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Career Opportunities in Pharmacy
Hylan’ds Homeopathic Postcards from the Finish Line: Adrian Broca

Having lost my sight wasn’t the end but the beginning of something. My name is Adrian Broca and I’m a long-distance runner. I had just turned 18 years old and I started losing my sight. The depression really hit me and I decided to not just focus on the negatives and all the things that I couldn’t do anymore but focus more on the positives and the beautiful things that life still had to offer. Running saved me. Although I don’t have any central vision my peripheral vision is blurry and foggy at the same time. It seems like I’m trying to look through wax paper. Despite all the challenges of running out there by myself, I can hear the traffic and I feel the slope of the road underneath my feet. In 2001, I ran my first LA Marathon and it changed my life. Completing my first marathon was a new chapter in my life and after accomplishing this, I felt like I could really do anything. It wasn’t until I had already run 8 marathons by myself that I realized that I could use guides to complete a race. That’s when I was really able to test my speed. So now with running guides I can run a marathon consistently under three hours. A great organization that has helped me reach many of my goals is the Challenged Athletes Foundation. It’s allowed me to meet many other athletes and also serve as a mentor. CAF offers grants and many other resources to challenged athletes. So far I have run 36 full marathons and eight of those have been in Boston. I can run, I know I can run, so I started thinking, “What else can I do?” In September, I completed my first Triathlon. Now, I’m training for an Iron Man. We can be more disabled in life by having a negative attitude, than by being physically impaired. It is possible to overcome great challenges and accomplish big things.

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