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Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
It’s A Major Thing Biology Pre-Medicine

Hi I’m Kailee and I’m a biology pre-med
student here at West Liberty and I’m going to show you what it’s like to be a
student in this program Now we’re heading into a bio-chem with
Dr. Schmitt. I decided to go into pre-med at West Liberty because I knew it was a
small well-known program and I had always wanted to do something in the
medical field Today we’re going to continue on with our discussion of Chapter 7 but it’s been a while since we’ve done a critical thinking question! So before we get into the lecture material we are going to do a critical thinking question. What should you do first? Draw it, yes! That would be super helpful! Go ahead!
start with our favorite… The classes I’m taking right now are definitely very
difficult and very serious. They’re mostly lecture based but the
professor’s still do a great job of getting people engaged and involved in
classes So today we’re heading into our Biology
Club cabinet meeting. I’ve been part of Bio Club since freshman year definitely
free pizza got me to go to the first meeting because we have pizza at every
meeting but it’s a way that I met so many other biology students especially
upperclassmen who are in the same major so you form relationships with people
who have taken classes that you have to take and you learn helpful tips from
them it’s just like a really good community between the biology program So now I’m going to be working on my independent research project with Dr.
Schmitt which focuses on how oxygen affects immune responses to Francisella What we’re going to be doing today Kailee is we are going to be doing an
Eliza okay and what Eliza’s do is they allow us to measure… I knew coming into
college that I wanted to do some sort of undergraduate research especially
because most medical programs look for that on your CV or resume so I waited
until the beginning of sophomore year once I had adjusted to college and I
knew Dr. Schmitt had a relatively small lab so I decided to go and talk to her
so I could get more one-on-one hands-on learning experiences with her. A lot of
medical school programs look for undergraduate research because it shows
that you can multitask between just doing your studies in allotting time
for something else and a lot of programs actually require you to do research when
you’re in graduate school So we’re in the Horzempalaboratory
right now and I’m currently working with mouse macrophages and Francisella
tularensis which is usually plated on a chocolate auger which looks like this
it’s not actually made of chocolate though. These are the mouse macrophages in here and this flask is meant for cells to grow so the
cells actually adhere to the back of the flask so when you look under the
microscope they are stuck to the bottom of the flask. Now we’re heading into
molecular biology with Dr. Kreisberg. It’s definitely difficult but it’s so nice
having such small class sizes because you really get to know your professors
and a lot of the times I won’t even schedule appointments to meet with my
professors if I have a question like their doors are just always open they’re
always willing to help you can just walk in they’ll help you with anything where
like I knew I wanted a smaller school for that reason for that more one-on-one
attention. Today I’m working in the microbiology lab with Dr. Kreisberg. A big reason that I chose West lab was definitely affordability. I’m an Elbin
scholar because of my high school GPA and my ACT score from in high school
and it’s something that sold my family from the very first visit and also even
though I’m technically out of state I get the metro rate which is awesome
because it does bring tuition down so much from when we were first looking
thinking oh and out of state school it’s probably so expensive but it’s not I’m also on the volleyball team here at West Liberty and we’re getting ready to
have our last match of the regular season Being a student-athlete definitely has
taught me time management it’s really difficult when you have a stretch of away games that could be four five six hours away on a Tuesday night when you
have class at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning but I personally think it helps
me because I know I need a study for certain exams or classes because I don’t
have time to procrastinate or just slack off I hope this gave you a good look at what
it’s like to be a biology pre-med major here at West Liberty. For more
information check out the website

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