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Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Is Pharmacy a good career choice?

all right hey how's it going guys so I got a couple questions on my what majors to go to college for and one that was common questions was is pharmacy a good career choice and for the most part people do consider pharmacy like a good career choice now I'm gonna tell you some information that my sister told me my sister is a UC San Diego Skaggs pharmacy school graduate and so she also worked for as a pharmacist for about two years at a hospital there's a couple things that you know our common knowledge about pharmacies such as pharmacy makes a lot of money um and it's known that for me as a decently reliable job stable job but there are some things that my sister told me working as a pharmacist that you guys might not know of and one of them is that being a pharmacist is stressful because pharmacists are actually never allowed to make a single mistake so think about it if you're a pharmacist and you make a mistake you have someone the wrong drug that person could die easily easily CAD ugh and then boom your pharmacist license is gone those what are four years of postgraduate work is done doesn't matter anymore another thing that a lot people don't think about is that pharmacist in general get very bad hours now some of them I say you know well everybody gets bad hours in the beginning and ill improve as a senior status but by the time you get the ideal hours the regular nine-to-five you'll probably be be in your late 40s because there's all someone more senior to you up and tell you're about to retire so pretty much you're gonna have to go for about 20 years of working night hours working weekends working holidays that's something to consider lastly you know I highly recommend trying to be a pharmacist technician first even though it may make the road to becoming a pharmacist a little bit longer because you really need to get a taste of what it's like working as a pharmacist full-time not just part-time as I know maybe like 20 hours a week they're really full-time to see if something you want to do because that's where you going to be doing every single day of your life now am i some a little bit young to say like you should do something that you'd want to do but coming from my sister Anna might me too like you're gonna spend a lot of time in your office or doing that at work and it's actually pretty important to actually decently like what you do Anna which comes to my last point about pharmacy is that uh there's actually more and more pharmacy schools opening now especially private ones and they're not being responsible I should say because now there's a bunch of schools making these pharmacists and now it is getting it's beginning to get oversaturated so I think that's one thing that most people are allergic to your pharmacy is that there's you know high demand well I'm letting you guys know know now that it's starting to get saturated so that's one thing I should consider if you are on the border of doing pharmacy or not all right that's all have to say I'm doing more I'm doing all job videos now like because nobody liked my other videos so I'm going to be focusing on job videos sorry they're not funny but I try to be informative and it's hard to be funny when it comes feel like things like now know your career choice so I'll see you guys later make more comments and I'll make more replies all right see

26 thoughts on “Is Pharmacy a good career choice?

  1. Any job that can yield you a high income will be stressful and hard. Pharmacy may be oversaturated currently but its still a great profession.

  2. Honestly one of the main reasons why I wanna be a pharmacist is for the money….: and somebody told that it’s a dumb reason but why not? I’ve been a tech for awhile now I have taken orders and bitching from a pharmacist for awhile now and I’ve seen what they do day to day and honestly I think I can do it especially if it’s over 5 times what I get paid now

  3. God Help us … at least the ones that already to deep in to the profession … The number of slots for pharmacy schools has doubled in the last 10-15 years, yet more of them continue to open each year. With mergers and acquisitions (CVS + Target, Walgreens + Rite-Aid) and the lack of reimbursements for MTM and NO provider status for Pharmacist ! The growth of pharmacists to be only 3% over the next 10 years. That is roughly 9100 new jobs over the next 10 years. During this time, roughly 150,000 students will have graduated from pharmacy schools and that is assuming no new schools open. THAT IS ALARMING !!!!! $200k+ in loans and no job growth !!
    Pharmacy schools are hungry for profit, and to maximize that, some schools will take just about anyone regardless of GPA or PCAT as long as they're willing to sign away $200k+ in loans. THAT IS AN UNEMPLOYMENT CRISIS OF MEGA PROPORTIONS

  4. Hi! I really like your videos on pharmacy. Well done you! I appreciate the consideration and the sincere views of the downsizes of being a pharmacist nowadays. Hardly anyone speaks honestly about them. Thanks.

  5. I'm currently trying to decide what career path id like go for and I thought maybe pharmacist. this video made me think about if I really wanted to commit to it or not. but I think I'm going to go for it.

  6. this is quite bs cuz it depends aswell which country you are you guys in the us pay 50k a year for uni lmao we pay 2k byeeeeeee

  7. Pharmacists callin and double check with the doctor… Rare that you are going to kill somebody. There will always be a person more senior to you in life, in general. Yes, Pharm tech is a smart thing to do first.

  8. I'm a pharmacist. What he's saying, in most cases, simply isn't true. I'm talking from a Danish perspective – being a pharmacist in the US might be different. But in Denmark, being a pharmacist is nothing like what he says.

  9. Only if you're a pharmacist… They do make allot of doe. Just tell me what the best book is to study—- I just took my PTCB Exam and made a 1244 and the passing score is 1400…. I flunked the hospital software questions… So some help would be appreciated?

  10. Is Pharmaceutical Chemistry as bad as Pharmacy (or at least as bad as you make it out to be in this video)?

  11. I have seen some of your videos concerning pharmacy profession. You clearly don't like pharmacy but appeared to be disinterested. I only agree with your last point about pharmacy is over-saturated, but the other two points are very much inaccurate at best.

    1. You pick the worse case scenario of a wrong dosage or wrong drug leading to a fatal mistake. You don't normally deal with fatal drugs on a daily basis. The drug that is potentially dangerous, chemotherapy drug for instance, is treated with utmost respect and multiple checks from different pharmacists. Most of the time you deal with insulin, zosyn, vancomycin, precedex, fentanyl etc … they are NOT as dangerous as you claimed and certainly not a career ending type of deal. Pharmacists do make mistakes because they are not machine (hell, even machines make mistake too smhh), but not all mistakes lead to a dead patient.

    2. Tell me one profession you can have ideal hours right after graduation?

    3. If you think working as a pharmacist is not stressful, then you should not even bother making this video, since you know nothing about the profession to begin with. It is the most childish thing I have ever heard.

  12. As a pharmacist, I can agree with these statements. He isn't being negative, he is being realistic. BUT there are positives of being a pharmacist that he hasn't mentioned, that should weighed against these negatives.

  13. I was thinking of going "fuck it" and just getting into pre pharmacy because I think I need to make a final decision & finish a damn major for once.. But I agree, Im going to try to get CPhT first and work full time so I build up cash and experience. I hope by that time I still have the mindset to go to school >.>

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  15. If you're a pharmacist, or going to be a pharmacist, get involved in specialty pharmacy. That's where a lot of the job prospects, money, and interesting work are, as well as significant opportunities to make a difference. Retail is fine and a lot of great people work in it their entire career, but specialty is expanding and is where most of the exciting treatments are happening.

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