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I Tried the Baby Shark Ab Workout for a Month, And It Worked Miracles!

So tell me, what do the Baby Shark song and
your 6-pack have in common? Both are about to enter your life and stay
for good after you watch this video! I always considered myself a know-it-all,
done-it-all when it comes to fitness training. But viral kids’ songs? Not exactly my favorite music to get down
to. So imagine my surprise when I came across
this Ab Challenge on the internet that combines fitness and a catchy children’s tune about
a baby shark and its family. Everyone from young gymnasts to professional
hockey players started training their abs in sync with the earworm. No, seriously, once you hear it, the song
doesn’t leave your head! Well, if it ever gets stuck in your brain,
then you might as well make something out of it! But does it really work, or are all these
people just having a good time? The moves look pretty easy, and the people
doing it don’t look like they’re putting much effort into the workout. For me, a person who’s tried just about everything
to sculp my midsection, all of this seemed like a joke. I mean, I’m a pretty fit guy, and I work
out a couple times a week. But I never could get that 6-pack definition
I’ve always dreamed of. I saw grown men struggle with this one, so
I just HAD to try it myself! Here’s what I did for the next 30 days: You start off by lying on your back. Don’t forget to turn on the right music, you
know what it is. You might also want to grab an exercise mat
– your tailbone is gonna need it! You lift your torso and legs so that your
body makes a boat shape. Stretch your arms out in front of you, and
start doing the workout to the first words of the verse. It starts out with the good ol’ scissors
exercise. Your hands will be hovering over your knees. Remember, your abs will be engaged the whole
time as they keep your body in that boat-shape. Spread your legs apart, then bring them back
close together. Don’t go too fast, control each move to keep
your legs stable in the air. That’s the 1st verse about Baby Shark. The next move is alternating leg raises. Keep your abs pulled tight, arms and legs
lifted up, and your lower back planted firmly on the ground. Then, one leg goes up toward the ceiling,
and the other lowers to the floor. Don’t let it touch the ground if you really
wanna work those abs! Try to reach with your arms as high as you
can – the goal is the toes of the raised leg. Keep alternating sides as you get through
the 2nd verse about Mommy Shark. Stay in that half-seated position. This time, you’re going to lift both legs
up toward the ceiling and do V-ups. Reach both arms towards your toes. Double leg raises are an effective exercise
to work your lower abs and make your hips and lower back more flexible. Do that through the 3rd verse about Daddy
Shark. The next exercise is alternating knee tucks. You bend one leg and bring your knee toward
your chest. Then change legs and do the same with the
other one. One important thing remains true: keep your
legs and upper back off the ground! That’s the 4th verse about Grandma Shark. Once the 5th verse kicks in about Grandpa
Shark, you’ll start lifting both knees toward your chest. Control your breathing. When your knees go toward you, breathe out
and squeeze your abs. Keep your back straight and upper body stable
at all times. This exercise also helps improve posture. Now the whole family is going to go hunting
in the 6th verse. At this point, you’ll just return to the
very first position (boat shape, arms straight out in front of you). From there, kick your legs up and down, kinda
like you’re splashing in water. The 7th verse will start before you know it,
and it’s time for mountain climbers as you run away from the shark family. Get into a straight-arm plank and start “running”
against the ground. You bring one knee to your chest, then the
other. Mountain climbers work out practically the
entire body by hitting different muscle groups. Then you have to switch back over to the V
position. Your abs will be on fire at this point – trust
me, I’d know – I did this routine for 30 days straight! The 8th “safe at last” verse is kind of
a wrap-up. All you do is this movement like you’re
wiping sweat off your forehead – you might really need to! Remember, your legs are still off the ground. In the 9th verse, the song will tell you “it’s
the end” and that means you have one exercise left! It’ll be as if you’re doing a backstroke
in the pool. Only, you have to do it with jazz hands. Hey, I didn’t make up the rules! Keep your abs engaged the whole time, and
that’ll conclude the Baby Shark workout! From Day 1, I was really feeling sorry to
all the people in those videos that I was making fun of! It was hard to keep my breath, and I was ready
to give up by the 3rd verse. But I somehow managed to get through it. Although, I’ll be honest, my legs did touch
the floor several times! The next day was ROUGH. My whole body felt sore, and my abs? I can’t even put it into words. I tried to get a good stretch going before
I turned on that familiar tune. It helped a little, but it was still hard
to get through all 9 verses the next few days simply because my muscles were on fire. By the way, if your muscles get sore (and
they will!), don’t give up! It’s actually a good sign, as long as it’s
not too painful. If you feel soreness 24 to 48 hours after
working out, it means the muscles are changing and becoming stronger. Stretching after the workout helps increase
blood flow and start the healing process. Epsom salts will help too, so you can reward
yourself with a nice warm bath with 2 cups of it after the workout. However, if the pain won’t go away for too
long and doesn’t get any easier, you might wanna get that checked out. And if you feel any sharp pain in your joints
during or after the workout, that’s a red flag too. A 6-pack is great and all, but it’s not worth
risking your health, right? Anyway, back to my workout experience. What can I say, I struggled through the whole
first week, but I didn’t give up! As I did it every day, it became easier and
easier. By the end of Week 2, I started adding repetitions
for progression. And it worked! To all the skeptics out there, I can say one
thing: the whole secret behind this workout is that you’re doing it without a single break. Your arms and legs are always in the air,
so you’re under constant tension. Time is the second success secret to this
routine. You’re using it to your full advantage. Yes, the entire workout is under 2 minutes,
but you make every second count. Versus when you do 10 or 15 reps of some exercises,
you could be doing it with different intensity. What’s enough for someone might not be enough
for you. So, no matter how funny it sounds and looks,
this is a serious core workout that can transform your body. If you’re consistent about it and do even
one set every day, you’ll get visible results by the end of the month. As for me, I do see a lot more muscle definition
in my abs. But more importantly, I feel like I sit up
straighter, and I’ve got more endurance in my regular workouts now! A 6-pack and feeling good, I’d say it was
worth listening to this song over and over and over again every single day! One more final tip before I go do today’s
Baby Shark sesh – always remember that “abs are made in the kitchen.” A diet or workout alone might not give you
the belly of your dreams, but if you combine the two, the results will be undeniable! So stick to cleaner foods and watch your portion
sizes. To help keep your muscle mass, include lots
of protein in your diet. Chicken, beef, turkey, legumes, nuts, and
some dairy products like Greek yogurt will help you out with that! Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other cool videos I think
you’ll enjoy. Just click to the left or right, and stay
on the Bright Side of life!

