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Intensely Brutal Leg Workout | Brandon Hendrickson’s Olympia Leg Training

what’s up guys IFBB men’s physique Pro Brandon Hendrickson we’re here at the Chicago barbell compound currently six weeks out for the mr. Olympia today we’re training legs everybody in the top five has superior genetics everybody in the top five works their ass off he just keeps going and going and going and that makes for greatness best in the world most people are lacking in a hamstring area so if you start with hams and glutes you’re gonna get all those muscle fibers firing an activator then when you go into quads leg press squatting back squat your hamstring fibers are still gonna be firing where now you’re taxing your your quads as well now in between just from their back do your walking lunges but out to the side so it hits hams and glutes more so your hips are going to still stay straight but you’re gonna step out to the side so that way the tension stays on your hamon Clues you’ll see all the way come up come up come up come on keep ripping it up come on uh-huh one more that’s hot little yeah keep holding slow breathe reach down all of it I feel like when you have legs that fills out your shorts and make sure physique look that much more like popping on stage versus like if he just had a great upper body at no legs there’s really no continuous flow in your physique so having legs is always great for balance very underused by men guys think it’s a girl’s machine fight it come on this is the future to be one of the top five in the world your training has to be intense and you have to do cardio everybody else out there is great just like he’s great to beat other greats you’ve got a you got to put in an insane amount of work he’s a workhorse he’s absolutely I’m wearing three two one way to work one two three four five six seven one two three four five six seven one two three four five six seven one two three four five six seven one two three four five six seven one two three four come on five six seven last one come on come on come on be let’s go let’s work one two three four five six seven now give me seven bag him out seven six come on five four three two one good money so I get the best workouts in my coach the best pumps I mean we all need guidance even number one in the world till he has a cold she’s had to coach his whole career it’s just good to have that that guidance it’s good to have that second eye we were looking at yourself every day you don’t really see the changes but when you have a coach second eye he sees every little thing that you don’t see one two three four five six seven one two three four five six seven one two three four five six seven one two three four five six seven one two three four five six seven one two three four five six seven come on one two three four five six seven bang them out seven six come on come on ten four three I can’t feel them there’s no Oleg’s no now we’re gonna go squat easy money lightweight full range of motion there we go all day long through the heels through the heels you know there’s two schools of thought some people swear by heavy squatting it’s the only way to make your legs big I don’t subscribe to that school I believe you have some squat and I do believe that there are some times where you need to squat heavy but not all the time so if you notice we did a lot of other work already now we’re squatting later where he’s already pre exhausted so you can go lighter weight and still have a lot of tension in the quads and the hands and glutes are firing since we started with hands and glutes I’m gonna drop set you so they’ll give me 10 I’m gonna drop you and give me as many as you got I’m gonna drop you give me as many as you got Oh 20 and you ain’t shortened me not one let’s go we work lightweight 20 19 18 17 16 15 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 bowlegged this point in the preface rested when it’s absolutely necessary instead of planning it because he can really push his body state eight nine ten whenever it’s needed take that day and then just keep moving Fito still stay low so we’re still focusing on quads but now we’re gonna hit middle in that’s in the world best in the world you’ve gone yeah yeah ah good going come on come on oh let’s in the world best in the world that’s why nobody could ever take that from you man Oh greatness man hey Annette

100 thoughts on “Intensely Brutal Leg Workout | Brandon Hendrickson’s Olympia Leg Training

  1. Did legs today, leg press 6X15 barbell squat 4×15 deadlifts 5×5 barbell lunges 8×8 per leg, stiff legged dumbbell lift 5×10, leg extensions 4×15, lying leg curls 4×15, seated calf raises 5×12, standing calf raises 4×12. Seated calf extensions 4×12. Decent workout definitely pushed myself and was soaked with sweat and had a great pump. All natural bodybuilding here at 220lbs body weight 5’11” and 29 years old. At approximately little over 1000lb for bench, squat, deadlift. Not where I want to be but getting there.

  2. Its true, you dont need to train heavy every time, but this is heavy + Intense, great job

  3. I would have to sit in my car for like 2 hours before I could even think about driving after a workout like that hahaha.

  4. Its all about diet. Doesn’t matter how much or little you lift. It comes down to what your putting in your body on a day to day basis.

  5. did this today in the gym and my respect to that man. great trainer. keep grinding💪🏾best in the world

  6. Awesome video! I'm a newbie to the YouTube game but I'm on my fitness journey to losing 100lbs while maximizing muscle growth and retention. 20lbs down so far. Keep up the good work💪🏾

  7. Can you guys do something about the stupid board shorts please!!!! Or atleast have them cut in half! Might as well have these lads posing in fucking turtle necks then

  8. That look like all types of fun …. But when he said 20 on squat …. I felt that … Now I can't walk ….. Lol

  9. what a hard worker! but TBH a natural lifter doesnt need to do so many exercises. After a certain number, its just diminishing returns alr

  10. I just got home after trying this workout, it’s fucking killing me bro. In the end I needed to lower the weights by like 75% case I couldn’t make it hahah

  11. Leg adductor is an excellent machine since squat don't do anything for the inner thigh. Never understood the grunting noises though.

  12. 3:23 "guys think it's a girl machine"

    fuck me i thought the same a year ago. then i incorporated it into leg day…usually part of a circuit after squats (im more into powerbuilding, so some things i train differently). but you really feel it with that machine lol

  13. Shit me and my buddy did a new drop set work out today and I was like wtf did I get into straight up!

    Drop set Everything
    Squats 15/10/10 x3
    Hack squats 15/10/10 x3
    Smith machine lunges 15/10/10 x3
    Front squats 15/10/10 x3
    Leg curls 15/10/10 x3
    Leg extensions 15/10/10 x3
    All bare foot no shoes
    Should be 105 reps per exercise

    Death wobble out the mf gym

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