the full house and such are no longer there cuz i can hear you but i can see it because i don’t mean
wear glasses these are not recipezaar empty freight quite a few friends know why would a
grown man appeared before you wearing empty frames on his face flee ladies and gentlemen to do this show that you can’t make assumptions don’t you ever
forget that now i have to do something first of all
switcher real glasses so i can actually see deal which would probably be a
convenience i don’t know i haven’t had a good look well it’s not that great
inconvenience contacted is something i would just
seemed a little bit strange for a magician but i’m going to fix a medication this
is uh… before bottle of commerce forty eight talisman that just a moment ignore the instructions s but there is
the government has buddy and they’re confused you trip and will take and not to be used v the whole project thirty-two caplets club calms poor kitty now that i’ve done now of expert at the
moment about tell you that i’m an actor i’m an actor who plays sipping part i think the part of objection a blizzard if you will have real wizard the someone reappear on the stage in
front of it and actually claimed to be a nation prince of denmark named hamlet you would be insulted and rightly so why would a man assume that you would believe something
was are like this but there is just out there uh… terry large population of people who will tell you that they have psychic magical powers of a convicted you trip that they can make contact with with the deceased they also say they will sell you astrology or other
fortune telling methods i will be glad decided that s and they
also say that they can give you perpetual motion machines and free
energy systems they claim to be psychics percentages whatever they can but the one thing that has made a big
comeback just recently is this business uh… speaking with began dot dr minas mind dead implies incapable of communicating you might agree with me on that but these people they tend to tell you that not only can
they communicate the dead either what they can hear the dead as well and
they can relay this information back to the
living i wonder if that’s true i don’t think so because this subculture of people use exactly the same gimmicks that we
magicians do exactly the same the same compat physical methods the
same psychological methods and they have to actively and profoundly
deceived millions of people around the earth to their determinative they just seen
these people cost them a lot of money cost them a lot of emotional anguish billions of dollars are spent every year all over the globe on these charlatans now i had two questions i would like to
ask these people that i had the opportunity to do so first question i want to ask him to call up because
they do hear them through the year they the listened to disperse like this i would ask you to call up the ghost of
my grandmother because when she died she had the family
will lucci secreted someplace we don’t know where it is so we asked brandy whereas the will
brandy was granny say pieces i’m in heaven it’s wonderful i’m
here with all my old friends my deceased friends and my family and all the puppy dogs of the the
candidates to happen i was a little girl and i love you and i’ll always be with
you can’t bottle anchee min max in the damn question whereas the well thank you bernie easily upset what’s in the library on
the second job by the encyclopedia but she doesn’t say that no she doesn’t she doesn’t bring eddie
useful information to us we paid a lot of i think that
information but we didn’t get it the second question that i’d like to ask rather simple symbols i asked him to
contact the spirit of my deceased father of our as an example why do they insist
on say member they speak into this year why do they say my name starts with j around hisses at hunting game that hunting and
fishing what is is a twenty questions know what’s more
like a hundred and twenty questions but it is that cool vicious absolutely consciousness for us conscious list mistakes i’ll be argued
receipts people play and they take advantage of the innocent
and i need the grieving the needy people out there now this is a process it is called cold reading there’s one follow-up care that frog has named james on prime news
one of the big practitioners of this sort of a john edward sylvia brown and uh… rosemary i don’t see a they
are other operators there hundreds from all over the river but in this country james on progress very big and what does
he do compete likes to tell you how the deceased dot deceased the people he’s talking to you through these years he so what he says it’s very obvious like
this he says he tells me it’ll be before he passed that he had trouble breathing folks that’s what died is all about stop breathing up in your daily activity it’s that simple and that’s the kind of information
they’re going to bring back to you hideout tensile now these people will make guesses
they’ll say things like why am i getting electricity he’s saying
to me electricity izzy was you know what you should know you never have elected
razor dole it was a game of hunting and questions like this this is what they go through now folks often after such a games ready
educational foundation they call me they say why you’re so
concerned about dismissed around it’s not just a lot of fun no it is not fun it is a cruel farce now it may bring a certain amount of comfort but that comfort last only about twenty
minutes or so and then the people look in the mirror and they say i just paid a
lot of money for that week and what did she say to me i’d love you they always say that they don’t get any information they
don’t get me value for what they spent now sylvia brown is
the big operative we call it the talents sylvia brown thank you sylvia brown is the big operator in this
field at this very moment now some your brown just to show you she actually gets seven hundred dollars for a twenty minute reading over at the telephone she does need to
go there in person but you have to wait up to two years
because she talked to had that amount of time you pay by credit card or whatever and
then she will call you sometime in the next two
years you can tell mister analysis of their
brown that’s her you can tell right away montel williams is an intelligent man we all know who he
is on television is well educated p smart knows what sylvia brown is doing but he doesn’t get right back he just terror because the bottom line is that sponsors
mother and he will expose her to tell the body and publicity all the
time don’t want to sylvia brown debut for that seven hundred dollars teenager the names even guardian angel
