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Indycar Gordon Ross 14.5.19 pt2 - No prescription charges or bridge tolls.

Oh again welcome back to a little IndyCar extra special program today since I'm broadcasting using Wi-Fi today I can well I can come and go I bet I can comment here into your PC or your tablet or your food screens a few times a day No so I wanted to talk to you a little bit about separatism this is a word that you're going to hear a lot of in the next few months especially from the Conservative Party who are trying the very best demonize everybody in Scotland as either veil cyber nuts or separatists no what's interesting about the word separate or separatist is that it implies that whoever is each separatist is trying to separate themselves from something else in this case we are trying to separate ourselves from the osteo Tory field economy which is you know something worth doing you don't really want to be attached to something that is going down the toilet that's dying off you want to separate yourself from that the Michael Gove today in the press has said that Scotland's attempts at things like the the bottle return scheme like this this is the latest idea to reduce pollution from plastics another less of getting into environment by augment or by bringing in a new scheme whereby you get 20 pounds back on every container that's recycle that you bring back to the shop under the scheme so that would be every drinks container that we currently know of it glass plastic bottles or cans we all have these 20 paints deposit it's a wonderful idea it's going to cut tremendously cut the amount of plastic waste going into the sea and going into the environment generally it's going to produce a steady stream of recyclable materials which haven't been contaminated much especially things like water bottles which are fairly clean once they've been used so it's a great idea but Michael Gove is trying to categorize this kind of of policy as being separatist or as he puts it encouraging separatism now I would just like to say well done to anybody who wishes to incur separatism in this way because I don't particularly want to live in a heavily polluted smokey environment which is full of plastic waste full of smoke full of diesel full of toxins leaching into the the water table full of fracking chemicals getting into the countryside and okay all manner of other types of pollution which all kings of Tory investors are currently investing in clearly things like the fracking industry even including things like the oil industry which we think of as being a savior but actually as is going to become a bit of emails to rain donek eventually but what's interesting about it this is just about anything good that Scotland does has been characterized by the Tories as separatism are encouraging people to think about being separated or separating from the UK now frankly I don't see separatism as a word that is unpleasant I like the world separatist because when I think of separatists I think of Star Wars I think of the heroes separating himself from the evil empire in the separatist were the ones who were fighting for their freedom from tyranny from somebody bad so separatists to me have a good connotation and too many young people on the Internet the word separatist doesn't have a bad meaning at all actually like myself it makes them think about things like Star Wars were the separatists are the heroes of the story and in this case we are the heroes of the story because the very kind of activities that Michael Gove is complaining about and bear in mind that Michael Gove claims that he's Scottish was born in Scotland raised in Scotland and to hear him talk you would never ever believe it for a moment but anyway leave that aside but gob says this makes us separatists I want you to consider the word separatist in the in the setting of devolution devolution is the separating of local politics from the UK white politics separating they're the functions of the state into smaller plate nice chunks now in devolution towns things like the bottle return scheme things like the bedroom tax remuneration scheme which compensates people who've lost some of the benefits through the UK's bedroom tax things like free prescriptions and free tuition fees and so on all of these things I would I would characterize all of these as things which are not just separatist in nature these are progressive these are things that people want and need and these are things that people are prepared to put their tax money towards paying for and of course the Tories hate this because they absolutely hate a having to tax anybody who's read from for one thing and they absolutely hate it when pure working people get stuff they just don't like that at all they want us pure they weren't as biddable so that we will work for a pittance for one of the millionaire friends they also don't care about pollution they don't really give a toss weather and the climate overheats and we all flood and drain doesn't matter to them because they can sit in their ivory towers in their millionaire mansions up on the hills and watch the rest of us all floating around on figurative life rafts so it doesn't really bother them but I think we need to own this terrible separatist I like it but I think when when you use a derogatory term yourself and you take ownership of it that removes the the stigma from it and I'm quite proud to be a separatist I I believe in us having a separate destiny to that of Tory London I believe in a progressive Scotland one which does it it's one thing separately from London one which does separate itself from the right-wing ideology which is taking over an England at the moment separates us from guys like Nigel Farage who actually believes that people with HIV shouldn't be allowed into the country a man who believes that foreigners should be shut out despite being married to a foreigner himself and despite having a foreign passport himself so it's one rule for the Tories and one rule for the the black party and another completely for the rest of us so when it comes to being called separatist for somebody like Michael Gove who claims to be Scottish I don't know how he can claim that can say that producing the kind of popular and needed policies like that the bottle return scheme which will reduce pollution to a minimum is not going to harm the bottle and packaging industry one iota I thought it's just going to create a new industry and recycling the materials that are currently thrown away so it's a win-win situation the country will be clean up there she will be emptied of crap and human pollution and generally speaking everybody wins even children and I remember as a child going around collecting bottles and and water from the beaches and from the roadsides and taking up the local shop to make a little bit of money from sweeties when I was a kid and not got children thinking about keeping the environment clean from an early age it's a great idea so it's nothing to do with separatism unless your class separatism as separately thinking about things in a different way so I would say to everybody be proud to be a separatist enough they call you a separatist just say yeah I am and I'm prayed to be separated from the right-wing ideologies that are taking over and Englund at the moment the scaley right-wing neo-fascist recessed element that is gradually taking root and some parts of England at the moment much too I have to say the majorities the majority of people's fear at the moment because that the right and in the UK is really taking root so let's all be played to be separate us I I like being a separatist and being a separatist means standing up for the small country standing up for the wee people the people who can put upon four years by big government big corporations let's be separatists separatism to me as the the quintessential quality of Independence that makes it so good the fact that we allow ourselves to think differently from the Tories the fact that we can do things differently that we have separate ways of thinking separate laws separate education system we even got a separate tax system though and we've got a separate investment bank and we have separate policies on decarbonizing before England does it we have policies on reducing pollution which are separate and it's a great thing to separate yourself from evil to separate yourself from pollution and to separate yourself from the past and that's really all about to say today be proud to be a separatist and when Gove says it's encouraging Shepperton obviously damn right it's encouraging separatism we are proud of it see you later bye-bye

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