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How to Give Your Cat Medicine

How to Give Your Cat Medicine. Nobody — cats included — likes to take medicine. But helping a cat take pills or liquid medicine
is less of a problem if you follow these guidelines. You will need Cat Pill Liquid medicine (optional)
and piece of meat or cheese (optional). Step 1. Kneel on the floor and sit on your heels with
your knees apart. Back the cat toward you. Step 2. Grasp the cat’s cheekbones with your left
hand — palm down — and tilt the cat’s head back. Use your right hand if you are left-handed. Step 3. Hold the pill between the index finger and
thumb of your right hand. If you are giving the cat liquid medicine,
place the tip of a dropper or syringe in the corner of the cat’s mouth and aim for the
pocket between the cheek and the gums. Squirt the medicine in slowly and let the
cat swallow several times. Step 4. Insert your fingernail between the cat’s upper
and lower teeth, and push the pill far down the cat’s throat with your index finger. Be careful not to scratch the cat’s throat
with your nail. Wrapping the pill inside a piece of meat or
cheese is a good way to trick your cat into thinking they’re getting just a treat. Step 5. Remove your hand quickly and the cat will
swallow the pill in surprise. Now have fun with your healthy, happy feline
friend. Did you know The adult cat has 30 teeth.

76 thoughts on “How to Give Your Cat Medicine

  1. Or, if they're like my cat, they'll hold it in their mouth and spit it out when you're not looking… Making it very hard to give them medicine… However, if they do this, try again and this time, hold the cat's jaws shut and massage the throat toward the stomach gently, until they swallow. We make them swallow twice just to be sure.

  2. We used to give pills to our dogs and cats by sticking it in lunchmeat or cheese they loved it and didnt have a clue

  3. The best way to give a catt medicine is real easy. All you need is a pill and a can of tuna.
    1st- get the pill out and place it near you
    2nd- get the tuna can, open it and put a little tuna in the cats dish. preferably you'd like to shape the tuna in a little tower (chop the tuna in little bits if its raw or if its a block)
    3rd-put the pill on top of the tower, push the pill a little in the tuna just so it is completely covered by the fish
    4th- wait for the cat to go and eat
    thats all there is

  4. what kind of medicine ? there is a cat that comes to our house to eat all the time , we love her , now we noticed she is limping , her leg doesn't look broke but you can tell she is in pain . should i give her our medicine , it hurts to see her in pain

  5. Well for me I don't have time for a blanket and all the special treatment. Call me an animal abuser but this video is similar to what I do which imo is the best option.

  6. I do that as well. Sometimes I can even feel the lump going down her throat. Makes it easier for her to get down. I use to assume she swallowed her pill after I gave it to her. Little did I know she was hiding it in her mouth and spitting it out when I wasn't looking. And they say animals aren't smart….

  7. They may be healthy,but their sure not happy to what I'd think…CAUSE YOU SHOVED A FRIKIN PILL IN THEIR THROAT

  8. Just did this, ended up having to pin the cat down and inject medicine into her mouth while she was squealing and using every fiber in her body to try to break free.. Not fun

  9. my cat loves ranch. put some ranch on the pill on a plate and let the cat eat the pill if its small enough it works amazingly well, soooooooo much easier than this if your cat loves ranch.

  10. Sounds really easy. It's not. my kitten hates the liquid medicine. he foams and i'm not sure if he gets the dose or not. he has a cold.

  11. I have to inject medicine in my cat’s ears she’s so freaking difficult. I can’t do it by myself I always get my sister to help me. Can someone give me some tips? I can’t even tell if the medicine is in there or not

  12. for the syringe try dipping it in chicken broth or tuna juice… and for the pill try crushing it and mix it with the food☺

  13. To make the cat think he is getting a treat????Really??? When was the lst time that anyone forced a treat down their cats throat. This video was no help t all.

  14. Ohh, so you just "place the dropper between his cheeks and his gums!" Well when you say it like that it's suddenly so easy.

  15. Where's the tutorial for claustrophobic semi-feral cats that can read your body language of just thinking of giving him medicine?

  16. This video is utter nonsense, I've tried this before giving my cat worming tablets. I ended up with one arm and a cat foaming at the mouth

  17. You don’t need to shove the pill down the throat. Just make sure to drop it in the back of her mouth to the throat and they should swallow it… that’s what I did and my kitty knew exactly what to do. Give these animals more credit… if they are in pain they will know what it’s for! Talk them through it..after all, who wants to be giving medicine or go to a doctor and not be told what’s going on? Animals are very smart! ❤️

  18. Works on mine but barely, and only after i wrestle it into her. She's more suspicious of me already, and i'm positive she can now tell when i'm even thinking of giving her medicine.

  19. If you use your fingers, be prepared to get bitten. It happened to me with a cat I was caring for. Bottom tooth punctured the pad of my thumb and I had to take a course of antibiotics and get a tetanus booster. He was a very sweet cat–just scared and panicked. With my own cats now, I find it easier to give liquid meds the way they describe here. Giving a treat afterward helps them forgive you.

  20. My otherwise sweet cat's turned very aggressive now when being medicated or put on IV fluids. She'll vomit up the medicine along with the food I'd coaxed her to eat earlier.

  21. I have a 20 pound cat and despite me holding him down and my step father administering the medicine, it flailed and the cat started drooling and waving its head about, painting the room. As for the pill it has to take, it won't just swallow it in surprise. It trys to spit it back out. You need to hold that little buggers mouth closed and rub his throat while all 20 pounds of muscle is trying to run. I hope he gets better, because its exhausting to do this. lol.

  22. Thank you!!!
    In the case the medicine be a pill, Wouldn’t this be easier if you just smash the pill turning it into a powder with a pill cutter and put it in the food?

  23. guys i feel so bad when i hold him to give him medicine by syringe his eyes get all big and watery and i wait for him to swallow so i can push more but am i actually harming him?????

  24. Wheres the video of giving your Psycho cat medicine? My cat would never be that still and secondly she has claws that she uses well.


    Doing that can result in the cat inhaling the medication. Don't ever do it!

  26. My cat is an ninja , is non-stop escaping so i caught her taking her legs whit an arm and trying to open his mouth whit another arm , SHE ALWAYS TROWING THE PILL BACK , IS EVEN POSIBLE TO SPLIT THE PILL AFTER YOU SWALLOW IT ?

  27. Lmao yeah ok. My cat doesn’t just sit there and let me do any of that. I have to wrap her in my huge heavy comforter so she doesn’t move and she still manages to bite my fingers lol

  28. "Did you know your cat has 30 teeth"? Well if you didn't you will after trying the steps in this video.
    Typing this with a sneezing cat on my lap because he won't take his meds

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