ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
I Am Olathe Health

I am Olathe Health. I am Olathe Health. We are Olathe Health. I think words or phrases that would come to my mind in describing Olathe Health would be dedication, progressive and cutting-edge, caring. I think it’s quality. I think that we’re visionary and that we are growing. Compassion. It’s very evident in every level that I encounter. There was a patient who had limited clothing. His shoes were pretty worn out and our radiation oncology team pulled together. Our medical oncology team pulled together and got him some new clothing and new shoes and helped him in getting on disability and helped him getting insurance and they just everybody pulled together to help him. I just thought everybody pulled together so well to care for that one person as a person as an individual and it made me proud to be here because that’s what it’s about. I’ve had a family member here recently and the care that she got was just outstanding. To see it from the other side, you know I see it every day from my work side, but to see it from the other side I mean everybody from like housekeeping and the kitchen, social services, nurses, doctors, ancillary departments, everybody was amazing. I can’t commend them enough so it makes me proud. We are Olathe Health. When I talk to patients, I like them to feel like it’s a free atmosphere where they can be able to express themselves freely and feel comfortable in that setting. It’s an awkward setting laying in a bed and looking up at someone talking to them about their health and so in order to help them feel at ease, I’ll do little things. I’ll squat down on the bedside and come up to an eye level with them. I’ll direct my shoulders toward them and look at them in the eye. There’s so many different things that I can do in order to just help them feel more at ease. One of the things that I truly enjoy is the fact that we like to surround ourselves with people who are better than us. When our patients don’t have the resources to get the medications that they need, these office staff, employees and nurses will make that extra phone call, write that appeal letter, do after hours phone calls to patients to educate them and help to help them out to get the drugs they need so when I see that, I hear that, I hear care happening despite odds, I’m just very proud. I am just amazed because of the ambassadors, why I am so proud of being part of that organization, they go beyond. They’re not just wearing a blue shirt sitting behind a desk but they are the kind of people that it’s just great to be associated with I am Olathe Health. We are Olathe Health. We are Olathe Health.

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