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this is really bright I just write any questions I've gotten we're very easy like they are very typical why pharmacy will say my way pharmacy I think it was just like more why their school both schools that interview dad asked why their school so definitely do your research on that I'm not even sure if I can't I can't even really say specific pharmacies questions I won't really say that out loud thing is I prepared for that I haven't been asked me as what are your strengths and weaknesses so know that and for your weaknesses make sure you have a come back reason like maybe you say that you can you might procrastinate a little bit but then doing that you time manage another question I've been ready for is why pharmacy yeah you definitely should have a reason why you want to pursue pharmacy a good solid reason I'm surprised I haven't been asked that yet I should look at my list right now this is a list of questions that I our subjects that I wrote down before you even interviewed anywhere which is first tell me about yourself just say a good amount about your education where you went to school what you're pursuing and then throw in a little hobby in there so it throws some personality and then your strengths and weaknesses my pharmacy important influence in your life how do you deal with stress I think this is a good question too because pharmacy school is very time-consuming it's very accelerated and you should be able to handle this kind of work I have defined professionalism which I want to say which I feel like is actually a kind of a hard question like if I get asked that question I'm planning to say professionalism is where you carry yourself well you're prepared for anything is to come for your profession acknowledging your specific duties and responsibilities just ensuring you have the skills to do your job I haven't really thought about it too much but that's what my answer would be there's a question that I also prepare is also like what if you don't get into a pharmacy school what are you gonna do my answer is gonna because I don't see myself doing anything else I'm gonna do what it takes to apply next cycle even if it means retaking the PCAT exposing myself to different pharmacy settings and volunteering and just you know retaking some classes that I didn't do as well and make sure that I'm a more competitive applicant next cycle another question is what have you done to prepare for pharmacy school for me I volunteered in a hospital pharmacy or I think a year and a half or so I have about 200 hours of volunteering experience in the hospital setting I also work at a medication management of Center where we ensure patients get the most benefit from their medications and I'm sure there are no drug interactions or safety concerns I also reached out to the compounding pharmacist who owns her own pharmacy and I asked her if she was willing to have me shadow her for a day and I also joined the pre-pharmacy Club too so I feel like I have a good variety of things of what prepared me for pharmacy school I'm not sure if that's the way you want to answer it – maybe they mean like are you ready academically wise and like time management wise but yeah so what kind of future do you see in pharmacy and you can talk about provider status when so far it's not a federal policy but many many many states already have provider status which means we're very close to being able to prescribe medications and bail for yet I know California you can prescribed birth control and provider status is pretty much the beginning of a new transformation in healthcare there's also medication management they're helping patients with chronic illnesses and taking multiple medications ensure that they don't have any drug interactions where I currently work that's what I do kind of as a technician and just overall having autonomy another question I'm prepared for it is what role does a pharmacist play and notes I took here is where the pretty much the medication experts were a key player in the healthcare team a question they might ask what recent news will affect pharmacy I'm either gonna talk about epi pens or Trump wanting to get rid of the Affordable Care Act and supposedly make insurance butter so that might decrease healthcare for a lot of people who can't afford healthcare which means they won't get their medications which will affect us too and those questions all I listed there I haven't been asked but that's how far I went through questions and I found online to make sure that I prepared for anything like that also on the end of every interview they asked you if you have any questions for them make sure you ask the question some questions I ask is what do you recommend students to be involved in the first year pharmacy school and it's usually going to be either research or organizations but you know like us more into that I mean you want to be involved too I mean I want to be involved so see there options that they have there if it's a faculty member or a student I want to ask like why do you choose to go here like why do you choose to work here why do you choose to get your education here versus going into other pharmacy schools one of them my interviewers in my last interview she actually does research and I asked her about you know her research opportunities my last two interviews I was pretty nervous going there but once you're in there as bad as I thought it was gonna be I have my suit jacket in the back but this this is what I'm wearing on all right guys oh I'm running out of memory all right I'm gonna go into my next interview wish me luck I mean I'll be already doing it by the time you guys watch this but all right bye

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