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IsoSiM: Isotopes for Science & Medicine

Today it’s not enough anymore to be an
expert in just your own field you have to develop professional skills that
allow you to take on leadership roles to present yourself well in the world. What companies such as mine are looking for: students who are much more well-rounded
who have experience and can come to the table in terms of innovation, ideation,
creativity There is an international growing demand for isotope related activities and so there will be a demand for the expert people that can work with
isotopes in these fields. Isotopes are really important for medical purposes nuclear medicine relies on radioisotopes
for imaging. Imaging of cancer for example of brain activity trying to
understand Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease. The whole field of
medical physics is expanding in helping to design novel tracers. In helping to
design novel instrumentation. In helping interpreting the data which again can
lead to discoveries that otherwise one couldn’t find. IsoSIM stands for isotopes
in science and medicine and its NSERC creates an interdisciplinary training
program which will provide students with really unique skills required for
employment in isotope related fields. It offers a rich training program in the production
preparation and application of radioisotopes for science and medicine
in a world-class collaborative research environment at TRIUMF and UBC. You’re working with world experts in all sorts of different fields so it’s a great
place to be a student because you have so many resources that perhaps you
wouldn’t otherwise have We are uniquely positioned here in
Vancouver because triumph has this extensive expertise in the accelerators,
the radiation detection methods, the isotope production and extraction
methods and then at UBC one has the Nuclear Medicine researchers in material
science and in ocean and atmospheric science that use isotopes.
It’s really important to expose the students with a program to the language of different
fields and give them the skills to really train them in entrepreneurship, train them
in the communications. The interdisciplinary nature of IsoSIM is I
think paramount to this exposing you to multiple facets of branches of science that
I find quite interesting and that’s definitely a strong factor in why I like
to continue down this avenue. Our hope is really that IsoSIM will produce brilliant students that
have a great impact in isotope related fields It’s intent is to set students up for
success no matter where they go Theres not many places you can do this sort of
work in the world and sort of have first-hand access to it all the time. It’s a great
privilege So I think they are going to have a lot of fun besides really being plugged into an environment
that has a lot of possibilities for the future At the end IsoSiM will have produced the
next-generation of leaders they will have a great impact in science as well as for

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