specs for not but that help could we possibly function she gives you the names out previous
lives what who you were in previous life dot in turns out that the women that she gives readings for were all
babylonian princesses or something like that at the men were all grecian warriors
fighting with adam m knob nothing is ever said about a fourteen-year-old black in the streets
of london who died of consumption he isn’t worth
bringing back obviously and the strange things folk you may have
noticed this too you see these folks on television they’d never call anybody back from hell evermore comes back from heaven but never from
hell that they call back any of my friends
democrat and well that you see the storm now sylvia brown is an exception in section one way because the james
agee educational publishing five foundation offers a one million dollar
price and emotional bombs very simply one by all you have to do is prove any
parallel colder supernatural adapter power of any kind of improper observing
tradition it’s very easy with a million dollars sylvia brown is an exception in that she
should be only professional psychic in the whole world
that is accepted our challenge she did this on the larry king live show
on c_n_n_ six and after it is not gall and we haven’t heard from reception strange she said it first of all but she didn’t
know how to contact me popped professionals like it or stated that if
they don’t have to come hydrologic may have noticed well pretty well anyway generation dot she says she doesn’t want
to reach me because i am i got this person all the more reason to take a million
dollars when you think sylvia of these people need to be stopped three
straight out they need to be stopped because this is
a cruel farce we get people coming to the foundation all the time their ruined financially and emotionally because they given their money and their
faith did these people now i popped some pills and i have to
explain that to you uh… probably up let’s find out what that’s all about you’ve heard of it it’s an alternative form of healing
right hawley obvi actually consists and that’s what this is basis m act coms forty eight thirty two caplets of sleeping pills i forgot to tell you
that i guessed ingested six-and-a-half days worth of sleeping
pills six-and-a-half feet but certainly if
applicable to several about your and case out overdose contact you’re putting control center
immediately and he gives an eight hundred-number peter cease it’s going to
be ok i don’t really need it because i’ve been doing this doctor
audiences all over the world a for the last eight or ten years state and federal laws appalling about
that sleeping pills why don’t they effectively may surprise you what is how we ought to
be it’s taking up medicine that really works and doing it now what we got problem dot grows well that
demanding it down to the point where there is not about that last now folks this is not just a map of
where i’m going to give you now it’s true it’s exactly equivalent to taking one of
three hundred and twenty five milligrams aspirin tablet throwing it in the middle of lake tahoe and then started up obviously with a
very big stick two years itself until the solutions
homogeneous that when you get ahead a you take a separatist water and walla
get his dog castro that islam homeopathy is all about at
another claim that they make you’ll love this one the market the medicine as they say the more powerful it is now wait a minute we heard about a guy in florida
department he was on homeopathic medicine he died of an overdose you forgot to take his bill varada forgotten history get respect it is absolutely ridiculous i don’t know what we’re doing believing
it all this nonsense over all these years let me tell you to get ready educational
foundation is waiting this very big challenge but i must say the fact but nobody has taken a stop on this opportunity mean that the powers
don’t exist someplace out there maybe these people are just
independently wealthy woes of your browser i would think so you know seven
hundred dollars for a twenty minute reading over the telephone that’s more than lawyers right i mean that’s a fabulous a lot of money these people don’t need a million
dollars perhaps what would you think they’d like to take it just to make me
look silly just to get rid of this godbless person
out there that still be around talks about all the time i think that something needs to be done
about this we really would love to have suggestions from you folks on how to
contact federal stage and local authorities
didn’t get them to do something if you find out now i’d understand week
we’ve seen people even today speaking to us about aids epidemic send and starting
kids around the world and impure water supplies and people have to supper but
those are very important critically important to us that we must
do something about those problems but at the same time as arthur c_ clark said you know they
they’re running of the human mind the business of believing in the
paranormal and the authority of the supernatural all of this total ban
assisted this this may be able to anything i think something should be
done about that and it all eyes in education largely it’s the media or to blame for their certificate they
shamelessly promote all kinds of nonsense of this art zoos the sponsors needs the bottom line
dollar line that’s what they’re looking at really must do something about this i believe take your suggestions and i’m
what he had to to our webpage it’s w_w_w_ dot randy dot o_ r_ g_ go in there and look at the archives
that you will begin to understand much more of what i’ve been talking about
today you will see the records that we have
there’s nothing like sitting in that my brain and having a family appear there and say
that mom gave away all the family fortune she cash in the cds she gave
away the start of the certificates that’s really sad to hear and it hasn’t
help them one we solve any of their problems yes there could be a rough thing of the
american mine and a blind all the way around the earth if we don’t start getting sensibly about
these things now we’ve offered this carrot as i say
we don’t need the carrot we waiting for the psyches come forth and snap at what
we get lots of hundreds of them every year come by user dowsers and people who
think that they can talk to the dead as well but they’re amateurs they don’t know how to evaluate their
own so-called power the professionals never come here s except in that case is
sylvia brown but i told you about a moment ago she did accept and then backed away ladies and gentlemen i am james randi and i’m waiting thank you