100 thoughts on “I Tried the Baby Shark Ab Workout for a Month, And It Worked Miracles!

  1. If i really start doing this my parents will really get an appointment from physcologist for my mental situation.
    Really funny bright side watching u posting this kind of nonsence to get views.

  2. You need to rest after 20 seconds (10-sec rest) of doing the V shape hold. The abs are a small muscle group if you fatigue, your back will take over and you will give yourself lower back pain. If you are new to ab workouts, do 10 seconds and rest 10.

  3. I know no one will read this, but if a single person read this, it would make my day💙May god bless you and make all of your dreams and wishes cone true, have a great week! I work my hardest to become a big YouTuber💙I know same doesn't happen over night 💙 wish me lucl😘

  4. You are not doing it right. The whole workout is about hollow position. Check that, learn how to keep a proper hollow position form and then progress into baby shark. You are risking low back pain the way you're doing it.

  5. Thank you so much bro for motivating and telling us the best solution possible, I am amazed that you always make such video content which clearly answers to my questions, The answers i am looking for 🙂

  6. This might be a bit too much to start out with.
    What you could do, before you start wit this:
    Bear walk.
    Every day, for a week or two.

  7. Baby shark sux Baby shark sux Baby shark is the worst Baby shark bad baby shark is cringe baby shark should die

  8. OK so the abdominals basically work from "two directions." The situp/crunch is just "one direction." Lifting the pelvis off the floor/ground is the other and is more beneficial because you dont use the "lower abs" nearly as much. So if youa rent incorporating movements that achieve this motion, then you arent REALLY doing abs. This is kind of like just doing flat bench press and never working the clavicular.abdominal heads

  9. Thats cause abs are made in the kitchen my good man, no amount of ab workout gimmicks will give you the abs you showcase as an example unless you eat at a deficit, and that eat is clean, limit your sodium intake (water retention matters), up the cardio, etc

  10. Fake!!! The thumbnail in the video the day 1 pic is edited!! You can see it you can see it's all white no blended colours!!!

  11. I was looking forward to a before and after picture of your abs to see if it actually showed some more definition like you said…

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