ISPP 2015

Career Opportunities in Pharmacy

Welcome to Pharmacology by Lecturio. I’m Dr. PJ Shukle. We are going to talk
about drugs in hypertension today. When we talk about drugs in hypertension,
it’s a huge class. So, I am going to go over
each of the classes one by one. We are going to divide up the classes
into two types of classes. The first type are drugs that act through
the kidney or hormones made by the kidney. And the second type of drugs
or the second class of drugs are those that work outside of the kidney. Lets talk about Renal drugs
used in high blood pressure. We have Diuretics. And we have Angiotensin antagonists. Now, the Angiotensin antagonist
were divided into two major groups. The Angiotensin Converting Enzyme inhibitors
or ACE inhibitors, and the Angiotensin Receptor blockers. Now, we do have another category called
the Direct Renin inhibitors. And there is only one drug in this drug class.
We’ll cover that as well. So there you have it those are the renal drugs
in high blood pressure control. Lets take a look at the Extrarenal Drugs
that are used in high blood pressure control. We have in a first group agents
act through the Sympathetic Nervous System. This drugs include
Sympathetic outflow track inhibitors, drugs that work on the Ganglia, drugs that work on Nerve terminals, and drugs that work on either
the alpha or the beta receptors. The other class of the drugs
are the Direct Vasodilators. those can include: Calcium channel blockers, Potassium channel openers, Nitrodilators and Endothelin antagonists. So this extrarenal drugs
are fairly large class. But as we go through the lectures
you will realize that the drugs that are on
the left side of the screen or probably less important
from a clinical point of view but they are still going to be
on your exam.

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