16 thoughts on “James Randi on Homeopathy, Quackery and Fraud

  1. I am in awe at the stunning intelligence of this man. Also a very cool guy who takes the time to respond to all and every message he receives.

  2. I talked with a dead person. I swear it!!! You have to believe me.

    And he pissed me off. He was totally arrogant. I was so nice to him. And he? Think that he is something better, ha?

    He did not answer me any question. He ignored me. He showed me his cold shoulder …

  3. James, you are absolutely right. What this charlatans do is professional serial fraud.

    It is time that the laws get upgraded to handle this ruthless criminals.

  4. Watch Mr Randi and listen to Mozart as you go to sleep, you will surely become more intelligent. This man has done so much good exposing frauds and those who take advantage of the disabled aka “faith healers.”

  5. You have never gone through the hundreds of studies done on homeopathy. Whatever you have written is taken from the WebPages posted by the critics. Please come out of those WebPages, and observe and think beyond. Otherwise we will be like a frog in the unused well. You must do your own research and use the resources. Most of those “scientific” studies are done by vested interests funded by the pharma-lobby. The best example I can give you – James Randi, the critic of Homeopathy. He had challenged Homeopaths to do a scientific study. George Vithoulkas from Greece had accepted the challenge and started the treatment protocol. When the study was going in favor of Homeopathy, James Randi escaped from the scene, and did not give the prize money. Vithoulkas is still ready to show the result, but Randi is hiding behind the curtain. This is only one example, there are many such examples where homeopaths were denied to share their results; even our articles and easily rejected. This is not scientific attitude, but only a one sided sensational journalism. And those who copy-paste the same becomes the proponents of sensational journalism.

  6. This man is a big danger to humanity for debunking the truth. Sending people in the wrong direction should be felony, certainly in terms of health and well-being. I think he took to much chemical pills and money from Big Pharma.

  7. This man is a big danger to humanity for debunking the truth. Sending people in the wrong direction should be felony, certainly in terms of health and well-being. I think he took to much chemical pills and money from Big Pharma.

  8. This man is a big danger to humanity for debunking the truth. Sending people in the wrong direction should be felony, certainly in terms of health and well-being. I think he took to much chemical pills and money from Big Pharma.

  9. Professional psychics: 419 scammers who use shit that literally isn't even remotely real to get you to pay up.

  10. Randy is a proof that homeopathy works… He has been eating those pills and look.. He is still alive and kicking at nearly 90 years old..

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